Ashton VSG (Short Ashes)

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Ashton VSG (Short Ashes)

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Several months ago, I received a very generous care package from Aaron (@BigABoyd). The package included a pair of Opus X, three Illusione Epernay, and three Ashton VSG. Over several months I slowly savored those cigars and even managed to review the Illusione Epernay just in time to qualify for my list of Top 10 Cigars of 2009.

After a great start to the day and a few hours at Kensington Tobacconist smoking cigars with @BudPA and @Shing999, I came home to find an unexpected, non-cigar related, delivery which forced me to engage in a hellish phone conversation for nearly an hour.

Stressed out and agitated, I reached into my cooler looking for a cigar that would allow me to unwind. Having spent the better part of the week fighting a cold, I wanted to smoke something that I knew I would enjoy. I wound up coming across that old package from Aaron and opted to light up my last Ashton VSG.

Just as I hoped, the cigar helped melt away the stress and I found myself enjoying the evening. While I prefer the larger sized VSG, this smaller size was a great way to spend a little more than an hour to myself.

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6 thoughts on “Ashton VSG (Short Ashes)

  1. Great Review! Welcome back, for a moment I thought you went on a Hiatus from doing video reviews. I agree with you on how this cigar could be considered medium/upper medium with newer cigars affecting the range in body of cigars. A short while back I smoked a VSG Eclipse and when I visited the local B&M they asked me how was it and I told them I was expecting more body and flavor out of it, they gave me a questionable look as if to say “seriously?” but then again it could have been the size of the cigar that affected the profile.

  2. Nice review. I have never had one of these just because i was worried about the power behind it but after this look, I may have to grab one to give a shot.


    When one of your boss’ asks you to work overtime or fill in, you say “YES SIR” and grab those brownie points LMAO

  3. I have never been a fan of the vsg. I just don’t think what you get justifies the price, and I don’t think they are strong either. I like the San Cristobal, and hear the new del Sol is yummy. Nice review!

  4. I haven’t tried these ,a guy at a local B&M reccomended these, but price was still a bit high for singles. Will have to try one soon. Thanks for the revew

  5. Nice review. I like the VSG, but have not had the smaller sizes. I also agree that it’s definitely not full-bodied, not even close. For me, it’s a first cigar of the day for sure and probably not an evening smoke either. But the flavors themselves are very good imvho and it has a nice “clean” tobacco quality to it.

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