Nestor Miranda 2010 Danno – Buckhead Blend (First Impressions)

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Nestor Miranda 2010 Danno – Buckhead Blend (First Impressions)

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A couple fo weeks ago I was on he lookout for a box of CAO La Traviata Maduro. Not being able to get my hands on them locally, I decided to get in touch with Mike from Buckhead Cigar Store in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to hang out with Mike and burn a few cigars during the last two IPCPR conventions in New Orleans and thought a purchase from his establishment was long overdue.

Along with my box purchase, Mike sent me a couple of his house cigars to try. One of those cigars was the 2010 Danno from Nestor Miranda. I had mixed feelings lighting up the Danno, mainly due to the sheer size of the cigar and the time it commanded, but I was pleasantly surprised. The medium bodied 2010 Danno smoked wonderfully and paired very well with a morning cup of coffee.

After the video I got in touch with Mike to get some information on stick. I’m told that Buckhead Cigar Store is expected to have roughly three-hundred twenty count boxes around the end of October, beginning of November. MSRP on a single stick is $9.50. If you would like to get your hands on these cigars, you can reach out to Mike on Twitter or give him a call at 404-844-0400.

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  1. Sounds good Walt, I don’t think I’ll ever get to try one but sounds uite Nestor Mirandaish. I also almost always enjoy my NMs with a good cup of coffee. I found that the special selection went damn good with coffee regardless of the smoke size, although the Robusto complemented it the best. I see that you said t took about 2+ hours to smoke, is it relatable to a Presidente, you never actually indicated the size just that it took some time to burn through.

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