A.Fernandez Maduro

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A.Fernandez Maduro


Since I discovered the Man O’War Ruination, I’ve been tracking down some of his other cigars which brings me to the A.Fernandez Maduro part of his Signature Series over at Cigars International.

Video runs around 13 minutes and I’ll be adding the A.Fernandez Maduro to my list of budget cigars. Its not sophisticated nor does it have the level of richness that you will find in say, the CAO MX3, but factor in a price point of $2.50 – $3.00 and you get a solid simple maduro cigar that has a pretty amazing sweet spot.

CRA Ambassador Note
Another day goes by and another locality infringes on our rights. Read this awesome editorial by our great friend Skip Martin aka @ChiefHava and watch the two YouTube videos he links to and see just how quickly and without debate, a city council can screw us.


17 thoughts on “A.Fernandez Maduro

  1. At the 5:43 mark you comment Blows its load and looked like you were about to give us a Thats what she said… just a chuckle and a snicker is all we get now. Those were the days my friend I thought they’d never end…

  2. Hello. Do you ever review any good cigars on here? I have been looking hard and 99% of them are very bad smokes.

  3. Dear roddy,

    No, they never review good cigars on SR. Only crappy ones. All the good reviews of the great cigars like Black n Mild, White Owl Grape, and Phillies Blunts are reviewed over at quitbeingadouchebagfucktardandfuckoff.com.

    Now I’ve been to that site but for some reason I like the reviews of the “bad smokes” that the guys at SR do. So maybe you should mosey on over to the quitbeingadouchebagfucktardandfuckoff.com. site and never come back here.

    Oh and a good day to you sir.

  4. problem with the “Blows its load” comment is, well, everyone just think about INTO WHAT it did that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sounds great for the price point! I wonder how it would appeal to a non-maduro smoker like myself. I dont care for too many maduros at all, but for the price, I might have to give these a try.


  5. Ahhh, the return of “Oui Parle Francais!” Nice review of a budget cigar. I know @KnightRid will pick some of these up between showers… What is the link for free shipping on CI, the one I was using no longer works.

  6. Thanks for the review, O’ Great Torpedo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I need to check this one out, always like finding a decent budget smoke and I really enjoyed the Ruination as well.

  7. Great Review

    First time responder but long time watcher of your vid’s o’ great torpedo.

    I rather fancy Maduros myself and i have to say your review is spot on. It is what it is s 3.00 Maduro, it starts off very sweet to me with as you said a little spicy tingly thing going on…..and the rest well i cant say it any better than you….Good job on the review…

    By the way i watched you review of the el triunfador last night and was searching franticly to find some and well low and behold i found a place that has 3 boxes so i purchased one….202.00 i cant wait to try them i am a big fan of the lancero……The place still has 2 sealed boxes left…….if anybody is interested let me know………


  8. I bow to the wit of Irish Mike. All hail the launch of that verbal torpedo!!!

    Now I’m going to have to watch the video ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi jerry great review you no ive been watching stogie review for a long time and never left a comment well heres the first o and i sent you the cigars 2 days ago they should arive soon hope u like what i sent dont forget to tell me when they arive and maybe do a review on one ok thanks

  10. Yeah, I think these smokes are decent and for the price you can’t bitch too much. I will be buying more 5ers in the future.

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