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Verdadero Organic

Verdadero Organic

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This time, I lost. I know eating organic is a big buzzword these days. Hey! I’ll admit, some of the foods I eat I’ve switched to organic versions and my stomach has never felt better. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how successful organic tobacco will be. If it is to succeed, organic tobacco has a way to go if the Verdadero Organic is the best of what is out there.

Video runs 14 minutes and I was unimpressed by the Verdadero Organic. It was lackluster, unexciting and void of any flavor profile that I typically enjoying. I’m sure we can all use less chemicals and pesticides in the products we consume and I applaud the folks behind the Verdadero Organic for at least creating a cigar that at a minimum, starts an interesting conversation/debate about organic tobacco and its potential in the cigar industry.


26 thoughts on “Verdadero Organic

  1. Damn Jerry, I got a five pack on the way. I hope I have better luck with it than you did. Thanks for the review.


  2. Jerry is a robotripper! I always knew it!! hahaha

    I smoked one of these a few weeks back and got the same results. So, to give it a fair shot, I tried one more with the same shitty conclusion. Glad to see I’m not the only one who got that nasty ass medicine flavor.

  3. They do have a medicine type aroma, but after sitting in the humi for a bit it kinda mellows out into a sweet raisin type flavor. I think they are decent smokes.

    Good job ditching the ‘stache! Now it’s time to bring back that beard! yay beards!

  4. Another great review! I have some of the Placencia Organica and they are a nice smoke, I think πŸ˜‰ Maybe I will have to see about getting some to you to try.

    This one, I think I will pass! Just sounds awful πŸ™ I was hoping for some great things from the organic stuff, but I guess the Placencia Organica is the flagship right now.


    but…but…ocifer, *hic*, the torpedo dude told be to do it *hic* so its got to be cool….what…no…no bracelets….oh man, long f’n bracelets πŸ™

  5. Happy birthday Walt.

    Sounds like an awful cigar. If it is that mild and has flavors of chemicals, I can’t imagine I would like it.

  6. Nice to hear about a cigar I don’t need to try! I had a Drew Estate Natural “Juicy Lucy” (GAD, the name alone should have clued me in) yesterday that was not even as good as a Swisher Sweet. UGH. Thanks for stopping me from trying this organic train wreck.

    BTW, no ‘stache, better. Beard. best.

  7. Aw, I had high hopes for this cigar. Maybe I’ll still give it a try but my preferences seem to be pretty much in line with yours, so then again maybe not. Definitely hope Walt has a great birthday, I’m curious to find out what cigar he goes for on such a day.
    thanks, Jerry!

  8. The toros are awesome with predominant white raisin aroma and flavor. The torpedos taste like ass.

  9. Organic Tobacco… I think this falls under the old Starkist syndrome… We want Tuna’s that taste good not Tuna’s with good taste. Sorry Charlie!

  10. Medicine taste? WTF?? That doesn’t sound appealing at all! Thanks for taking one for the team Jerry! And, as always, long fuckin’ robotri…err, ashes! πŸ˜€

    BTW, Happy Birthday to Walt…smoke a good one brother!

  11. I learn so much interesting lingo here on Stogie Review. Robotrip is by far the most interesting!

    I didn’t have any hope for the Organic being good. I mean, it’s organic.

    Happy Birthday Walt. July is the month of champions.

  12. Having raised cigarette and (lower end) pipe tobacco in Northeast TN for a good part of my life, I can’t possibly see how organic tobacco could be grown here for low quality things- much less in the tropics for premium cigars. I can understand the appeal and merits of organic food, but in the world of tobacco it just seems unnecessary. What is sprayed on the plants doesn’t make it through the process of curing and then being set on fire and vaporized. The other appeal to organic stuff is the health benefits, I don’t particularly think that anyone would smoke a cigar out of a desire for health benefits.

    On the lighter side, I think it’s pretty ironic that “organic” tobacco gives off a chemical/medicine taste.

    And also, Happy Birthday Walt.

  13. It’s OK Jerry. I admit I was the only fan of the mustache. I almost hit the stop button and moved on when I saw you got rid of it. Shame…

    I appreciate you taking one for the team and doing this review though. Sounds like an annoying cigar.

    I didn’t sing along in wishing Walt happy birthday, so I’ll mention it here. To the best technical smoker out there – happy birthday.

    I never robo-tripped before. Since you do it, I’m going to try it now. Stay tuned.

  14. Jerry,
    Nice review jerry. Glad to see the seal of rejection’s first appearance!
    Gonna go robotrip now cuz you do it…


    ps: Happy Bday Walt!

  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    I was gifted one of these when I was up Cigars International one time. They person who gave it to me was telling me how good they were and I was really interested in trying it. I smoked i a couple of days later as a first cigar of the day and had the same opinion as you did.


  16. Jerry,

    Good review. Sounds like there maybe making a medical cigar there, or some thing… Doesn’t sound good to smoke.

  17. For a better naturally grown cigar, try some of John Vogel’s stuff from Costa Rica. I believe it’s “organic,” or maybe just naturally grown, since I’m not sure they use the term organic for their methods. I am fairly sure that he grows without chemical pesticides.

  18. Well, that’s what you get for smoking that hippy shit. πŸ˜€

    And yeah, much better without the stash. πŸ™‚

  19. Review is accurate to my experience. I can add that after months of storage, if one concentrates while smoking them, they do produce a very small amount of pleasant taste. They should be given away free with solicitation for donations from those whose meditation skills are strong enough…..

  20. This is a VERY Mild one dimensional cigar. I read one of the newsletters a WHILE ago and it talked about how they were going to buy the blend and mass produce this cigar. It started out being a restaurant cigar for a restaurant owned by the maker of this cigar. (As it is still sold in Granada, Nicaragua at that very restaurant the Buyer ate at one day only made somewhere else and with a different name and a pink band I believe) The reason said they liked it soo much was because the guy said it tasted like raisins and was such a different flavor than any cigar he has tasted. (I can not remember the name of the person or even the date this was but this is what I remember from the newsletter.)

    I got a 5iver to see if that held true. I found that the pre smoke aroma is that of raisins and it is the only flavor albeit very subtle besides just mild tobacco. (Really low on the flavor I would almost consider this milder than a regular cigarette) I did not get any medicine like taste but I might have thought that if i wasn’t already thinking raisins. Anyone out their that has some or is getting some eat some raisins and give them a good smell too and I bet you will pick it up. Personally I think OneOff makes a better cigar if you want “ORGANIC” they taste more like a cigar. You can get short Torpedos “which they call the perfecto?” in a fiver from the devil site for around 10-15 bucks from what I have seen. “OneOff even uses recycled paper for their bands with the peace sign on them” I also believe OneOff Cigars are 100% organic not just the filler but who knows anything about organic cigars yet. As far as I know there are only 3 brands that claim their cigars are organic so

    Sorry but i gotta comment on the robotripping being someone who has taken that trip many times before I have a couple things to say real quick. RESEARCH IT BEFORE YOU TRY.

    In all Robotripping is a drug you are not getting drunk off the 1% alcohol like people used to think why kids drank the stuff. YOU DO TRIP! but its nothing like mushrooms or LSD or something else its something totally different, People actually sell the Active ingredient (DXM as slang) in pills at party’s sometimes saying its E. All these people do is buy the stuff pure form online (which can be done) add some binders and press it into a pill. (this is actually better for your body than the glucose slam you get when drinking robo which makes you feel nauseated. WHATEVER you do KNOW what you are putting in your body. (like the torpedo i should have kept my mouth shut but it has been said and information is important with this kind of thing.)

  21. This cigar smells like vomit and hay, the kind of vomit you get when it’s all bile and yellow. The taste is like what raisin would taste like if they made a flavor of medicine out of it (heard others tasted this too!). The aroma is more like cow or dog schitt from a distance….no joke. Probably one of the worst cigars I’ve ever smoked. Glad I only had 2 to sample.

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