La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

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La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

I’m not sure what my deal is? I normally refer to myself as a mild-medium bodied purveyor of cigars. Lately though, I’ve been on a full-extra full bodied kick. Maybe its stress at work? Anxiety as we wait for my petite corona to arrive? Excitement for IPCPR? All the above? Who knows really? I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The ride continues with the 2009 release of the La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV by Litto Gomez. Recently I helped a BOTL (what up Greg DeSena) and for my help Greg sent me a few cigars and immediately I was mesmerized by the dark oily Nicaraguan Oscuro wrapper on the Limitado IV. Everyone be sure to thank Greg in the comments for sending me this gem.

Video runs 10-11 minutes and besides some issues with staying lit, I think Litto hits another home run with the La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV. Hopefully Litto can spare sometime with us at IPCPR later this week and give us some additional details on his newest planned releases…and a few samples wouldn’t hurt either.


25 thoughts on “La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

  1. Great review!

    Maybe i would try one if someone sent me one or I got it in a sampler, but for $9+ and being full bodied, I dont think I would throw down the cash since I am a wuss 🙂


    LOVE the ads too – got some awesome captures for the scrapbook :p – LOL

  2. Huh. You got a condom commercial? I got one for kids diapers. Winder what that means? Anyway, great review, great cigar, from the Great Torpedo!

  3. Have you ever noticed you slow down and drag out the end of sentences when youre talking, and that you do it all the time? For example at the start of this video you said “Welcome, Im Jerry The Great Torpedo Cruz and Im hear for another “viiiiiideeooooooo cigaaaaaaaar reeeview”. Its pretty weird and there is no reason for it as it does not really add anything positive to the review.

  4. Bill, they are going to make you pay to access the site from now on. Start your own cigar review site.

    These guys put a lot of their time and effort into making this site and you waste your time and effort with stupid comments like that.

    Why bother ?

  5. Bill the same could be said for your comment!

    Its called “style” and “personality” and adds an entertainment value…like Ed McMahon would say “heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”

    If you want cut and dry, bland ass reviews…go read Cigar Aficionado. I’ll take Jerry’s STYLE & PERSONALITY to entertain me any day over some of the other “cigar” crap around.

  6. Man.

    You’re reviews always suck…tailing off at the ends of sentences with diapers.

    Then you go slowing down with a condom and talk about your great torpedo.

    LawLz, j/k I like your reviews. Based quite a few purchases on them and wasn’t disappointed. Don’t listen to the haters. They just can’t cut through water as well as you and it makes them jealous.

  7. You guys are wholly missing the point. It does not add style or entertainment, all it does it make the review appear unprofessional.

  8. Bill – I think you’re missing the point. Its Jerry in his backyard shooting the shit while smoking a cigar. Being unprofessional is what makes Stogie Review so great! They smoke just like we, normal, every day cigar smokers smoke.

  9. Thanks Bill. We appreciate the fact that even though you don’t like the videos you still take the time to watch and critique them.

  10. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllll taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkke aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa flllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to drag that out. I hope it didn’t upset you Bill.

  11. Bill – Thanks for the feedback and for watching the video. My videos are unprofessional…as others have pointed out, thats the point. I’m no professional nor an expert on cigars and you will never see me claim to be either. I’m Jerry, I sit in my backyard, smoke some cigars, have a little fun and share my thoughts. Thats it…nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Well said Great Torpedo….

    Try your luck over at I think a douche such as yourself would fit in nicely over there. LOL

  13. Sorry, I need to interject here! what this site needs is class for Bill! So let me help! #suckitbill #jcruzjunk #brianhewittsjunk ! i am always here for you guys when some “classles” jerk makes waves! Bill give an opinion on the smoke,or shut-up!

  14. hahahah, nothing get’s the forums going then a few well placed negative comments. Bill, you sure your not the Great Torpedo’s evil alias? The good side of Jerry is the 5 pack give-a-ways and the evil side is Bill.

    hahahaha, I’m cracking myself up here!!!

  15. Bill is just a troll. Responding to him will just make him continue to come back and post, ignoring him will make him leave because he will get no pleasure from it. So just ignore him from here on out.

    Nice review, how did it compare to the LFD Limitado III ?

  16. Wow- didnt mean to start such a firestorm. I was simply pointing out something in the video I thought could be improved on. My bad

  17. Damn… With 20 comments already I figured The Great Torpedo had gone loco and was giving away a full box of LFD Limtado IV’s for anyone who posted… Instead all I see is useless posts.

    Thanks for the review. I have smoked a couple of these fresh out of the box and decided mine needed a rest. Will fire one up here again at some point in the near future.

  18. I think the reviews here on SR are professional level….they just don’t get paid that pro cash, but I love the reviews!

    Nice review Jerry, every one of Litto’s smokes I have tried I liked a lot. I will add this one to the list.

  19. nice review Jerry, as always. This gave me an excuse to go ahead and pull one of my Limitado IV’s out and give it a try, and so far, half way through, you hit it on the nose. great cigar.

    Also, I just posted a review on the SRFF of the LFD Corona Habano.

    Keep it up!

  20. OlivaSerieV, my posts are never useless. Worthless sniveling drivel possibly, but not useless. They are intended to burn up bandwidth on a server and lower the IQ of anyone reading the post; and they accomplish that well 🙂

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