Casa Magna Colorado (Guest Review)

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Casa Magna Colorado (Guest Review)

Back this week we have Tom and Ed doing another video cigar review. This time the guys take on the Casa Magna Colorado while hanging out at Ed’s Shop, St Pete Pipe and Cigars.

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9 thoughts on “Casa Magna Colorado (Guest Review)

  1. Tom and Ed — I always watch your reviews! I like the interplay and the fact that we’re getting 2 opinions at once. And I like that one has a similar plate to me, and the other MUCH more experienced, lol. Keep up the great work!

    As far as the CM, I’ve only had one (same size reviewed), and had a very similar experience to you. I liked it enough to pick up about 6 more of various sizes.

    It was a very nice smoke, I liked how clean it was on the palate. Not real complex, but enough to keep me interested and I liked the flavors. I got hints of a sweet spice here and there that reminded me of the Tatuaje Verocu, my favorite cigar.

    As far as Cigar Afficianado — eh. I don’t trust reviewers that only smoke an inch or so of the cigar, lol. I like your reviews much better. If they wanted to name this “Value Cigar of the Year,” I think no one would have complained. But there were plenty of new sticks last year that were better, imvho, such as the Tempus, Cabaiguan, El Triunfador, and probably more.

  2. Great review! I just thought the cigar was BLAH throughout. I never even got a head rush or anything and I am a mild-medium cigar lover. Now I only had 1 of them, so maybe I had a bum stick. No matter what, it should not be cigar of the year! There is no way.


    Just love the outtakes 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. Hope everyone enjoyed the review.

    njstone – I’ve always said that Ed IS the man.Usually when my palate falls short, Ed can pick up the slack in a pinch. I just don’t see how this is the cigar of the year though.

  4. Good review, but this cigar is average in my opinion and I have smoked four of them. the only size I somewhat liked was the shorter nublike fat robusto. This cigar makes me wonder how much money was thrown at Cigar Aficionado to make it the #1 cigar of the year.

  5. Very nice review. I had only one of these from last year’s Big Smoke in Las Vegas. I let it rest in the humidor for seven month then gave it a shot. I thought it was fairly tasteless and I just could not understand the high rating for this cigar. I might try another if the price is right but with so many great cigars, I probably won’t take that opportunity.

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