Man O’ War Ruination

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Man O’ War Ruination


And we’re back with the Man O’ War Ruination from the hands of AJ Fernandez of Tabacalera Fernandez. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube you know how I feel about this cigar. I’ve been loving it! My love for it came to a surprise to me as its a extra full bodied cigar which is totally out of my usual comfort zone.

Video runs a bit over 15 minutes and if you’re a full bodied cigar kind of person, I’m confident you will love the Man O’ War Ruination. Its got the body, its got the heat, its got the spice, its got the sweetness, its got the coffee/coca, its got the woodiness, its got the creaminess…basically, like Prego use to say, “its in there”! If you’re a usual mild/medium bodied cigar, I’m confident you will enjoy the Man O’ War Ruination as well. While you will get the nicotine kick, and what a kick it is, but the body displays a ninja like ability. The rich combination of all those flavors come together to mask any ill effects. My only advice is, after you smoke it, don’t make any sudden movements and be sure to get up from your chair slowly. It’ll hit you.

Contest – While I don’t mention it in the video, my good fortune is always your good fortune. I’ll give a 5 pack of these away. My contests are easy. All you have to do is leave a comment below. In fact, to increase your chances of winning, leave a comment on every post (1 comment per post) this week on Stogie Review…try to make the comment relevant to the post though. I’ll pick a winner, at random next Sunday.

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76 thoughts on “Man O’ War Ruination

    1. I am fairly new to the cigar world,however, I am an old hand in the world of Jack
      Daniels. I like my JD straight. The other night I toasted a Man o
      War Ruination, given to me by my loving son
      for Christmas,The combination was outstanding, in my inexperienced opion.

  1. Nice review Jerry, you really have me wanting to try one of these. I have quite a few of the regular Man O Wars and really like them, I’m looking forward to seeing what these have to offer.

    So are you smoking these to the nub?

  2. Jerry, how do they compare to the LFD Ligero and Double Ligero in strength? BTW, thanks for the review.


  3. I got two of these bastards sitting in my humi now…they re calling my name…I am just waiting for the right time to tackle them. If they are stronger than the LFD double ligero then I might need to have a couple of drinks before I smoke them…that sounds good!

    Nice review Jerry!

  4. Hey Jerry, I’ve been following your posts on facebook and you really love them. I’m close to Cape Cod MA and have not seen any Man O Wars of any kind in the 10 B&Ms I’ve been to in both MA and NH! Luckily, I’m a stogiechat member and a good botl from Georgia traded me some man o wars a while back. being the thinking kind of guy I am I smoked one and brought 2 to my local b&m for the owners to try. after a couple weeks i went back and the owner came up to me and said that he talked to the reps and should be carrying some by this summer! made me feel kinda good. haven’t tried the ruination yet, but would really like to 🙂

  5. Jerry,

    that was another great review, bro! It’s good to see you doing more reviews on the full-bodied cigars, and for this cigar to possibly make your top 10, it must be one heck of a cigar. I actually have a 5er of the MoW’s and MoW Ruinations on the way…I can’t wait to spark some of those bad boys up!


    BTW, that was the best “…that’s what she said” yet! I literally LOL’d! 😀

  6. Great review as usual! I have a few of the Robsuto #2’s and they are a great smoke. As you mentioned there’s no 2nd band on the #2 – I had to do a little detective work at first to make sure I hadn’t been duped!

    Jerry… what webcam are you using? The quality is excellent.

  7. One guy at the shop only smoked RP 90’s and Oliva V’s. I told him if he likes the V he would like the Ruination. He now has a new three cigar rotation and has even dared to say he might like the Ruination more then the V. I love the cigar but have only had it in the Belicoso size. AJ is the man. He is the next Pepin.

  8. Thanks for another great review. I really enjoyed the regular line and now I guess I’ll step up and try these.

  9. Awesome review Jerry and I agree with you 100% on this cigar. It’s difintely on my Top 10 list of cigars for this year. And gosh dangit, I can’t believe it’s finally getting reviewed!!! Whole friggin world has gone silent on this amazing cigar. One other review and it’s another video review that you actually posted on so that’s cool. I thought for a bit it was my whacky palate alone that like this cigar hahahahah.

    Glad to know I have company 🙂

  10. “It is totally F’n, Fuckin’ legit”. Lol, love how you censor yourself and then decide you need to clarify for us exactly what you meant 🙂

    Haven’t tried this guy yet, love the regular MoW though. Winning some of these might make me poop my pants in excitement.

  11. Great review Jerry. These things are in my top 3. Love ’em.

    Oh…and thanks for the link to my review over at

  12. Hi Jerry, very entertaining review as always. Sometimes I feel so out of place on here…maybe I am just getting to old or my English snobbery is coming through but I refuse to smoke anything with silly names anymore…Shit, my ‘Big hard Bastard’ has gone out.

  13. Great review, sounds like my kind of smoke I like Matt B live in the same area were the B+ M’s only carry your granddads cigars .

  14. Great review. Hope to try one soon. When you mention that AJ Fernandez is behind this and rolled the RP fusion does that mean he worked on the blend or just how the cigar is actually rolled? just curious on what that means.

  15. Ive smoked many a Man O’ War and love them. One thing about them that I like is that unlike many other cigars that I smoke, they go great with a cold beer. Therefore a Man O’ War has become my go to cigar when Im out grilling in the summer. Im really looking forward to trying the ruination version and seeing if they have the same qualities as the original with a little more kick. I may end up changing some of my grill recipes 🙂

  16. I’ve been hearing so much about these, but I’ve hesitated because I normally don’t smoke the very-full bodied sticks and I only kinda liked the original MoW. I really want to try one now! Thanks for the review, Jerry.

  17. I had one of these about a week or so ago. I liked the medium to full body smoked it provided.
    As always, your reviews are top notched..

  18. Great review! I think Jerry liked this one. Was a bit to subtle for me to really pick up, but I think he did 😉

    I dunno about these. I might actually die from smoking one, but I think I have to snag some sometime to give a shot. If I die, I will make sure to write Jerry’s name in blood on my wall before leaving this realm.


  19. Good review, Joe Cigar had these the other day on Jambalaya for about $4 each I think. Should have picked some up. I have never smoked a Man O’ War before because of the name, but I will put that past me now. Another great review Jerry.

  20. (soxnfinsfan) Nice review,glad you didn’t die Jerry! Haven’t tried the Ruination.I have tried the original though. Sounds tasty. I will definately try it now!(despite the heat sensation in my mouth)dirty monkey!

  21. Thank you for the review! I will have to pick up some of these. I am a mild smoker and I have been turned off to overly spicy full bodied cigars. Sounds like this would be up my alley.

  22. Synchronicity does exist. Along with the email for this review, the guys at CigarInspector published a review on White Beers to be paired with cigars. Given that this is stronger than what I usually smoke, I think that putting the two together might be a great idea. Sounds like a really nice pairing, or a serious accident looking for a place to happen.

  23. The “regular” Man O’ War is outstanding. Based on that and your review, I have to try this cigar! Unfortunately, with catching up on bills after 6 weeks of unemployment, this contest is my only hope of doing that anytime soon. Even if I don’t win, thanks for the review and the awesome contest.

  24. Hey Jerry, thanks for another fine review. I have been eyeing this cigar for awhile and am glad to get a super viewpoint. Guess I will have to break down and order from CI since the local B&M’s here don’t stock jack shit!

  25. Great review! I just got shafted on my bid to get some, but now I’m more eager than ever to try!

  26. I made the mistake of smoking a Perdomo sungrown and a Ruination back to back with a couple of gin and tonics. bang.. bang what a smackdown!
    Great cigars though!

  27. “One guy at the shop only smoked RP 90’s and Oliva V’s” Man after my own heart. I may have to give these a go…

  28. can they make a cigar that will knock other people over (but not in a big stink kind of way) rather than the niccatiene kick knocking the smoker over.

  29. Smoking one as I watch you review again. Damn, you called that one right. It’s amazing how the flavors change as you smoke it.
    Great cigar to the very end. Ordered another box after I was finished! Good job!

  30. Another great one Jerry! So, even though I think I should win the fiver due to my massive #iknowjcruz campaign on twitter, Just based on this review, I am gonna run out and grab some. I have found myself gravitating towards the more full-bodied cigars and the nice little “buzz” I seem to get from them is just a bonus. Thanks again!

  31. Jerry,

    Great review. How good was the review? I might get out of my medium cigar comfort zone and purchase a few.

  32. Great review as always Jerry. Glad to see reviews on a full bodied smoke from someone who gravitates toward medium bodied sticks. Definitely a fresh perspective, being a mostly med-bodied smoker myself.

  33. Another stellar review Jerry…I was not that impressed with the reg Man O War..thought it l was lacking in flavor and refinement..Will have to give this version a try ..especially after your review..

  34. Great review and nice pick for the opening music. That’s one of the songs my hockey team used to play to get pumped up before the game. I almost spit out my drink during your “…that’s what she said” line.

  35. Great review, Jerry! I’ve thought about trying these but have been turned off by the somewhat cocky, kinda tacky name. Usually something with a name like that is 99% hype. Reminds me of the 6000 SUX from RoboCop. After your review, I’ll not judge a cigar by it’s name anymore.

  36. An excellent cigar. The thing I like about it is it really delivers a solid nicotine punch but you feel it in your head, and not in your stomach or throat. A definite musty try. Great review.

    As far as the name, I think it fits in perfectly with the brand image they have created for it. There is a warrior on the band, not some cartoon TNT or something along those lines.

  37. Jerry, I think I am going to have to say I am having a love hate feeling regarding your review. I loved watching you enjoy the Ruination, but hated thinking that I will have to be dropping $10 on these boys! Just finished a Coronado by Litto Gomez. Looking forward to adding the Man O War to my rotation. Great review. Keep up the good work!

  38. Jerry!! Awesome review as always. I have yet to try a Man O War but i would love to. Ive been watching your review and reading some and it sounds like the type of body i would enjoy. Price seems a bit iffy though….like that stops me!! Hahaha. You gotta love it if its creamy right?!?! Thats what she said!! LOL. I love cigars that pack a punch, so this one for sure has my attention.

  39. Great to see you having so much fun and enjoying a cigar so much. It makes for a great video review.
    The cigar sounds awesome and like you it’s probably a little out of my comfort zone as far as the nicotine kick but it sounds like a must try cigar.
    Thanks for the review.

  40. Awesome–

    Man O War is one of my new favorites, and one of those finds you get excited about. Love to try the Ruination.

  41. Nice review! I almost grabbed these the other day when I saw them one of the cigar deal sites. Sounds like I should have. Love how you summarize the vid reviews in your text around it…great option for us when we don’t have time for the full video. Thanks!

  42. Jerry, I am a smoker who likes the Hemmingway line in maduro, the Partagas Salomones Cuban of course, the OpusX&ForbiddenX or the FlorDominicana Salomones basicaly full body sticks, however the ManO War gave those a run for their money. The richness of spices, hints of coffee,cocoa,some earthy tones &possibly some hints of cinnamon. This cigar will be in one of my six humidors that store my pleasures,excellent.

  43. First i got to say LOOK at all the POSTS I am a Man O War lover and have yet to try to ruination (i know i suck) but I am sure to get one or a box LOL soon. I love your reviews Jerry for one your dramatic and fun to watch, I especially like to see you smoke the bad cigars LOL the Equus video watching you take one for the team LOL and this one as the more you smoke the more you use the f word LOL Great Fucking review as always (i bet you swear a lot when you drink LOL)

    Now that i think about it I think i am going to go get a 5 pack today maybe ill get The Belicoso in honor of the Great Torpedo LOL

  44. Nice review Jerry. I know you have probably smoked 100 of these by now. Have you only had the one size ?

  45. Jerry,

    F’in hilarious review! Now I have to go find some of these. Its 10:15 in the morning and I’m stuck at work wishing I could have one right now……

  46. It’s so cool to see a knowledgeable guy give an in depth review and entertain at the same time; you should have your own late night talk show!
    This review spoke to me; I usually prefer a lot of flavor without so much of a nic hit that you have to have the wife call 911!
    I don’t mind a kick if it is supported by a well balanced whole to even things out.
    After checking out your review I purchased a couple to sit in the humi for a while and can’t wait to toast those bad boys!
    Keep up the good work…If you’re ever in SoCal come get a tattoo from me!

  47. Wow, these sound great. I recently bought a humidor and now am faced with the challenge of filling it all up, these look like they’ll do the job quite nicely…

  48. I hope I win.

    I’ve smoked one the robusto #2 Ruin and so far I like. Which I got from CI Padilla serie 68 salomne deal which you get a five pack.

  49. Jerry,
    Another great review!
    Fortunately I just picked up a fiver of these and when I did I was a little unsure about them. Now that Jerry has stamped them I’m very anxious to get that little box in the mail soon!!!
    Smoked a CAO Brazilia last night and was diggin it. Hope these get me in that same state of mind.
    Lookin forward to the next review soon.

    1. Jerry,

      Finally picked up a 5-er of these. 2 of them had real stiff draws, unrolled and found 2 big stems. I was bummed.

  50. Loved the review. I have tried the standard MoW and liked it. After you review I went to the satan site and found 2 boxes. Can’t wait till they get here. Thanks Jerry.

  51. I’m smoking one now, and let me tell ya this aint no sissy stick. I usually go for full bodied, the stronger the better. But when I took my first draw of of this puppy, it took me to the woodshed. After a while when my head stopped spinning I settled back for one of the best cigar smoking experiences of my life. Kudos!!

  52. You could not be more right! I am a mild-medium smoker but
    love complexity. This cigar totally surprised me. This will be
    added to my regular stable of cigars!

  53. Just ordered a 5 pack of these bad boys from ; it’s going to be interesting to see what’s up with this FULL bodied Robusto 2 6 x 60!!!

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