Tatuaje Verocu 5

12 thoughts on “Tatuaje Verocu 5

  1. nice Jerry! and if you have more than an hour smoke 2!

    Have you had the new tat black yet? I think the blend is the same just without the tubos.

  2. Yeah I agree Jerry, for a $4.50 a stick, these are some of the best cigars in that price range. Quick and easy and super tasty. I like these better than the other petites that Tatuaje makes.

  3. Jerry, you spoke of people in a “Face” kick right now, but I’m curious, any interest in reviewing the “Drac” in the near future?

    Keep up the great work Don Cruzado

  4. JC – totally agree with you. I honestly believe it’s the best $5/under cigar I have ever smoked. Period. Tastes nothing like a “5-hour energy drink,” though….lol

    PS – You’re a tatuaje-whore. But I luv ya.

  5. Jerry, how would you compare these with the original El Triunfadores that are no longer produced. Also do you think or know if they will ever be produced again.

    Love you reviews as always.

  6. Great review Jerry. The finger pointing at the end is truly rising to epic levels of awesomeness in an attempt to be equal to the trademark song at the beginning.

    To add to the CAO cigars that are not so special would be the Black. But the VR more then makes up for it. The VR is great.

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