Man O’War Virtue

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Man O’War Virtue

Man O War Virtue

Dude! Where have you people been? I’ve been posting review after review and no one has been watching them, WTF? LOL…ok ok so it was I that have been absent for awhile. I don’t want to bore you with either a long or short story so…I’m fucking back with a review of the Man O’War Virtue. Like the rest of the Man O’War series they are only available through International.

Available in a number of sizes the Man O’War Virtue is the lightest of all the Man O’Wars. Switching out some of its famous ligero for a blend that contains more seco and viso leaves.

Video runs close to 12 minutes and a long with my review of the Man O’War Virtue I also talk about some other things like why none of us were invited to the Dominican Republic like some of the other blogs and I do more finger pointing at the end. LOL.


32 thoughts on “Man O’War Virtue

  1. Hi Jerry,
    Man…seeing you gorgeous face again is like the warm Sun breaking through the clouds after 40 long, cold dark days of rain.

  2. YES!! The review just wouldn’t be the same without the infamous ending. Welcome back, your presence was missed.

  3. Jerry,
    While it sounded like a good cigar, I often struggle to spend upwards of $8.00 for a mild to medium bodied cigar. I’m not sure why, but it seems like the more flavor the cigar produces, the more willing I am to pony up the cash.

    I think the popularity of the Man O War line is steadily increasing. I picked up a Ruination a couple of weeks ago from a local shop. I’m not well versed with the line but it was a Torpedo and ran me right around $7.50. I’m not sure if the shop just felt as though they had to have them and bought from CI / or if CI / is extending the line to be more than their house blend.

    Excellent review, as always. Welcome back

    1. go to” cigar place”..killer prices on the virtue man of war…what a great cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Welcome back!

    I really want to give these a try. I should have picked up a sampler at CigarFest but tried to save money so the wife would be happy 🙂 Stick sounds like it would be right up my alley!


  5. Welcome back Jerry! You have been missed. Enjoyed the review, thought your musings were right on target. I’ve only had one, but I could definitely see this baby as a regular in my early afternoon lineup.

    LFA back at ya,


  6. Great to see you back in the game!

    I have smoked a few of these (robusto) and must say I really like them during the day also. However the other night I had one as a night cap after a bunch of other cigars, and it was so smooth and soothing…. I can only imagine what will happen to these in a few months or a year…. Love ’em. Keep pointing!

  7. Nice review Jerry and Welcome Back!!
    Thanks for commenting on the flavor differences and smoking characteristics between the ring gauges, good points to remember.

  8. It’s about time your fucking back Jerry. Getting injured is no excuse to leave us alone with the 3 stooges.
    JUST KIDDING GUYS! It’s good to see you back Jerry.
    Nice review BTW. This sounds like a must try morning stick. I like the rest of the Man O War line so this should fit quite well when looking for a little milder Man O War smoke.
    Thanks for the review and again, welcome back!

  9. Nice review. I smoked one of these yesterday in the Torpedo size. Not bad…but honestly, $10 is way too much money to pay for a cigar that is just “not bad,” especially when there are so many alternatives out there (Camaco Connecticut, Oliva Connecticut and CAO Gold Vintage come immediately to mind) that are similar in body, far better in flavor, and less in price. I predict that in a year, you’ll be able to pick these up at a bargain price of $3 to 5 from CI.

  10. Great review Jerry. I love the Man ‘O War line s I’ll be giving these a try soon. Thanks for the review and good to have you back in the game. Take care.

  11. Good to see you back man on the tube again. I love Man O War cigars. I have been smoked boxes of the Ruination and regular strength. I am waiting for a good deal on the Virtue so that I can try out.

  12. hahahahah, another classic. The end was awesome!!!!!!!! Long fuckin ashes LOL!!!! I feel bad for those that miss the comments and don’t know why that cracks me up so much.

    I love the MOW line and I’ll take your advice and go for the smaller ring guages on this cigar. Not sure it will take two hands but I’m afraid to say that two fingers is probably good enough 🙁

  13. Jerry glad to see your back, looks like a.j is starting to appeal a more milder cigar to those with a different palet. Awesome review as always keep them coming.

  14. Glad to see you back. Another good cigar from AJ, huh? Big surprise, that guy makes some great cigars. Looking forward to my Virtue Lonsdale 5 Pack…Thanks for another great review.

  15. I’m very offended that you were pointing at me like that.. what gives you the right!? Just kidding. 🙂 Welcome back Jerry, good review. I smoked a couple of these from cigarfest and I loved them. Very creamy and slight pepper undertones. I’m starting to enjoy more medium bodied cigars lately as opposed to full bodied. Maybe I’m just getting old. Keep the reviews comin!

  16. Welcome back, Jerry! Great review – I definitely consider the Man O’ War Ruination one of my favorite cigars. I like your idea of doing a MOW flight – definitely will do that.


  17. OMG! my daddy is back… LMAO… I missed the jerrymister…. I don’t know how much more of this Mike guy I can take…. Wepa… Nice review…. Stay Cool!!!!

  18. Awesome review. Stick it to the man at the end. NICE! In this flavor profile I really love the Arturo Fuente Chateue De La Fuente in the connecticut wrapper. You should try a review on one of those puppies. Cheaper than the man o’ war too which is allways a plus these days

  19. You pointin’ at me? I said, are you pointing at me? Nice to see the comment king back. LOL

    I love the lonsdale vitola, and I’m happy to hear they’re making it. It’s not an easy size to find these days. I’ve been smoking through a fiver of the toro, and while I like it, it’s not knocking my socks off, as Walt would say. I think the smaller ring gauge might help with that. Time to go lurk on CBid and wait for them to appear.

  20. I agree with VicDamone! Mike’s voice puts me to sleep! Keep the pointing Jerry, but go back to just saying “Long Ashes”. Or better yet, bleep out the F word at the end. Thanks.

  21. Havent seen these in my local shop yet but they do cary the regular man o war line which have been good. So I ordered some on line understanding these are milder. dont have any complaints very good cigar.

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