Jameson Cigar Co. Black Label (Short Ashes)

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Jameson Cigar Co. Black Label (Short Ashes)

This Short Ashes review features the Jameson Cigar Company Back Label. This cigar was one of a couple that were left over from my Blind Cigar tasting at Kensington Tobacconist a couple of months ago. Lets see how it turned out in comparison to the blind review.

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Check out the Blind Tasting of the
Jameson Cigar Company Black Label

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5 thoughts on “Jameson Cigar Co. Black Label (Short Ashes)

  1. Nice review. Sounds like a good, solid cigar. I am particularly glad you chose to revisit the Black Label. Mine have approx 2 weeks on them, and I’m going to give them another 2 and then try em out.

    BTW…nice lead in layout. Like how the individual scrolling windows are actually video caps…pretty cool.

  2. Walt,

    Nice review and I have to say the short ones get right to the point! I have some of these cigars and I like them a lot. I have already reviewed the red line on my site and I’m just waiting for the black line to rest awhile in my humidor until I give it a complete review. Again nice review, keep up the great work.

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