Plasencia Reserva Organica

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Plasencia Reserva Organica

Plasencia Reserva Organica

My last attempt with an organic cigar left me wanting more. Again our own KnightRid comes to the rescue with another organic cigar for me to try.

My experience with the Plasencia Reserva Organica was surprisingly refreshing. Sure it had a simple, one note flavor component but thats what was so refreshing. A change of pace and a simplistic cigar is good for the taste buds every now and then. After IPCPR and all the Ruinations I’ve been smoking, I took a lot of pleasure in the Plasencia Reserva Organica’s simplistic nature.


5 thoughts on “Plasencia Reserva Organica

  1. Nice review! I get about the same thing with them, just relaxing and smooth. I dont mind it being 1-dimensional as long as they are not throwing it in your face, as those cigars just tire me out smoking them.

    Oh, about the date – that is the date that Famous has on their stickers on the product. I figure they have had them in their humidified warehouse that long, so I just write their date on them. Someone let me know if I should use the date I receive them, rather than the date on the stickers PLEASE!!


  2. Hit cigarmonster for a good deal on these. I always keep them in stock and the last 6-5 packs I purchased have all come with a date of 11/2007 on the cello from Famous. My 2 purchases of 3-5 packs were made in 4/2009 and 8/2009. So the way I look at it, I just let famous age them for me. Also, I love this cigar.

  3. This was one of the first cigars I ever had. Really enjoyed it at the time, great flavor. Had not partaken in one in a long time, would be a nice change of pace, as mentioned. Thanks for reminding me of my early smoke days

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