Cigar Shop Review: St. Petersburg, FL – St. Pete Cigars

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Cigar Shop Review: St. Petersburg, FL – St. Pete Cigars

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Name of Shop: St. Pete Cigars
Date Visited: 01/06/2010
Street Address: 1008 58th Street North
City: St. Petersburg
State: Florida
Zip: 33710
Phone Number: 727-381-9027
Hours of Operation: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday-Saturday

Location: Average
Hidden in a small plaza with a Winn-Dixie. Very old run-down area.
Not far from a major mall (Tyrone Mall). Does not face the street or parking lot, it’s down a small alcove walkway.

Staff: Exceptional
Met the owner both times I went. Very knowledgeable and friendly guy. Asked me good questions to find out what I was looking for and made good recommendations based on that info.

Stock: Above Average
Large store, totally humidified with Cedar lined walls in same areas, but not all. A few digital hygrometers showed a good 67-70% humidity. Lots of big name selection and a few small names. Didn’t seem to have many special or limited edition products around. Prices on everything were much better than other stores in the area. Offered 10% off 10 cigars and 20% off 20 or more cigars. He did have tons of La Traviatas!

Lounge: Below Average
Nothing special, just a table outside and some chairs.

Overall Opinion: Above Average
The owner Ed, and a decent selection of cigars and prices made this one a good find. Would definitely revisit and purchase again. He was also more than willing to ship to me even though I was in Canada and would give me free shipping as long as I order at least 2 boxes, whether the same or assorted.

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