Java by Drew Estates

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Java by Drew Estates

Well another week, another late review. I should really plan on recording these on Friday instead of waiting till the last minute and then get bogged down at work on Monday morning. I do a better job editing when I’m not rushed…anyway, a much anticipated review of the Java by Drew Estates. I put it off a bit since @brianhewitt reviewed the Java a few months back.

Along with my thoughts on the Java by Drew Estates, I give a few shout outs and thank everyone for their comments honoring my little robusto last week and I also talk about Facebook, Media Awards at The Cigar Alliance and why I haven’t reviewed any of the cigars from IPCPR.

Video runs 12:52 and when you’re done, check out my cameo appearance in Episode 8 over at LasVegAshTV (or you can watch it below if you don’t want to click over to another site)…enjoy and long ashes!


22 thoughts on “Java by Drew Estates

  1. Hmmm…no offense but one review of the Java is good enough. I vote for a “real” cigar next time Jerry. Not a flavored cigar thats been run over. You should have a poll and see how many of your viewers smoke these flavored guys on a regular basis.

  2. Jerry,

    I wasn’t sure if you should have smoked that baby or ate it like a Heath bar (LOL). Looks cool though and now I am in search for it to give it a ” World According To Stew Review”. Anyways thanks for the love in your video and lets tee it up again soon,

    God Bless

  3. “If your Brian Hewitt and wearing nothing…” hahah!

    Nice review Jerry. I was kind of annoyed to not see a “normal” cigar review, but after I watched the video I was happy. I’m kind of interested in flavored cigars, because friends of mine are always smoking them, and I usually want to try to point them into the right direction. Thanks Jerry!

  4. Let’s not get Drew Estates pissed off now…these cigar aren’t “flavored”, they are “infused”.

    As always, great video.

  5. I was handed one of these at a party by one of my smoking buddies…with the promise of “the panties will drop for this cigar”, at this point I should have known better… but after a lick of the cap…and a slight gag, I cut and puffed a couple times, and ditched that dog rocket as soon as he walked away.

    but.. you have to sympathize with the fact they are in the business to make money, not serious cigars… and if people will pay $5 to smoke a stick of potpurri… then more power to them… they’ve found their target demographic.

  6. Great review Jerry. I’d say from a review stand point you really covered everything, good bad and ugly. Lots of great comments to entertain as well!
    I think the others who have mentioned that reviewing this type of cigar is a waste of time have a point though, since I can’t believe a significant number of your viewers/readers smoke ‘non-traditional’ cigars.
    But to each his own. Smoke what you like! At least after this review, for those who were interested, they’ve gotten some insight into what this line has to offer.
    Can’t ask for more than that!

  7. Jerry,

    I have recently smoked Chateau Real which is made by Drew Estates and is not infused. I think you will really like it – great connecticut base flavor, IMHO.

  8. My opinion matches this review exactly. I’m not a fan of these, but they are all right. I had a couple back when I first started smoking, but quickly turned to the natural tobaccos.

    As always, great review!

  9. Jerry nice review! Totally off subject but are you going to VMWorld this year? Its in Vegas and thought maybe we could get together.

    Anyway, like I said, nice review. I’m not a big fan of any of these flavored cigars but if I had to smoke one, it be the Java. Drew Estates should be ashamed to call any reviews on this site, let alone your stuff, junk. Screw them!

  10. Jerry! Great review man! Short, sweet (no pun intended) and informative bro. I like the new approach of not saying “you’ll be back” and you just fade in and fade out…very nicely done.

    LOL @ your cameo appearance…how much do you have to drink while you were sitting at the bar lol?

  11. Hey Jerry! Great quality video both in audio/video as well as content…still waiting for you to share your equipment and process LOL!

    Like most others I’m not a fan of flavored/infused/whatever cigars but its good to see a review on one here just to show the range of reviews you guys do. There is truly something here for everyone.

    By chance, are you going to VMWorld this year? Its in Vegas.

  12. Thanks for all the comment love! Comment love is what makes doing these video reviews worth it.

    I know most who visit this site aren’t wow’d by infused cigars but lets not forget how many new smokers Drew Estates brings in by their infused cigars. Lets face it, someone is smoking them and loving them for a reason right?

    Rich & Mitch – I think VMWorld is in the budget this year (at least I think I put it in last year) but I will know for sure in a couple weeks. VMWorld Herf LOL!

  13. Great review Jerry. I commend you for smoking all types, good, bad and infused LOL!! While not a fan of Drew Estate cigars, I recognize they have a significant market presence and a loyal fan base. So this review was for them 🙂

  14. Good review Jerry! Thanks for mentioning my podcast too. I was glad to hear you agreed with me about the potential for upgraded reviews on cigars smoked at the IPCPR show. Also, the 2008 Cigar Alliance Media Awards will be announced on 7 Aug. You have a great site and I wish you well!

  15. Wow! You guys who put down the infused cigars, especially the Drew Estates line are very shallow, absent minded folks. I enjoy infused cigar as well as a fine non flavored one to boot, does not make you less of a cigar smoker or afficianado to mix in a little flavors now and then. You just remind me of the rich snobbish variety of folk who think they are too good to smoke a high quality infused cigar such as the Java or Kopi Luwak. Get a life people —- It is a short life —- and meant to be enjoyed to it’s fullest. Just do it!

  16. These java cigars are great.. if you like infused cigars. I like one after dinner with some espresso. No harsh aftertaste, smooth, and is great if you want to stay away from a sweet fattening dessert. This is a dessert cigar. If you like a tobacco flavor only, that’s your preference. If you like infused cigars, it’s a good choice.

  17. I just had one of these this morning except mine was a fat rectangle in shape. The taste is alright, but no matter what you do you’re going to taste it all day and if you like to smoke more than one cigar a day i’d definitely suggest waiting to smoke this. A good cigar for people who are new to smoking, but definitely not the best one out there.

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