Perdomo Cuban Bullet Version 2.0

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Perdomo Cuban Bullet Version 2.0

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Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Ecuadorian
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : bought at local shop

Note – sorry for the video and audio quality. Been talking with Kodak about my camcorder and trying to get a lapel mic to try on it also. Hopefully it will be good to go for my next review. This was done on my computer with my webcam.

I have for you today, another low cost cigar from Perdomo called the Cuban Bullet Version 2.0. As for the Version 2.0 part, the original Cuban Bullet was released back in 1998 and used long and short fillers in it, while this revamped 2.0 version just uses long filler.

These are available in four sizes, Churchill (7 x 50), Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), and a Torpedo (5 3/4 x 54). MSRP ranges from $3.25 through $3.99 per stick.

These cigars are also available in three wrapper choices with three different colored bands to denote the wrapper choice.


Checking out my Perdomo Cuban Bullet Version 2.0 and i love how silky the wrapper feels. I notice a few veins but nothing that really stands out.

Doing the sniffing test and I notice a slight hay scent from the wrapper along with a natural tobacco scent from the wrapper and the foot.

First Half

Lighting up this Perdomo Cuban Bullet Version 2.0 went smoothly and the first thing I notice is a grassy taste that is super mild.

Rounding out the first half and I have to say it is nothing that will blow your socks off. I was getting the grassy and hay taste most of the way but towards the end of the first half everything went towards the natural tobacco taste. Smoke was really creamy but started getting a bit rough on the back of my throat at the end of the first half. I hope it goes back to being creamy for the rest of the cigar as that was a very nice taste.

Second Half

As I enter the second half of this Perdomo Cuban Bullet Version 2.0 I am getting back to the creamy smoke I enjoyed in the beginning. I also note a bit of spice creeping in which may have caused the roughness on my throat in the first half.

Rounding out this last half I got more of the spice but most of the flavor dropped off and just gave me a natural tobacco taste.

Body rose a little but I would say it was no more than a low medium.


All said and done with my Perdomo Cuban Bullet Version 2.0 I have to say I would smoke them again. I think it is a great cigar when you just want something to smoke without paying attention to it. Most of the lower cost cigars fall into this category but this one has that very nice creaminess to go along with it that makes it a nice smoke.

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3 thoughts on “Perdomo Cuban Bullet Version 2.0

  1. I was also pleasantly surprised at a recent event they were giving these away for buying Perdomo sticks. I bought two boxes that day so I got four of these, one was pretty unpleasant but the other three were quite good, good enough I’ll intentionally buy a few some time. Perdomo has been my absolute favorite line for a year or so, which makes up about one third of my cigar experience, so take any advice I give with that knowledge. Lot 23 was what I bought most of but I really like Champagne, Golf, Patriarch, heck I even like Nick’s Sticks. Pretty much the only cigar I’ve given my last chance to was Onyx. Those things are charcoal.

  2. The is a good value stick in my opinion. My only complaint with your review is sometimes your audio would slow. It sounded like the devil, which scared me.

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