Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2009

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Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2009

Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2009

One more day guys…one more day and its Friday and the start to another weekend. I’m in my Thursday spot reviewing the newest addition to the Rocky Patel Seasonal Collection in the Summer Collection 2009. I’m pretty new to Rocky’s Seasonal Collection having smoked the Winter 2009 and Spring 2009 so I can’t compare the 2009 Summer to the summer version from last year.

Video runs around 12 minutes and while I’m pretty tame in the video, I think the Summer 2009 is the best of the Seasonal Collection that I’ve had. I think it bring a wonderful mocha flavor with an undertone of a “zesty” balance of flavor. I don’t know how exactly to describe zesty. Some I’ve spoken to describe it as “fruity” and I can see that. I guess by “zesty” I mean a combination of sweet/spicey flavor with a sharp, clean finish. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Wanna do me a solid? Get a hold of a Series JJ by Don Pepin Garcia and smoke it on Wednesday, July 22nd. July 22nd is the “2nd Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day”. I plan to light up a JJ or two on what would be my Little Robusto’s 2nd birthday. So grab a Series JJ and join me as I remember, better days.

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Barry from rated it a 93 and I have to say, that Barry’s review is spot on.


34 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2009

  1. Hi Jerry,

    I just wanted to let you know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers on the 22nd, man. Although I might not be able to track down a Series JJ up here in northern Canada by the 22nd, rest assured that I will be smoking something special in honour of your Little Robusto. Stay strong, brother!


  2. Nice review as always, Jerry. Based on what you’ve described this cigar as, it sounds like it’s similar to the ’08 with mocha added underneath. Hopefully I can give this a try soon and give you some more input on how they compare.

    And if I can find one, I’ll be having a JJ on the 22nd for you and your family. My thoughts go out to you on that day.

  3. torpedo i am so sorry for loss i promise i am going to smoke a series jj on the 22nd bro in your son honor stay strong brother

  4. Great review s usual bro. I have a few DPG JJ belicosos in the humi, and will definitely have one on that day.

  5. Nice review, I can never seem to find an online store that sells these seasonal cigars in 5 packs. I have only had the RP Winter, which I thought was fantastic.

    Not sure if my B&M carries the JJ, but like others I will be smoking something special on Wednesday.

  6. Jerry, Nice review. I will be smoking a JJ for JJ on the 22nd, hard to believe its been 2 years already.

    On another note, I sent you a RP Summer 2008 Lancero in the Super Bowl contest so you have one laying around. It would be interesting to get your thoughts on it. I think you’ll like it.

  7. Nice review Jerry. Im not a big RP fan but this one sounds interesting.

    Keep up the good work and I will light up a JJ maduro in honor of your JJ!

  8. I paid $8 for the robusto in Tulsa and feel like they are more like a $6 cigar.

    I have a 5 pack of JJ’s and have been waiting on a time to light one up. I will definatly smoke one in memory on Wednesday.

  9. We all have our hearts with you for JJ Every time i smoke a DPG JJ one no matter what time I think about it and ay a little something. Although I don’t know the great torpedo personally what happened is something I feel great empathy for you. I too have had VERY bad things happen to me this month in the past. Next wed I’ll be smoking a JJ.

    About the cigar I have not had any of RP’s Seasonal blends. Although there is a B&M in my area that has his winter blend and his summer blend and i might try them IDK.

    I am not a RP junky for some reason I don’t find his cigars to live up to the hype. Not to mention the day i smoked a IT Maduro Fuerte and when i was done i looked like a clown! The wrapper was shellacked with dye as it was on all my fingers and all over my lips and my teeth. It was terrible. The worst part is he did it to the OWR Maduro too not as bad but I really don’t like dyed Cigars I think Its terrible. To me a Maduro should not be BLACK it should be brown and have color variations throughout. Just look at Padron Great Maduro NO DYE EVER sure they are not beauty queens but they smoke like a candy bar they are soo good so I say to RP get back to your roots. Don’t let anything unnatural be on or in your cigars man! Although I am a RP Sungrown FREAK to me thats the best cigar he ever made!

  10. Jerry,

    Nice review as always. I’ll have to look for these, I hope they are better than the summer 2008 which I did not care for at all.

    One suggestion, how about showing how you clip/punch and light your cigar on your next review?

    Smoke a JJ for JJ day is a fantastic idea, what a great way to honor and remember your son in a positive way. I have a JJ set aside and will enjoy it in his honor!

  11. Jerry, great review as always. I;ve not had good luck with the RP Seasonal Collection so far. The few I’ve tried had some construction issues; plugged, etc. The flavors were excellent for the first half, then it all goes to hell.

    As for the “Smoke a JJ for JJ Day,” YOU GOT IT! It’ll be my honor and pleasure to participate.

  12. Nice vid! I’d be interested in hearing how these compare to last year’s Summer, which I thought was okay.

    I will DEFINITELY be smoking a JJ for your little guy next Wednesday and say a prayer for you and your wife as well!

    And to “Matthew’s” comment–a TON of cigars in the industry these days are dyed, including the Padron 80th (they admitted it). But I agree that it’s stupid!

  13. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the 2009 summer. I have a few 2008 summers around and really enjoyed them. I’d like to know your input on how they compare if you get a chance to smoke the ’08.

    I don’t think a B&M close to me has the Serie JJ but they do have them in New Hampshire. I’m a big fan of the site and am going to try to take the trip up there next week and pick some up in honor of your son.

  14. Jerry,
    The only RP that has been doing it for me lately has been the Sun Grown. I got a bunch off cbid a while ago and think I have one left. not sure I’ll pick up more though. we’ll see.
    I look forward to watching the video tonight when it isn’t blocked by my work.
    Wanted to let you know that I have a JJ maduro set aside for the 22nd. My first of that series.

  15. Jerry,
    once again, another great review. I picked some of these up on my way home this evening and I’m looking forward to sparking one up this weekend.

    I’ve got a JJ or two in my Humi. I’ll be smokin’ that on wed.


  16. It’s really too bad that my locals don’t carry the JJ. I would jump on it in a heart beat but sadly they are not very adventurous around here in MA and that means tht stock rarely changes… it just get refilled.

    I am looking forward to the 2009 summer blend if I can get my hands on some but again the same issue presents it’s self. The only reason I got to smoke the 08 was the generosity of an online friend.

  17. I need to smoke one of the Summer 09’s as I bought a box of the Winters and the Springs.

    I have a special JJ natural robusto ready to go for next Wednesday, I got it from Don Pepin and its was rolled 2-3 years ago, I sent you one of these some time back.

    I will smoke a JJ maduro as well on Wednesday.

  18. Hey Jerry I will smoke a series JJ for you in honor of your son JJ on 7/22/2009. I have a monster salamone that I have been holding onto for special occasion. This would be fitting. Gos bless bro.

  19. I’ve only tried the Spring edition and didn’t care for it too much but these look pretty interesting. Thanks!

  20. Another solid review Jerry!! Im very interested in trying the 09 Summer collection. Looks like i will at least have to pick up a 5 pack of these.

    On a more personal note, im very sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers on the 22nd. Although i dont have any JJ’s, i will put aside something special to smoke for you and JJ.

  21. I haven’t tried this collection but have been impressed with other Rocky Patels. Next time I’m at my local shop I’ll be sure to keep a look out for these.

  22. Jerry, I have one Series JJ by DPG that I had been saving for a special occasion. I can think of no better time than to light up with you and remember your little robusto. I’ll be thinking of him and offering up a prayer for you and your wife on Wed as I fire up the stogie.

    Joseph AKA @mango2kw on Twitter

  23. I too am deeply sadden for your families loss.It would give me great honor to be able to light something up on the 22nd in honor of the love you share with your family on this sad day.I love all the reviews keep it up.

  24. nice review, picked one up while in Houston. Can’t wait to smoke it. Sorry for your loss. Got my #jj4jj ready to smoke later tonight.

  25. The Summer Blend from last year was fantastic, and they have aged very well. If you can get your hands on them, particularly the lancero, you are in for a treat.

    On a side note, I was fresh out of JJs, but I smoked a Padron 64 Maduro for you and your little robusto. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

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