Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Lancero (Short Ashes)

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Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Lancero (Short Ashes)

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Last weekend I found myself with some spare time, which is getting harder and harder to come by with the baby so near, and wanted to use it wisely. Knowing that I was going to be in the vicinity of a cigar shop, I got in touch with a couple of people to hang out at Sir Stogies.

I was the first to arrive at the shop and took my good old time wandering around the humidor trying to sniff out any new items. One of the items I found, although not new, was the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro in a Lancero vitola, I’m not much of a Rocky Patel smoker but I couldn’t pass up the “Discontinued Special” of $5.00 per stick. I picked up two and added them to my other selections.

It was a pleasure to sit down and hang out with @BudPA, @OlivaDave, and @CigarCraig ( I hope to do it again in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Lancero (Short Ashes)

  1. Your review almost exactly reflects my experience with this cigar which came from the same box on the same day. As you know, mine also didn’t want to stay lit, I believe I owe you some butane! I don’t think I’ve had an Old World Reserve maduro before, and only had a natural robusto once back around 2004 which I enjoyed. Like you, nothing from RP really wows me since the old days of Indian Tabak, and the dizzying product line just confuses the heck out of me. But it was a nice cigar at the right price that was made better by good company. I’m a sucker for Lanceros too…

  2. Thanks for the review! I agree with you that the stick you smoked for this was probably a little too wet–in my experience lanceros need to be dry if anything, or else they either have tight draws or don’t burn.

    I split a box of these on special as well, haven’t smoked one yet but I am a fan of the OWR Maduro and lanceros in general, so I’m sure I’ll like it.

  3. Dude whats your beef with Rocky huh? You are simply a wannabe cigar czar that does pointless boring reviews from your living room. Watch what you say if you are not sure they are true. You accuse Rocky of dying his maduro leaves?To what advantage is that? Any type of leaf will leave a stain if you wipe it on something. A maple,elm,oak,what have you. Next fall take a handfull of leaves that fall from your trees, make sure they are the brown ones and wipe them across a clean tshirt. It will leave a mark. Are those leaves dyed?I personally think you are jealous of Rocky and wish you were him. Did Rocky sleep with your wife or something? Get over it you hack and enjoy some RP cigars.

  4. I just want to state that I am jealous of El Tigre’s most likely AWESOME collection of RP cigars. I wonder if the inside of his Thomspon 50 count Humidor has naturally occuring maduro stains in it…

  5. I dont normally comment on blogs, but your post, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Lancero (Short Ashes) | The … , was well written and made me want to read more of your work. Well done and keep it up.

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