Tatiana Mocha

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Tatiana Mocha

Tatiana Mocha

Switching up gears with a review of a flavored cigar. I’ve had decent experiences with the Java Wafe by Drew Estates and Havana Honey’s (thanks again mom) so I’m not opposed to smoking them but its something I don’t make a habit of and I wouldn’t consider myself a purveyor of flavored/infused cigars . Nonetheless I know there are some of you who are and so its always good to throw you guys a bone every now and then.

Video runs about 9 minutes and I have to tell you, I wasn’t expecting what I got from the Tatiana Mocha. I was expecting an overly sugared cap followed by some obnoxiously artificial dipped flavored tobacco. What I did get was a cigar that burned awful and had an overly airy draw. Mostly I got a natural tobacco taste with hints of creamy and vanilla flavors showing up around the halfway point. The Tatiana Mocha definitely filled the air around me with rich, sweet, creamy coffee flavors but nothing on my palate. Smoking the Tatiana Mocha felt like I was smoking outside a coffee shop. To put it gently, the Tatiana Mocha was rich on aroma but missed the boat on flavor.


12 thoughts on “Tatiana Mocha

  1. Thats what she said, your to funny Torpedo. Dude you were right could the top of your head was red, looked like it hurt. Anyway great video and review.


  2. I havent been too impressed with flavored cigars since my Gurkha Grand Reserve’s kinda fizzled out on me ๐Ÿ™

    I have had a Java which i did not mind too much but most of the flavored ones have WAY too much sweetness to let me enjoy it.


    They should make these like incense – let the Tatiana Mocha burn in the ashtray while smoking another cigar, so people will smell the coffee/mocha but you can actually enjoy a good cigar ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I had one of these a few months ago, I thought it smelled great before I lit it, after that it was all over. I thought the base tobacco flavors were horrible, like smoking a dutch master, and the mocha flavors just tasted like burning chemicals. All in all a terrible experience for me.

  4. Jerry this is why you are a man of the people. I could not take one for the team and smoke an infused or flavored cigar. Why ruin good tobacco? I was at an event on Saturday and they had a special on Drew Estate cigars and people were buying that stuff up. Acids, Tabak Especial, Naturals, etc. I was amazed at how popular this stuff realy is. Oh well, different strokes for different folks. Just not my cup of tea.

    BTW, your neighbors should call the cops on your air conditioner! That thing is louder than on Friday. It must cool your house to like 40 degrees. LOL. But I understand the pains of having to do all your smoking outside. Keep up the good work.

  5. What a coincidence. My wife just picked me up a couple of these. She went to the B&M on Friday to get the 20th Anniversary Nestor Miranda and thought these smelled good. I’ll be sure to tell her the difference between aroma and taste. Anyway, great review of something different.

  6. I have only smoked one infused cigar (Drew Estate Java) and you hit the nail on the head with your comment on the up front, over sugary taste from the cap. Aside from that I enjoyed that smoke. Think I’ll stay away from this one. Thanks Jerry

  7. Great review as always Jerry!! I also was very dissapointed with this cigar. The taste was horrible and it went out twice while trying to smoke it before i even reached the halfway point. Threw it out.

  8. I’ve smoked Tatiana Mocha two days ago and I’m not overly impressed with it but I smoked way worse cigars as well. The smell of the cigar itself is way too strong and kind of artificial. Makes a bad impression before being lit. However I have to say that things in this department improve much when cigar starts burning – smoke is has actually some pleasant coffee connotation. As for the taste it leaves a lot to desire. Some kind of coffee flavor mixed with vanilla is present but not much of a tobacco flavor itself can be recognized. I am generally speaking open when it comes to sampling flavored cigars. Tried few different products from Drew Estate and here I obviously made comparison to Tabak Especial. And I have to say Tabak is waaaay better than this one. Smoking Tabak feels actually like smoking a cigar with some nice and subtle coffee connotations. Tatiana overwhelms with coffee aroma and sweet coffee-cocoa flavor but lacks qualities of an actual cigar. Draw was just a bit too stiff but not much. Burn was not even at all and at 2/3 cigar went off. I did not bother anymore and discarded it.
    To summarize given the price tag per stick I would suggest Isla Del Sol for similar but perhaps better in some ways and cheaper experience.

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