Digging Out of a Cigar Rut

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Digging Out of a Cigar Rut

As I type this post, I’m sitting in the Private Lounge here at Gilbertsville Cigar Factory. It is 7:30pm on a Monday night, the shop is closed, and I’m all alone – puffing away on what feels like my millionth AJ Fernandez New World.

As Tool plays on Pandora and smoke fills the air, a terrible cigar habit is weighing on my mind.

A few years back, time for cigars was very difficult to come by. Often times I would multi-task and enjoy a cigar while I worked. Because I only had time for the occasional cigar, I couldn’t take the chance on smoking something that I might not enjoy.

Enter the Cigar Rut…

When I lit up an AJ Fernandez New World, I knew exactly what I was getting – No surprises. It would deliver the same experience each and every time. Despite being a bit boring, there was comfort in the routine. After all, I couldn’t risk lighting up something I might not enjoy and wasting the opportunity.

Months went by where I all I smoked was the tried and true New World. Eventually I got tired of them and moved on to the Charter Oak. I fell into the same rut and smoked myself sick of them – eventually turning back to the New World.

I didn’t realize how deeply entreched I was until just the other day. A few of the regulars were sitting around the table one of them joked that they could predict precsely what each of us would purchase next.

I was skeptical until he kept talking

He went around the table You’re going to get 10 Charter Oak Maduros and a tin of Presbyterian Pipe Tobacco… You’re due for another box of New Worlds… You’re going to get an Intemperance Whisky Rebellion and…

It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured over my head. When had I become the guy that smokes the same cigar over and over again? There was a time when if I smoked 10 cigars in a given week, 8 of them would be different.

While there is nothing wrong with having a Go-To Cigar, I think its about time to mix things up a bit. I’m going to challenge myself to smoking three new cigars this week – cigars that I’ve never had the pleasure of smoking before.

If you find yourself in a similar rut – I invite you to join me in this little challenge. Feel free to pop into the comment section below and share what new-to-you cigars you’re smoking. Maybe we can turn each other on to something new and exciting.

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9 thoughts on “Digging Out of a Cigar Rut

  1. Hey Walt,
    Welcome back, I have missed your posts. I hope all is well, I too have fallen into the cigar rut where I would buy a box then smoke nothing but that box until it was gone and then go buy the same box and rinse and repeat. I dont smoke near as much these days as I just cant find the time. But when I do I make sure I never smoke the same cigar back to back.

    Glad you are back!

    1. Hey Corey,
      All is well – hopefully you and your family are good as well!

      Sounds exactly like where I find myself. Buy a box, smoke the box, buy another box, rinse and repeat.

      I don’t get up into Reading too much anymore but maybe one of these days we can meet up at Suburban.

  2. I’m definitely in a cigar rut. These calls I feel like I’m collecting cigars, afraid to smoke certain cigars because they’re for “special” occasions or because they’ve been discontinued. Love the Charter Oak and Illusione Rothchild as everyday sticks though. Also really feeling the Intemperance BA XXI.

    1. Hey Joesph,
      I’m still exploring the Romacraft lineup (I was late to the party). One of my favorites is the Whiskey Rebellion.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. My foray in to cigars a few years ago had me trying a lot of different brands and sizes of cigars. After several years I was set on finding my ‘go to cigar.’ I didn’t think it was possible really. My search included reading a large number of the reviews on this site to help point me in the right direction. Now I won’t say I’m in a cigar rut but the AF Rosado 52 ring gauge has become my favorite and still is after several boxes of them. The empty boxes look great in the garage and contain everything from loose change to screws and bolts. They are a friendly reminder to go and grab a cigar and relax. I think I will go and have a cigar now after this is posted. Maybe something different so I don’t fall in to a rut.

    1. Hey Matt,
      There is definitely a comfort in finding a solid go-to stick. You always know what to expect and the chances of getting a dud when time is tight is reduced.

      I haven’t had a Fuente (of any sort really) in quite some time. I’ll have to pick one up and revisit it.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. I still haven’t gotten there after 25+ years. There are times that I’d actually like to fall into a pattern of go-to cigars, but there would need to be about a dozen, and they wouldn’t be cheap! I have the luxury of having a reasonable hoard to work through. Good to read you again, when the weather gets better, we should collaborate a ride and smoke thing.

    1. Craig,
      Getting together for a ride and a cigar sounds like a fantastic idea. The spring (and snow becoming a distant memory) can’t come soon enough.

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