Ask The Readers: What do you use for humidification?

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Ask The Readers: What do you use for humidification?

Over the past years I’ve been a big supporter and user of humidification beads. Whether its in the form of The Puck or contained within a pair of pantyhose. Recently, I’ve come into possession of Cigar Oasis Ultra to try and see how it performs in one of my humidors. I’ll admit that I was bit skeptical about removing my trusty beads and relying solely on the Cigar Oasis Ultra. After a bit of a learning curve (it wasn’t as simple as the directions made it out to be) the Cigar Oasis Ultra has been pretty stable.

So whether it be beads, The Puck, cat liter, green foam, gel tubes or a Cigar Oasis type device, what do you use for your humidification?


41 thoughts on “Ask The Readers: What do you use for humidification?

  1. When I purchased my first desktop humidor, I didn’t know any better and I just stuck with the green foam stuff. After purchasing a few more desktop humidors and discovering SR, I switched to the beads. Then I realized that it was time to upgrade to a cabinet and I went with the Cigar Oasis II Plus. I was real pleased with the way it worked and it did it’s job for over 5 years until it broke down. The humidity sensor that is supposed to shut off the fans just gave out. I noticed the humidity level going up and beyond the cut off number that I had preset. I ended up going with a Moist n Aire unit. It doesn’t look pretty but so far, it’s doing the job. Most of the B&M’s I go to have them and I figured, if it works for them, it’ll work for me.

    Once I got it, I was shocked at how simple of a unit it is. Given the right tools, I probably could have built something close to it. The humidity control console looks exactly like the one I have on the humidifier that is tapped into my heating system here at home. I know that if that ever craps out, a quick trip to Lowes or Home Depot will have what I need to fix the problem.


  2. I use beads. Honestly, I haven’t even put a new battery in the hygrometer for over a year – I just rely on the beads.

  3. I have the foam. If I had a larger humidor or less sticks, I’d go with beads. But, I have so many cigars that the RH remains fairly stable year round provided I keep them charged, I haven’t had problems.

  4. I just blogged about this yesterday! I’m still using florist foam based humidifiers. I should get a bead/polymer based unit for my desktop but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

  5. I used to use a Xikar gel and a drymistat. I switched over the humibeads now though. I have replaced the gel in the Xikar jar with beads and done the same in the drymistat.

  6. Gel, beads, and a cigar oasis 🙂

    I use the cigar oasis in my main humidor but it is WAY too much for it really, since it only holds 100-150 sticks! I am dreaming about a cabinet humi, but it is still a dream.

    I use the gel and beads together in my tupperware containers I use for cigars. I like using them both as an added layer of protection since i dont use hygrometers in all of them.

    I also have just been turned on to the Boveda packs and I have to say, I am impressed. If you dont have a big humi, these things are very cost effective and easy to use! I do not like them for anything big though, as the number of packs would start to cost a pretty penny over time.


  7. I consider myself a Newbie to the cigar world.

    I maintain a 50-75 stick desktop humidor. i use the green foam with a 50/50 solution and a distilled water rotation. i kept my humidor on my night table for months until i got a digi hygrometer and thermostat that keeps max an min records. i found that in as little as 1 day i was getting 15 degree temp changes and 5-10 degree humi swings. i now keep the box in my chest of draws and the swings are much lower any ideas if this is because of the foam or just the room conditions like i thought it was

    side note… any suggestions for a cheaper stick alternative to the AF Hemingway best seller, they are my cigar of choice but def starting to cost me more then id like to spend

  8. Hi Jerry

    I’m using boveda and heartfelt beads together and that’s working just fine. The air is so dry inn the winter, so i need something extra to keep my cigars fresh. I have a humidor for about 50 cigars and they need 3 boveda 72% Rh and about 100 grams of beads 70% Rh to maintain about 71%Rh. Now to another question , anyone heard about Chess Cigars (www/ Tasted them? Seen them?

  9. I have a large end table style cabinet humidor that holds 1500 sticks and I use a Cigar Oasis2, the big black box style unit. Holds 50 ounces of water so it can go long periods of time without refilling.

  10. I use a 4oz size jar of Gel with 50/50 solution in a 50 count humidor. I had enlarged the holes in the lid and use a Caliber III digital hygrometer. Readings are between 68-70%

  11. Heartfelt beads in tubes velcroed to the sides below the tray. Just under twice the recommended minimum amount of beads = spot-on humidity 24/7. Don’t see how ANYTHING could work better.

  12. Beads in smaller humidors and a Humi-Care electronic humidifier in my larger humidor. In my travel humidor I use the Drymistat crystal tube.

  13. Oh man I use a combo of the puck from and the boveda 72 packs….. The boveda packs are awesome and they complement the pucks as well…. If the humidity is at 70 the pucks won’t release any moisture as it is self regulated since it contains beads… and i can set it and forget with out having to open and check it everyday its the bomb……..

  14. Just put some heartfelt beads, in the blue tube, in my humidor a couple of days ago. Hopefully these are as good as everyone says

  15. I use beads. They seem to be less hassle and more consistant than distilled water in the sponge concept.

  16. Using heartfelt 65% beads, which I’ve been happy with although I find they’re relatively sensitive to temperature. When I had my humidor in my cellar, the humidor sat at 61%, and the day the wife accidentally cranked the heat, the humidity was up to 68%. Granted, the interplay between temperature and humidity is fairly complicated, but it’s worth noting.

  17. I use two Oasis XL Pluses for the big boy tower and for my misc. 25-50-75-100 count desktop humidors, I use whatever came with the humidors plus additonal 72% Boveda Humidipaks. I find them to be an excellent supplemental source of humidification. In the winter due to the much drier air, you should use the 75% Paks. Also, ask your local B&M if they will give you a discount if you by them by the box. My local B&M normally charges $3.50 per pak but gives me an additional 10% off if I buy the whole box. Perhaps a little expensive given other options such as beads, etc. but worth it if you tend to store and age your sticks as I do since they last a good while too.

    Lastly, a little “MacGuyver” trick I discovered. Pick up a couple of very inexpensive small glass salt shakers and some florist’s green foam. Cut the foam up in little pieces, put them in the salt shakers (but do not pack them in too tighly), add distlilled water – viola!! The square shape of the salt shakers allow you to place them neatly almost anywhere of your humidor, especially tucked in the corners by a divider wood block, etc. and the holes in the top of the shaker lets out a constant smooth flow of humidity.

  18. I have a Aristocrat end table cabinet so naturally I use the Set & forget System. It’s great.
    For my desktops I use beads that I can velcro to the inside of the lid.

  19. The Heartfelt Beads did it for me after I ordered them last month.. I just moved into a new house with new triple pane windows and I have to tell you my humidity troubles are over. The condo with the single pane windows was a drafty nightmare on my humidor. My humidors are back at 68 with the heartfelt beads.

    PS: I told David Asp that you sent me. He was pleased.


  20. Right now I am using crystal humidifiers (100 count one in my small humi and a 150 count on in my slighly larger humi) but I have a 160 count Diamound Crown humidor on the way and will try using the humidifying device that comes with it.

  21. I use a variety of humidification types and units in my various humidors. I keep meaning to buy the beads, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Bu I’ve also heard of the unscented crystal kitty litter idea, too, and want to consider that option.

  22. A humidifier is ideal for any home because it cleans the oxygen circulating inside your house, and makes breathing easier for you. Using and maintaining a whole house humidifier may help you prevent many discomforts that people might experience with a difficult climate, including respiratory problems and dry lips and skin.

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