Gurkha Ancient Warrior (Short Ashes)

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Gurkha Ancient Warrior (Short Ashes)

Way back in September of 2006, I smoked one of my very first Ancient Warrior cigars by Gurkha. At that time it was branded as a K. Hansotia product and carried a limited edition tag. These days I’m not sure if it is still the same cigar that it was back in 2006 or not. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of them in the mail via Duque cigars and I thought I would give them another look.

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6 thoughts on “Gurkha Ancient Warrior (Short Ashes)

  1. I can say that I’ve never tried a Gurkha cigar yet in the little over a year I’ve been smoking. I guess I should just to have a frame of reference. There a many makers I haven’t tried. So much to smoke and too little time.

  2. Great video! I actually like the Ancient Warrior myself. I never got the sour taste or anything you did with this stick, maybe it was just a bad one? I do not think they are the end all of cigars, but a decent smoke that could keep your attention a little bit while talking with friends, etc.

    Maybe I will have to pick some more up to see make sure I still like them.


  3. Walt, I think I have had the special edition Gurkha AW. Did it have a magenta band with a large band on the foot ? I see to remember smoking it and really liking it. I received it in a bomb and that was the only one I got.

  4. Jon,
    The one I had only had a single band. The background was purple with Gold, Yellow, and Orange accents with Black lettering.

    And actually, it doesn’t say Gurkha anywhere on it. It simply has the name K. Hansotia on the back side in small print.


  5. Had a few of these in my humidor since late ’07, but hadn’t tried them. Smoked one in the perfecto shape tonight, and it was quite good. It was surprisingly well balanced and mellow. Strong, but not the juggernaut I expected. Very creamy smoke, nice even burn and a tight zebra striped ash that had to be politely dismissed after lingering for half the length of the stick. I’d say there was some cocoa and bourbon flavor, but let’s face it, why devolve into wine-speak when “classic maduro” says it all. I look forward to enjoying the others.

    For what it’s worth, Walt’s description fits the wrapper on this stick. Jon’s looks like a special edition or something.

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