Miura Directo De Fabrica Magnum

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Miura Directo De Fabrica Magnum

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Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Connecticut
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan and Panamanian
Source : Purchased from local store (Self Serve Beverage) for $5.99

First off I have to say, this is a big sucker!

I am going to throw out a guess as to the name, Miura being named for the Spanish fighting bull.

They have 9 sizes for these and 5 different wrapper choices. Minis (24 x 3.5), Churchill (48 x 7.0), Robusto (50 x 5.0), Torpedo (52 x 6.5), Toro (54 x 6.0), Supremo (60 x 6.5), Figurado (60 x 6.0), Salomon (60 x 7.0), and Magnum (62 x 7.0). Wrapper choices are: Nicaraguan, Brazilian Maduro, Ecuadorian, Panamanian, and the “Twisters” which are more familiarly called Barber Poles.


We have a couple hefty veins running through the cigar and a nice soft spot that seems to be between two stems right under the wrapper.

Scent coming from the wrapper is a hay and grass mixture that seems like it was in the heat for a while and started to ferment a bit. I get a more fresh cut grass smell from the foot itself.

Cutting the end and I am presented with a super free draw, just like the others I have smoked. You have to clip below the real hard end of these in order to get a good draw, but once you do, it is super free.

First Third

Starting out the Miura and I am presented with a grassy and hay taste along with a bit of spice through the sinuses.

I would say the majority of the flavor in the first third was the hay and grass mixture. I would get a tinge of spice and I noticed a small sweet taste but just can not place it.

Towards the end of this first third I started to notice a bit of a woody taste coming into the picture.

Second Third

Starting of the second third of this Miura, I am noticing a bit of the woody taste coming into play along with the hay and grass.

I will have to say this second third was pretty much like the first. It mainly went back to the grass and hay taste with a bit of sweet grass thrown in. I really do not mind the taste, but it may not be something that people will rush out and buy.

Final Third

Entering the final third of this Miura, I am getting mainly grass and hay with that sweetness thrown in, which I have named “sweet grass”. I have now chowed down on enough grass to make a definitive label for it, so that will have to do.

Ending this cigar at the nub as the bitterness and harshness took over and just made it not very enoyable.

I got the grassy and hay tastes again till the nub, so we did not have any major change ups in the flavor department.


I have to say this Miura might be a decent yard-gar or a good cigar just to smoke rather than worrying about tastes. I know the grassy and hay flavors will not appeal to everyone, so if this is you, I would avoid it.

I had no major burn problems but I did have to relight in the 2nd third and final third twice on this one. For some reason the cigar just seems to need more attention in that area but once you get past it, no more burn problems.

I got about 2 hours out of this cigar, which is less than I was hoping for. I will chalk that up to the loose draw on the cigar. I really would have been sold on these even more if it would have given me two and half hours or more.

This will not be cigar of the year or even cigar of the day but some people will probably find a place in their rotation to smoke these. I am hoping to snag some 5 packs of different sizes to see how the taste changes since I could see smoking these every couple days or so, mainly because they are very low cost.

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I am just me.

3 thoughts on “Miura Directo De Fabrica Magnum

  1. When it comes to yard sticks, I usually go maduro. Any time I have a Connecticut wrapped “bundle” smoke, it will almost always taste like hay. For me if I get a maduro of a cigar like this, at least the basic maduro flavor will mask the hay taste a little bit. But that’s just speaking in generalities, I’m sure there’s a lot of exceptions.

  2. Man hay and grass …not the flavor profile I am looking for ….Id rather smoke the La Estrella maduro you video reviewed for a cheap smoke……at 6 bucks you could get a much more appealing cigar…thanks for the review I think I will pass on this

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