A Message from Jerry the Elf

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A Message from Jerry the Elf

While I do smoke and review a little bit of Tabacos Baez Serie SF, this video shouldn’t be taken seriously. Like I’ve always said, the day that SR isn’t any fun to do, take ourselves too seriously or lose the ability to laugh at ourselves, is the day SR closes up shop. Its all about having fun, entertaining folks and creating memories with old and new friends.

So from me and mine, to you and your’s…thanks for the record 1.5 million page views (excludes the forums) so far in 2009 and I hope you will be with us for the millions more in 2010…and btw, Merry Christmas!


30 thoughts on “A Message from Jerry the Elf

    1. lmao…that was awesome. Shit like that is why I stay on this site. Keep up the great work guys! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and best of luck with the 2010 reviews!

  1. Friggin’ hilarious dude!!! Just promise all the SR fans, that when February rolls around, we’ll get to see Jerry the Cupid!!!!

  2. Baby all I want for Christmas, is you….to promise you will never wear tights again! LOL, Merry Xmas everyone.

  3. I would have loved to see your neighbors faces in between video cuts, when they look outside and there’s just a dude in an elf costume hanging out by himself smoking a cigar. Fuckin fantastic!

  4. Obviously, Bad Santa is plenty of help! too damn funny. Merry Christmas Jerry, to you and yours. Appreciate all your hard work to keep us entertained!

    Joseph aka mango2kw

  5. Uhm, how about a Stogie Review Cupid Contest. Whoever sends the best pic of themselves dressed up as Cupid with a cigar gets a box of Cupido cigars from Cuban Crafters!

  6. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Can’t live without laughing, awesome job! Merry Christmas to the entire Stogie Review Family & community!

  7. For some reason the video won’t play right now, I’ll have to try it later but just by the picture alone I can honestly say, Jerry you are the man….errrrrr, I’m mean elf. That is frreakin’ hilarious!
    Merry Christmas my friend to you, your family and all the guys!
    Thanks for the laugh,

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