Declaration by Jameson Cigars

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Declaration by Jameson Cigars

Declaration by Jameson Cigars

Just like I preface the video I wanted to start out by saying that Jameson Cigars is a long time advertiser and all around great supporter of The Stogie Review. All the Declarations smoked for this video were all provided by Jameson Cigars.

This is my first experience with Jameson Cigars. Walt has previously reviewed the Red Label and Black Label. I first heard about the Declaration at the 2009 IPCPR show. When they were officially released awhile back, it was nice to get a package of the production version from Brad. As you can see in the above image, the band changed slightly.

Video runs 11:47 and I’ll admit that the Declaration by Jameson Cigars is an intriguing cigar. I found its flavor profile very enjoyable and appealing but also fairly familiar. But here is where it got tricky. Normally when a cigar has a familiar or predictable flavor profile, I’m able to name and recommend another cigar thats similar or better. In the case of the Declaration…nothing came to mind. So in a sense, the Declaration by Jameson Cigars is uniquely familiar.

I did have a few draw issues with each one. Nothing that was devastating and the cigars eventually opened up. It could be my new storing conditions using the Cigar Oasis Ultra over humidification beads but thats not the biggest problem I face. The biggest I problem I face is finding these locally to add to my regular rotation. If you haven’t tried the Declaration by Jameson Cigars yet, I think you should and you will probably agree with me and its unique but familiar flavor profile.


13 thoughts on “Declaration by Jameson Cigars

  1. Nice review Jerry… as always!

    I must say nicely done on the length…quick concise…efficient.

    I really like the Declaration… more so than the Red and Black labels by Jameson.
    You are right about the “uniquely familiar” characteristics… its similar to a lot of cigars I’ve had, but really can’t place which ones… yet it stands on its own as a nice change of pace from the usual Nicaraguan firecrackers I regularly smoke.

    If you have the time when you are in town, we’ll run you up to Ole Stogie and Son’s and you can stock up then lol

    Secret word is…. RAZOR!!!!!!

    1. “Nice review Jerry… as always!

      I must say nicely done on the length…quick concise…efficient.”

      I think that constitutes a Stogie Review Video Review review. LOL

  2. Nice review. I will definitely have to give these a shot. I just hope they dont all have stiff draws. I can handle a stiff draw if the cigar puts out a lot of smoke, but if not, I find myself heating it up by trying to get more out of it than the cigar wants to give.


    P.S. Looks kinda cold out there =)

  3. Always enjoy your reviews. Brad was kind enough to send me a sample to review, you can see my thoughts HERE. Kidding (about the tasteless link, I haven’t smoked them yet)!
    I’ve been letting them rest for a couple weeks, and now I’m curious if I have the same draw issue you had initially.

    Thanks Brad and Jerry for the review!

  4. Great review Jerry..I smoked my first Declaration last night…and had the exact same experience as you..A little tight draw that opened up about half way through…Mine had a bit of a bitter flavor (like over roasted coffee)..that was balanced out by the sweet woodsyness..and a little bit of spice..a very nice cigar..
    Thanks for the awesome review

  5. Nice job as always Jerry. I will be on the lookout for this stick in my travels, sounds like one I would like to try.
    Keep up the good work…Oh and I’d personally prefer that you drop a few big-names in your reviews to show us what a bad-ass you are.


  6. Hey Fartboy if your going to be complaining about fingernails then I don’t think you should be smoking cigars. Seems like a pretty decent smoke Jerry, thanks for putting another cigar on the radar!

  7. Dude, pretty ironic to complaint about biting nails when you have a nickmame like that. daa, and “extreme”….SCARY.

  8. Entertaining as always Jerry,

    I’ve been drinking the heck out of the Rockstone Coffee Brad sent us, but forgot about the Declaration cigar samples. Seems like they’re getting a lot of attention lately (especially locally, since one of my regular haunts picked up the line), now I just need to get on the stick and smoke a few!

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