Tatuaje Black Tubos

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Tatuaje Black Tubos

Tatuaje Black Tubos

Along with the Tatuaje Verocru Tubos, the Tatuaje Black Tubos could’ve been the most anticipated cigars to be released in 2009? Maybe? One thing that is harder to argue about is that Pete Johnson has had one of the hottest hands in the cigar industry for at least the last year. The Tatuaje Black Tubos is the latest addition to the Black Label line following in the footsteps of the original Corona Gorda release, robusto sampler three pack and the Toro size thats available in a CRA sampler.

Video runs 11:22 and the Tatuaje Black Tubos really shines in the second and final thirds. The Tatuaje Black Tubos starts off with the well known peppery flavors along with a dark natural tobacco flavor. It eventually incorporates a sweet espresso flavor along with a killer cedar flavor. Watch the video and maybe there is info on how you can score a 5 pack of the Tatuaje Black Tubos to try for yourself. And if you’re wondering why back to back reviews of a Tatuaje cigar, well cause the Stogie Review Fan Forums told me to. If you want a say in what I review each week all you have to do is sign up and weigh in.


100 thoughts on “Tatuaje Black Tubos

  1. Nice Jerry!
    Tho in the middle it seemed like you were a bit rushed… but I can appreciate the short length of the video.. Well done.

    My favorite all time Tatuaje (perhaps my all time fav cigar in general) is the Reserva J21. Great complexity, nice balance, flavors hit my palate perfectly every time, and the ligero wrapper just gives it that extra pop that the other Reservas don’t have.

    1. Great review on the Tatuaje Black Tubos. I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t had the pleasure to have a Pete Johnson cigar. I have been reading a lot about him and sticks. My local B&M dosn’t carry any of his cigars so I been looking around the forums and website for samplers. Thanks for holding a contest on the Tubos

      1. I paid $20 bucks for this and I want my money back. This cigar tasted medium light throughout the smoking experience. I’m not sure was Jerry was smoking in this video. Give me the Red line or Cojonu any day over this. what a rip.

  2. Mr. Cruzado,

    This is John from JnJcigars. My favorite has to be Noella Reserva and La Riqueza DC. When are you coming to see your brother is Seattle man.? Come on by and Ill treat you right. See you soon.


  3. Jerry,

    I have not yet been able to try this one or the red one due to the recent addition to my family. I will be putting it on my list though after this review of it. My favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the El Triunfador. Again great review and oh it help me get through my 1st night shift, so thanks!


  4. Great review as always Jerry!

    And congrats on the milestones. Here is to 15,000 more.

    I think my favorite Tatuaje so far is either the Boris or the Noella Reserva. As much as I liked the black tubo I had, it seemed a bit dry right out of the shops humidor, and smoked really hot. I havent tried one since, but this is making me want to go back and grab a few more.

  5. Thanks Jerry!

    My favorite Tatuaje cigar would have to be the Cojonu. It was my first Tatuaje and has stayed as one of my favorite smokes of all time.

  6. 1. I fucking love this song and vote that you should go back to using it on ALL videos…lol

    2. Nice review, Jerry. I really disliked the Red Tubo, but given the review on this, I may give the Black a try when I’m next at my favorite shop (assuming they don’t sell out).

    3. My favorite PJ cigar is easily the El Triunfador…when straight out of the box. I’ve found those to worsen somewhat significantly with age, but I haven’t had one in a while, so maybe it was just a funky phase (yay alliteration!)

    As always, keep up the good work, man.

  7. Good stuff. Review that Punch already! Gotta put the havana vi Nobles as my favorite, mostly since I’ve only had it and the Reserva SW and the SW was a disappointment.

  8. Excellent review Jerry! LONG FUCKIN’ ASHES!!! Love it!

    Pardon all of the exclamation points. haha.

    My favorite has been the Frank. Fucking awesome stick, but impossible to get anymore. If I had to choose a more regular line, it would actually be the Black Tubo. I have gone through all of mine, 6 or so. I also like the Cojonu 2009s, but I would definitely say the black tubos.

  9. Great Review! Funny shit with the camera zoomed in. All Tatuaje stuff I tried has not disappointed at all but my favorite is El Triunfador.

  10. I wasn’t really wondering why you’ve been reviewing multiple Tatuaje’s, because they’re all great cigars! I’ve only have had one black around 2 years ago and it was amazing. It’s good to know that they’re more readily available now, thanks Jerry!

    Favorite Pete Johnson cigar would have to be the Cabaiguan Sun Grown.

  11. My favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the Reserva J21. I only have only left sitting in my humidor, I can’t wait to smoke it, but need to find a good time.

  12. Thanks for the review.Im a big Tatuaje fan in general but my local shoppe doesnt carry any of the really good ones like the black label or the havana XI. I think theyre all great (I even like the series p, despite the fact that they age like shit)…In terms of a favorite though, Im going to have to go with the ambos mundos sumatra (another good pete johnson/don peppin creation). Theres a definite rough note toward the beggining of the cigar but I must say that the flavor profile is really really enjoyable and satisfying, plus its got that pepper that I love! Long fuckin ashes, Jerry!

  13. Definitely vote for La Riqueza (the lonsdale) as my favorite cigar from Pete. Nice review, even though I didn’t vote for this 🙂

  14. Great review. I just discovered this site about 2 weeks ago, once I decided to step up my cigar game. Im here is Fairbanks, AK, and I have to find productive hobbies to make the winter pass. I mainly smoke in the garage, but have smoked in minus 30-40 F when I have to. Now thats dedication, proper layering of clothes makes a huge difference. I smirk whever folks get worried about cold exposure when their cigars get delayed in the mail. Keep up the great work!

    Ill be honest I HAVE NOT smoked any of Petes stuff, but have some J21s in the resting in the humi (very tempted to smoke these), and have a 5-pk of El Truinfadors on the way b/c of your review.

  15. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I have been looking high and low for some Noella Reservas to put to rest. Anyone have any suggestions?

  16. Awesome review. Sounds like a beauty of a cigar.

    Sadly, my local shop is hard pressed to pick up anything new or interesting. The only Tatuaje cigar I have had is the white label. Pathetic, I know.

  17. Great review as usual. I’m a fan of the short reviews. My favorite Tatuaje (and one of the few Tatuajes I have sampled) is the Cojonu. Keep up the great work.

  18. Nice review Jerry. I was able to get a hold of 2 of these and have left them alone. It looks like I am going to have to smoke one of them today. My favorite Tat right now is the 2003 Cojonu. I only have 2 left from a box I was able to split with a friend. They have good age on them and are tasting great right now.

  19. I bought one of these cigars at Cigars International. Smoked it about a month later. It was a good solid cigar. The burn was problematic near the end, but not a big deal. I don’t understand the point of the shaggy foot, but whatever. All in all, it was a good cigar. Nothing great. Probably not worth the price, but I wouldn’t give it away if someone gave me one.

  20. Another fine effort Jerry!

    I’m with Ray D. Love that music!

    My favorite Tatuaje is the Noella. Great short smoke!

    Congrats on the 15k comments as well……

  21. Great review man. I absolutely HATE the ends on these! Pain in the ass to get lit unless you peel it away and try to get inside to the cigar itself. I did not mind smoking these, but I doubt I will look for any more. Just were not to my taste profile. I also had the Red and I think I liked them a bit better.


      1. In my experience, to avoid issued with closed foot cigars. Use a long cedar match; let it lit a little bit and then start drawing and after two or three draws blow on the foot to confirm is evenly lit. I know this only could work if the weather allows it, so hopefully you can see it too.

  22. My favorite is either the Regios or the La Riqueza…

    I tried the Black last night, and it went out like 10 times in the first half inch. I ended up getting so pissed about it that I trashed it. I really want to give it another shot, as I’m sure it was just a fluke, but at $14-15 a pop, I’m not sure when that will happen…

  23. Awesome review! I am so excited to try mine now. I’ll have to take your advice and hang on to it
    for a little while longer. My favorite Tatuaje so far would be the Reserva J21. Again, awesome review.

  24. Hell yeah Jerry keep the outdoor reviews coming! I have to smoke outside in the winter here in STL so I can respect what you are doing. My favorite Pete Johnson is the Cojonu 2006 Miami that I copped here at my local B and M.

    Word Up

  25. Hey Jerry!
    Great Review! I haven’t had any of the “special edition” Tatuajes before, and I’ve been especially wanting to try the Black Tubos! Of the Tat lines I have tried, my favorite is the economical Series P line, specifically the P2. When I could find them, I usually bought out my B&M of these guys. Unfortunately it\’s been over a year since I had one.

    Thanks for the contest and your excellent reviews!

  26. I haven’t tried nearly enough Tatuaje’s, but so far the La Riqueza is my favorite. It’s a great cigar, but I’ll have to see if it remains my favorite Tat after trying the Black Tubo. Great review, as always!

  27. Another great review. Can’t wait to smoke it. Though I haven’t smoked all of the Tatuaje’s, my favorite thus far is the El Triumfador, followed closely by the La Riqueza….as always: Long Ashes!

  28. Nice review, Jerry. I have both Black and Red tubos in my humi waiting for a chance when I can really appreciate them.

    Seems like I’ve smoked most of Pete’s lines before and either like or love about half of them. My favorite for the past year has probably been the El Triunfador.

  29. Nice review! I understand smoking in the cold….it sucks! My favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the Tatuaje Havana VI Almirantes. Always have some in my humidor. Thanks again Jerry!

  30. Nice review, Jerry! I haven’t had a Black Tubo yet, as Pete told me they really could use some age. He said the robustos are all 2 years old now and smoking quite nicely–I agree with that, as I love the Black Robusto–and that these Tubos will be better even than the robustos with more age. I still plan to smoke one of the Tubos as soon as the weather warms up to see how they’re doing (I just don’t enjoy smoking large cigars in the cold, as my sinuses freeze and I can’t taste anything, lol).

    The Verocu Tubo, though, is quite enjoyable right now, imvho. Still not as good as the OG West/East, but with some age they have the potential. But the West and East side Verocu are my 2 favorite cigars of all time, so the fact that the new Tubos are even comparable means they are REALLY good! I just wish they were cheaper.

  31. Well, what can I say; great beginning of what should be a great year. Having enjoyed your last two reviews (and I agree I would like to see the Uppercut reviewed by you) my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the Verocu #1 (West Side); too bad is gone forever!

  32. Thanks for the review on the Black Tubo, as I saw it at my local B&M and will have to give it a try. I’m still loving the Tatuaje Miami Cojono 2003 and the Reserva J21.

  33. Of the ones I’ve smoked (not a lot) I would it’s the red label nobles. Cause I can afford them. Hope I got win these.

  34. Jerry your generosity never ceases to amaze…. Congrats to you, Walt, and Brian on reaching 15,000. You guys are starting to be come rock stars of the cigar world. LOL I am undecided on my favorite Tatuaje cigar. Its either gotta be the El Trinfador or the Cojonu 2006.

  35. Everyone says the Cojonu 2006 was great. I had a few and they were good, but nothing spectacular. I must be missing something. Too bad I can’t get my hands on any.

  36. Great review Jerry!

    Your a total badass for doing these reviews in the cold man, that some hard-core stuff. I’m definitely a fan of a good portion of Pete’s stuff. I would have to say desert island box would be either Havana VI Angeles or Riqueza No. 1. Very tough to say.. Keep up the good work.


  37. Great review! Have not tried the Tat Blk Tubos yet. Would love to pit them against my favorite, the La Riquezza. Pete & Pepin make one helluva team!

  38. Nice review. My favorite Tat that I actually smoke frequently is the La Riqueza No… In fact I am going to go and smoke one right now!

  39. La Riqueza No 1 – alot
    La Riqueza No 2 – sometimes
    La Riqueza No 3 – infrequently
    La Riqueza No 4 – every now and then
    La Riqueza No 5 – alot

  40. Yet another great review! My favorite PJ cigar has to be La Riqueza Cabinet #4. Perfect size smoke without the box press.

  41. So I see how it is, after fours years we get to be a bit more intimate with Jerry via zoom action on the camera…LOL

    Thanks again for spreading the stogie experience Jerry.

    My favorite Pete Johnson/Pepin creation: Cabaiguan. I wish those smokes were cheaper, but why complain about something so good? Peace.

  42. Nice Review Jerry, always a pleasure watching your video reviews. My favorite Tat/Pete/pepin smoke is probably the Tatuaje Brown Havana Cazadore. Something about the size and packaging keeps me interested no matter what interval (rest/age time) I smoke it. Thanks again and keep up the great reviews

  43. Nice! I have not had sufficient experience with the wares of Mr. Johnson; however, I can attest that his DIRTY RAT knocked my socks off…

  44. Great Review and Contest Jerry! Thanks for the tips on tubo storage. I have been storing mines inside the humidor with the caps off, but will just completely remove them from the tubes because I would be destroyed if I found any mold on the few that I do have. My favorite Pete Johnson cigar has to be the Tatuaje Series P1 which is a good combo of flavors for around $3

  45. Great review, i had a couple of these guys, definitely noticed a benefit from only a month and a half.

    My favorite is the Miami Tainos, also great with some age

  46. Hi Jerry,
    Great review, can’t believe you’re out there trooping it with this cold (i’m from ny). Thanks for the contest, my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the La Riqueza.

  47. Hey Jerry,

    Great review man and thanks for the contest! Keep up the awesome work.

    My fav pete johnson cigars are the brown label and el triunf.


  48. My favorite Pete Johnson cigar was the Dracs that Jerry sent me.. funny thing is I don’t remember smoking them, maybe the postal worker got them 🙂

    Nice review as always.

  49. Thanks for posting the review, Jerry! I’m not sure if my message got to you about doing the review, either way I’m glad. My favorite Tat would have to be the El Triunfador! But I’m still trying a lot of Pete’s smokes so who knows how long that will last.

    P.S. I heard the Blacks do great with a year of age on them. Maybe you can do another review then? Thanks again for the review.

  50. Hello Jerry,

    Great review, just received a box of the Black Tubos from my lovely wife for Valentine’s day. Sitting in my humidor resting for a few weeks.

    And the favorite Pete Johnson cigar Havana VI Nobles. Can’t get enough of these.

  51. Awesome review. I have two resting in my humi.
    My favorite Tat is between the 09 Noella Reserva or the Reserva SW. Both have blown my mind.

  52. Man I saw 72 comments and knew something was up….. Another great review from Jerry (Da Elf) Cruz. I gotta agree with someone earlier about the music. I freaking LOVE that intro song! It puts a smile on my face every time. Congrats on the growth of the site and the continued quality content (say that 10 times fast). I was a little dissapointed not to see 4 ft of snow behind you this time but glad its warming up a bit. Fave all time is tough but I gotta go with the Havana VI robusto. Great size, great smoke, Pete and Pepin like cookies and milk….. Long (pause) Fucking (pause) Ashes!!!

  53. Really enjoyed the review Jerry as always! Way to trudge through the video even though you looked colder than a pair of witch’s titties ou there. I’d have to say that my most favoritist Tat, selection limited to bank account of coarse, would be the old east coast verocu that a friend gifted me a couple years back. I was special in that it was my first PJ cigar. And even though I’d been a Pepin fan up to that point, it really distiguished itself from any of the stuff I’ve had smoked from him before that point. It had a sweeter more refined tobacco finish that really won me over and held my interest down to the m.f’n knuckle.

  54. Nice review. The tube looks great, love it!
    My favorite would be Noellas Reserva, by far. The balance on that stick is exemplary, IMO.

  55. Good job jerry on the review. My favorite is the Verocu Tubo because I can smoke a great stick and my wife has something to occupy her time while I’m out ond the patio 🙂

  56. HEY JERRY,



  57. Great review jerry im looking forward to picking up one of those tubos to try it out . my favorite pete johnson cigar is the Cabaiguan

  58. Lovin’ all the Tat reviews. My fav’s from what I’ve tasted are the Noella Reserva and SW. I’ve had one Boris and loved it, but they’re hard to find. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on stoges!

  59. Hey Jerry,

    Another great review from the great torpedo. Having been a fan and having lurked for quite a while, here I am with my first post. Have to admit, I’m a huge Tatuaje whore myself. I would rate my top tatuaje sticks as:

    1) Tatuaje Cojonu 2006
    2) Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles
    3) Tatuaje Verocu Red Tubos
    4) La Riqueza

    Still lookings to get my hands on Zona Del Este, Tatuaje Black, Noella Reserva, Gran Cojonu, El Triunfador lancero and the monster series Pete comes out with each year.

    Long F**ing Ashes!!

  60. Great review! I was definitely less impressed with this release vs the 1st and would only give them a four out of five stars. Anywho, best Tat to date has been the 1st black label release, which were ridiculous. That was followed closely by the T110.

    I feel you with the snow since I am down here in NOVA, crazy f’ing snow this year. Looks like you are like me and have to smoke outside which is sad:)

  61. Great review! I agree with you on this cigar…I smoked a couple of these when they cam out and I was surprised. I love Petes cigars and I would put this one next to the Tatuaje Regio Reserve, which is another one of the best Tatuaje cigars Ive had. Im also keeping my fingers crossed because I may get the chance to meet Pete next month. Keep the great reviews coming.

  62. Jerry you are a one man riot. Love your style. My favorite was the “Frank” without question the best cigar I have ever had!!

  63. To be perfectly honest I dont have a favorite cigar as I havent had a chance to partake in these fine looking cigars. Though I must admit watching you enjoy this and smoke it makes me want to get some. Well either way, cheers!

  64. Great cigar. A bit pricey to be in my regular rotation (which is common for most Tatuaje Cigars). Jerry nailed the flavor profile. Should have known Criollo was involved. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. My new favorite Tatuaje cigar.

  65. Oh, just a follow up…i had the Black Tubo this Friday. About midway, I picked up really nice caramely, kind of nutty/creamy flavors over the kind of tame spiciness that started the stick. If that was true for the whole stick, I would’ve bought a box. But, it wasn’t. It’s a nice stick, but at $14.88 I paid for it?…not so sure.

  66. I am so disappointed; my local shop had a few boxes of these but sold out before I came back from a trip. Favorite Tat (and cigar I have ever smoked!) was the Verocu West Side. Liked the ring gauge on the West Coast version more, but I do have a East Side still waiting in the humidor, waiting for the right moment.

  67. hands down El Triunfador!!! smoke it now -if you can find it- then you will all understand. Even for those who dislike lanceros sized cigars would love this cigar.

    great review…as always

  68. Totally unremarkable, overpriced Nicaraguan. Could be anybody’s cigar if you were handed one with no wrapper.

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