Rocky Patel Signature Series – Toro

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Rocky Patel Signature Series – Toro

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Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Honduran and Nicaraguan
Source : gifted to me by a fellow BOTL

Hello again to all the cigar enthusiasts out there. I have for you today the Rocky Patel Signature Series toro.

I will point out, Rocky Patel also released a Signature Series cigar for the Tobacconists Association of America (TAA) but it has a different label. I do not know if the blend is the same or not.

Now for the Signature Series I am doing it is available in two sizes. First we have the toro (52 x 6.0) and they also have a lancero (38 x 7.0).

I have not had the opportunity to have the lancero as of yet so I will not be able to compare them for you today.

Also, if the video has any lovely music or noises in the background, my wonderful neighbors just do not have a clue how to live in a descent neighborhood.


Starting off this review of the Rocky Patel Signature Series, I have to say the wrapper is very silky feeling. I notice quite a few veins running up and down the cigar but it does not take away very much from the nice appearance of this cigar. I think the bold brown band stands out very nicely against the caramel color of the cigar itself.

I get no real odor from the wrapper or the foot of the cigar, save for maybe a slight tobacco scent. I do get a sweet tobacco taste when I do a cold draw.

First Third

Diving right in to my Rocky Patel Signature Series I get quite a combo of flavors on the initial draws. I can pick up some spice, tobacco, bit of pepper and some toasty nut flavors.

Ending this first third I am getting a super heavy dry roasted nut taste in my mouth with a tiny bit of spice and pepper. It is really just sucking the moisture right out of my mouth. I don’t mind the taste, I just do not care for how dry it makes my mouth feel.

Second Third

Off and running into the second third of this Rocky Patel Signature Series toro and everything is going smoothly. I have had no burn problems and the ash holds for about 3/4 of an inch to an inch.

In this second third we continued with the dry roasted nut flavor but it wasn’t as dry as the first third. I know that sounds weird but it did not dry out my mouth as much in this third as the previous. I was still getting the spice and the pepper in the background. Still was very subtle though.

Final Third

Here we are at the end of this Rocky Patel Signature Series toro. I have been getting more of the pepper taste along with the roasted nut now but the roasted nut is still the predominate flavor for me. I will say there is a bit of spice in the background, but it is really not very noticeable with how the pepper kicked up a notch.

As you can see in the video, I had a bit of a split problem in this final third.


Wrapping up the Rocky Patel Signature Series toro, I have to say I enjoyed this cigar. I think at the $5 a stick price by the box, it is a really nice cigar. I will admit though, at $7.50 or higher, I don’t know if I would pick them up.

Burn was great, construction was great until the last third. I had one heck of a split develop in the final third so I put the cigar to bed a bit earlier than I normally would. I won’t say it is a massive negative, since it was at the end of the cigar anyway. If it would have happened in the first or second third, I would have been a little upset. With the four I smoked, this is the only one that had that crack at the end.

If you like mild to low medium cigars, I would say to snag some to try as I don’t think you would be too disappointed. If you smoke stronger cigars this might be something that would be good with a morning cup of coffee or if you just want to give your palette a little breather.

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5 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Signature Series – Toro

  1. I smoked the TAA Signature about a year ago and was thoroughly unimpressed. Medium-bodied, fairly un-complex, not memorable at all…therefore, I’ve never repeated the buying experience. I can’t tell you if it’s the same blend as what you had, but the wrapper color was similar. At $7.50 a stick…not worth the time or effort.

  2. Great review! I’ve loved these since I had my first in the Summer of ’08. Great mild-medium stick. Creamy with lots of cedar and other nice flavors (you’re better at the descriptions than I am, lol). People can say what they want about Rocky Patel, but he still makes some great cigars for the price!

  3. This is basically the same cigar as the RP Connecticut and the RP American Market Selection. A flavorful and consistent mild-medium smoke, and are best early AM with a nice cup of coffee. Hard to beat these as a cheap everyday morning smoke.

  4. ^I’ve gotta disagree there. I like the RP Connecticut too, but the flavors on the Signature are very different. Both are creamy, but the RP Connecticut is basically the standard Connie w/cream and butter. The RP Sig has a lot of wood (cedar) and some mild spices as well–not nearly as run-of-the-mill.

    But hey, that’s me. YMMV

  5. My guess is most so-called “vintage” brands are blowing
    smoke where the sun doesn’t shine. However, one sip of a Patel
    Signature Series maduro will tell you these cigars are “the real

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