Five More Questions

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Five More Questions

Thanks to everyone for their comment love on my first five questions. The e-mails started rolling in and so here are five more questions.

This time around the focus has to do with storage and humidification questions. Do machine made cigars need humidification? What the fuck did I do to my Cigar Oasis Ultra? Which hygrometer is right? Where do I place my humidification device? And my personal favorite; why can’t I use plain tap water?

Enjoy and keep sending me questions…I like pretending I know what I’m talking about.


9 thoughts on “Five More Questions

  1. Awesome job man!

    I have a cigar oasis also and it is always different from my hygrometer, so I pretty much gave up and just rely on the cigar oasis ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For the water question – DUDE distilled water is cheap, buy some ๐Ÿ˜‰ Locally I can get a gallon for 50cents.

    clap in a hooker bar in Thailand – wow, reading your mind would be disturbing LMAO

  2. I’ve learned the hard way not to put my humidification device into my humidor dripping wet. Now, I tip it to drain any excess water to drip out, and then blot it dry on the outside. I usually put them in various locations throughout my big humidor, to spread the effect more evenly. I also never put my humidification devices directly up against the side walls (again, learned the hard way that that traps moisture in the cedar, and can cause mold).

  3. Good job again Jerry.

    First, a sixth question:

    Is that a larger size Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary? (Sixty Box Press? Double Corona?)…or is this another optical illusion created by your miniature mitts?

    On the other questions:

    -Jerry is dead on about the Boveda pack for travel humidors. Some manufacturers send Boveda in their cigar boxes (CAO, Fuente, Torano). Retailers will sometimes give you these for free if you ask for them with a purchase.

    -I generally keep my cigars at 65% humidity (Boveda Humidipak dials it in). Being a little dry, the thicker wrapper leaf cigars I prefer seem to burn better (eg. Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Martillo).

    -Also, Boveda makes a great Humidor Seasoning Pack….best solution for seasoning a new humidor or one that hasnt been used in awhile.

    -Boveda also makes a great tool for calibrating hygrometers

    -Did I make my point about Boveda (TBOTLCH Sponsor!) =)

    -Last point, I dont use a hygrometer. Period. First, the Boveda is automatic. Second, the nose, ears and eyes are the best detector of whether your cigars are properly stored or not.


  4. I have no questions at the moment, but wanted to stop by and say I enjoy these Q&A sessions. So far all of your answers seem to be spot on. Hope to see Walt and the boys join you one day soon.

  5. My first humidifier experience was as everyone suggests – let it drain on a paper towel, then affix to the underside of the humidor, then the doublestick tape parted ways with the magnet/plate and dropped onto the unsuspecting cigars below. This happened with the 2nd humidor I bought as well (first one was a little small for comfort). After this I fully agree with Skip’s Boveda endorsement. They aren’t that expensive and they really work well.

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