Herf’n Heads – CAO La Traviata

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Herf’n Heads – CAO La Traviata

Jerry and Brian get together for another episode of Herf’n Heads. In this episode we review the new CAO La Traviata (dare we say Cigar of The Year), cigar smoking etiquette, IPCPR, CRA and other random cigar shit.

Video lasts over an hour so I use the Viddler player so you can fast forward/seek to pick up where you left off in case you can’t watch in one sitting. [Ed: video has been transitioned to YouTube so this no longer applies.]


11 thoughts on “Herf’n Heads – CAO La Traviata

  1. Great episode of H ‘n H!!!

    I agree with you guys on the whole etiquette/guideline thing.

    I do have to say though, that if I’m sitting at the cigar shop and some dude sits down next to me holding his 7×60 cigar like he’s going to town on some dude’s pecker…I may have to get up and sit somewhere else..LOL.

    Keep these videos coming!!!

  2. Nice job guys, your videos are very entertaining they don’t even seem that long.
    Jerry I love the opening song, when it first started playing i thought it was my itunes playing it and I tried to pause it then I realized it was the video.
    And not ashamed to say that I was one of those guys sat and waited to join CRA lol

    Great job guys keep the vids coming

  3. LOL – awesome vid!

    I cant wait to try one of them!!!!!

    Etiquette – I dont give a shit – band on, band off – you smoke it how YOU like and enjoy it, screw everyone else if they want you to be a robot!


    You really need to do one of these live with twitter questions πŸ™‚ Kinda steal the idea from Cigar Radio πŸ™‚

  4. Another great segment guys. Brian, I’m really only used to seeing your assistant, the Great Torpedo, but it’s good to see both of you. I don’t know how many episodes of Herf’n Heads you guys have done, but this is segment 2 that I have seen.

    Jerry, you mentioned something interesting while talking about how good the La Traviata is. You said that it will probably be in your “Top 5 of 2009”. I only started following you guys on Stogie Review this year, so you might do this already, but it would be an awesome idea for the three of you to publish your Top 5 of the year. Maybe do a Threesome on Herf’n Heads (insert famous line here).

    Anyway, great job as always!!

  5. Great, great video. I love the concept. The La Traviata sounds outstanding and it was cool overhearing two guys who obviously love cigars and having fun. Is it bad etiquette to put out your cigar on the forehead of the idiot who originally wrote the etiquette story? Great job!

  6. Great episode guys!
    I agree fully about the topic of etiquette. I think some cigar snobs concentrate on bullshit, forgetting that its about relaxation. We are smoking cigars, this isn’t rocket science! Sheesh…

  7. Great video–I’m really looking forward to the new CAO! I’m a CAO fan already, but this one sounds like it will be right in my sweet spot: a medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke. Can’t wait!

    I agreed with most of your points on the etiquette discussion, and there is one thing that I’d add. I’ve only been to a few large herfs/tastings, but I found it annoying when one guy (on several occasions) reached over from a crowd and ashed his cigar in the ashtray on my table (by rubbing it in the pile of ash rather forcefully). I’d have preferred it if he asked politely to borrow our ashtray, rather than just reaching over and making kind of an annoying mess and smoke, etc. I don’t consider myself easily annoyed, but that kinda bugged me.

  8. Great vid as always guys. πŸ™‚

    I don’t know if I missed you guys talking about it, but the cigars I’m most looking forward to trying are the new Joya de Nicaraguas, especially the stronger Antano (not sure how they can do that πŸ˜€ ) and their new bundle line.

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