La Aurora 107 Corona (First Impressions)

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La Aurora 107 Corona (First Impressions)

La Aurora 107 Corona - 1

Several months before IPCPR, La Aurora announced the release of a line to commemorate their 107th Anniversary. That cigar was the La Aurora 107. As the trade show grew closer, popularity of the line grew and talks of a Corona vitola began to circulate. Upon its release, the La Aurora 107 Corona exploded on Twitter.

Due to its popularity, the corona was difficult to come by and it appeared as though I would never see it in my area. To my surprise, I found a few during my last trip to Sir Stogies. I picked up two, smoked one during a football party, and waited a few days until I had time to focus on my second cigar. That second cigar is featured in the video below.

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7 thoughts on “La Aurora 107 Corona (First Impressions)

  1. nice review. I doubt I will ever find these locally, although I could be surprised one day. I know the lancero will never be around.

    I may have to take a drive one day to pick a couple of these up to try them.

  2. walt i am not sure how far you live from harrisburg but there is a shop i go to named the tobacco company which has the lancero and corona and alot of other sticks that have been hard to find. there adress is 829 state street lemoyne pa one of if not the the best shop i have ever gone to

    1. Ben,
      Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve heard of The Tobacco Company but have never visited. The shop is probably about an hour away from me.

  3. Caramelized onions? Perhaps brown sugar?

    Because of this and previous reviews on this site, a favourable review on Nice Tight Ash, and hearing a friend enjoyed a different Aurora cigar, I definitely want to try the 107 (preferably bigger than a corona, though … just personal taste).


    1. Stefan,
      I’ve had the Robusto and Toro, and both of them were tasty. Of the two I think I prefer the Toro over the Robusto, but so far the Corona has been my favorite.

  4. Hey Walt,Nice review. I been trying to find these for a while and can’t find them.What local shop,can you e mail it to me,im a local guy and want to try them befor I buy a box,Thanks

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