CAO Habano (Escaparate) (Herf’n Heads)

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CAO Habano (Escaparate) (Herf’n Heads)

Video runs a bit long but its well worth it to see what The Herf’n Heads think of the CAO Habano (Escaparate).

Ordering Information
You can order the CAO Habano from Emerson’s of Norfolk Cigars. You can give them a call (1-800-842-2990) or if you don’t like human interaction, you can easily order from their website.


12 thoughts on “CAO Habano (Escaparate) (Herf’n Heads)

  1. I actually count nine Escaparate cigars using the ones you mentioned in the video. 1.Costa Rica, 2.Mx3, 3.Columbia, 4.Habano, 5. Bratalia, 6.Ecuador, 7.Panama, 8.Honduran, and 9.Puerto Rico.

    Thanks for the review of the Habano. I like habano wrapped cigars and I’ll have to try this out. Thanks to CAO for helping me into bankruptcy with all the Escaparate cigars.

  2. Also, I have no idea where to get the Panama, Honduran and Puerto Rico blends. Anyone know where these are at?

  3. Nice review guys!

    I wish they would put all these damn cigars in a set and sell them so we could try 1 or 2 of each!! Unless all the places are giving free shipping, you will pay a small fortune just to get each 5-pack shipped to you 🙁


  4. Awesome review guys!! I agree with Mike, im a huge CAO fan myself and i would LOVE for them to put together a humidor or sampler pack with all of the Escaparate’s to try out. I def think it would be an easy sell. Looking forward to spending more money on more Escaparate’s and trying them out, however i dont know if anything will come close to my Brazilias!!

  5. Great review guys. Brian you should do more video reviews you were good. Jerry how many of the different Escaparate cigars have you had?

  6. I find myself smoking more CAO cigars lately. Pound for pound, they probably have the best value in terms of quality to price ratio. I just love the dual screen reviews. Keep em comin.

  7. Love the dual reviews.

    I still want to try an Mx3, but again, for the most part I find CAO to be like McDonalds, no matter what you order it all tastes pretty much the same. That sweet earthy flavor which isn’t bad, just distinctly theirs.

  8. I’d highly suggest trying the Habano in a ring gauge smaller than the robusto, especially the corona size. I think you would have a better impression.

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