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Tatuaje Boris


The Tatuaje Boris has been out for awhile. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve chosen now to review it? First, when the Boris was released everyone jumped on it. Blog after blog, forum after forum were flooded with reviews. By now, you all know what an attention whore I can be and I didn’t want my review to get lost in the shuffle. Another reason is that last year I learned a lesson with the Frank. What I learned was that it got so much better with time. Like the Frank, the Boris was good, not great out of the box. Now fast forward three months…

Video runs close to 12 minutes and while I understand some of you have a legitimate gripe with me reviewing a cigar that is no longer available. Like I said, its legitimate. I do know that there are many people out there who have a few aging in their humidors and maybe they are wondering how the Tatuaje Boris performs with a little age. Anyway, along with reviewing the Boris, I also answer the question of which I like more, Drac or Boris…oh yeah, we had record breaking snow.


42 thoughts on “Tatuaje Boris

  1. Great job Jerry. Thats hardcore.

    We have had Jerry the Cupcake Killer, Jerry McCruz, Jerry the Elf, and now Eskimo Jerry.

    Im with you 100%. I love this smoke. I really wish Pete would make it a regular production stick.

  2. 5 words: BALLS TO THE FUCKIN’ WALL!!!! Great review! It sounds like a damn good smoke, maybe a petition can be put together to special order these from Tatuaje. It sucks that these weren’t available to those who might have enjoyed these and missed out.

  3. By special order I meant a group buy. I missed out on the Frank because I didn’t know then as much as I knew now.

  4. And I was bummed from all of the rain we’ve been getting here in Southern California! Thank God you smoked a stick that you already knew you would enjoy to make it worth your while out there. I hope you had a Snuggie to put on as soon as you got back inside, hahaha.

    Thanks for enduring the cold to bring another solid and informative review. I never heard of a cigar giving off a mint taste before (well…one that isn’t a flavored cigar). Maybe I’d be able to kiss my girlfriend without having to chew some tic-tac’s after smoking this!

  5. Hi Jerry, I was just wondering if you have ever aged any of the other Tatuaje lines for any length of time? And secondly would you be kind enough to recommend a Tatuaje cigar that I should try and maybe I could put away for a while. I would be very grateful for any suggestions as I am seriously considering trying a box or two. Many thanks.

    1. My advice would be to get a box of Tatuaje Brown Labels. They all seem to age nicely.

      Personally its the Tatuaje Noella. Something about small RG (42)! I have some with almost 2 years of age on them and they just blow my mind.

      I’ve also heard that the Regios size ages well if you’re looking for something with a bigger RG (50).

    1. Outside smoking is fun! If I smoked in a climate controlled environment what fun would that be? I would have absolutely nothing to bitch about and would actually have to know what I’m talking about. I don’t have 50+ years of Pre-Castro cigar experience under my belt you know. LOL

  6. Nice review Jerry.
    You are truly a cigar man’s man to stick it out in that weather. The cigar sounds like an interesting stick; unfortunately, I’m one of those who will probably not get to try one.

    On a side note, you do need a man cave or at least hook up with someone that has one or a room or even a garage with a heater for you to do your reviews in bad weather. I have to admit though, it was entertaining when the wind kicked up and the snow piled up on your head. lol

    Warm fuckin’ asses (oops, I think I just gave myself and others a very disturbing image).

    Thanks for the effort, now stay warm my brother.

      1. I agree 100% with smoking outside, I love it but I’m a transplant from NJ to the south east for 13 years now and have a nice screened in porch, carpeting, ceiling fan and outdoor speakers and it’s usually very comfortable.

        We have had some cold weather down here though. After the game Sunday, we went outside for a smoke and it was 38 degrees. That’s the coldest temp I’ve smoked in or want to smoke in. Call me a wuss.

        You’re just a mad Man!

  7. Jerry that was a great review. I live in the Philadelphia area and was also outside smoking but on my porch with a roof over my head.

  8. Dude! Some large Brass ones you have! Great review – one of your best ones, IMHO. Looking forward to smoking one of these & experiencing that “Minty” taste. Interesting… Thanks again Jerry, for going above and beyond for us!


  9. Jerry the Snowman! Man, that wind is right one cue, I don’t know how you pulled that off! LOL

    Loved the line “as the snow continues to accumulate around me, behind me and on me…” Another cigar cinema classic! As for the cigar, one of these days I gotta smoke one of these. But I figure since it took me nearly a year to smoke the Frank, why break with tradition? LOL

  10. Dedication! That wind SUCKED, I would never have sat my ass outside 🙂 Most of us NorthEast people smoke in our houses or at b&m’s. I definitely am not as studly as Jerry LOL.

    Great review. I never got the minty taste from the 2 I have smoked. If I can repair the 3rd one I have (wrapper from different cigar may work, I will have to pay more attention.

    Awesome review man! I think Brian should do one in snow like that =)


  11. Nice review Jerry. You sure showed all the snow pussies how to smoke a cigar in the winter. I enjoyed the video and I don’t think I will ever complain again about the weather where I live. I am new to your site and have been reading all of the old reviews for the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed very much. I check in daily to see what is new and I am glad I found your site. Keep it up.

    1. Charlie – Thanks for checking out the review and taking the time to leave some comment love. Appreciate it.

      I’m glad you’ve found the site as well. We’ve been at it for going on 4 years now and its bigger than any of us ever imagined it would.

  12. Jerry,

    Man that was funny and painful at the same time! You really got the man card punched!

    Thanks for the shout out too!


  13. Great, Nanook of the North, improv. The , Boris, is a Tatuaje favorite, thanks to a friend. Shame it was a limited production. What SPF where you using?

  14. Jerry and the tatuaje boris get my survialist award vote for 2010! Damn!! Hope you don’t get pneumonia or some shit Jerry!

  15. Jerry is fvckin NUTS! I love cigars but when it gets cold I have second thoughts because its not a cigarette….. I hate cigarettes by the way, they remind me of junkies…. but any how, I feel as though Cigars taste better in warmer weather… Is it just me or is a Cigars flavor effected by the cold weather….

    Your thoughts guys, someone please chime in on that thought….

  16. I don’t know Vicdamone, I’ve had some pretty good cigars in cold weather. I can think of some that even taste better in the cold – la aroma de cuba petit corona (original blend not don pepins) Partagas shorts – Casa Magna Robusto etc… RP Winter blend.

  17. I’ve never had the Boris, but Tatuaje has always been a little hit or miss with me. I just tried the Tauaje Black, which I enjoyed, but it burned like crap. The only cigar that from the line that I’ve consistently liked in the La Riqueza #2.

  18. I really enjoy your reviews the best. You continue to inform and entertain as always. I too agree that smoking outside is the only way to go. Seeing you smoking in that environment…well that’s just why I enjoy your reviews.

    Also, it’s been a while since you burned a Cuban.

  19. After that review, Pete should send you whole bundle of Boris. Hell of a job, Im smoking my Boris right now in my private club in Seattle! It is an awesome cigar!

  20. Jerry, I am going to say. I keep wondering how it’s possible for you to do better and better reivews and I’m always amazed. This is up there with the Equos review as possible your all time best. Well, not sure. That fire from the wrapper had me laughing so hard my wife wondered what I was watching.

    I think that only a Tatuaje Boris could possibly keep me out in that horrific freezing weather. I’ll no longer complain when it’s 35 degrees and foggy here in Sacramento and I’m out firing up a nice cigar. I’ll just appreciate it and be grateful it’s not 0 degrees 🙂

    Fantastic review Jerry.

  21. Jerry – Thanks for that review. You totally reminded me of why I moved back to California from Minnesota!

    Love your view reviews! Keep them coming.


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