Perdomo Lot 23

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Perdomo Lot 23

It’s been sometime since we’ve visited the Perdomo Lot 23. With two new sizes (Gordito and Punta Gorda) being released at IPCPR this year, I figured it was time to revisit the blend but in the new Gordito size.

Video review runs around 8 minutes. The bad news is I’m not a fan of big ring gauge cigars. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago the Perdomo Lot 23 Gordito size would’ve been exciting but the size just doesn’t work in 2011. The good news is that the Perdomo Lot 23 lines (Natural and Maduro) are possibly one of the most underrated cigar lines out there. The creamy, toasty and woodsy flavor profile are easy and enjoyable for both the seasoned veterans and the beginners out there. Add to it the wallet friendly price of the Perdomo Lot 23 and you have a winning combination.

My challenge to Perdomo is to step into the now and lets see how the Lot 23 blend performs in a smaller ring gauge format like a Lonsdale or Corona Extra.


10 thoughts on “Perdomo Lot 23

  1. Good review Jerry. Have to agree, the large ring gauges aren’t my cup of tea. Heck, I’ve never even smoked a Nub. So probably won’t start on that ring gauge size now. However, that being said, I do like the Lot 23.

  2. Great review Jerry. I had both the natural and maduro in the Gordito and Punta Gorda sizes. I prefer the Punta Gorda (torpedo/belicoso?) because it’s shape makes it easier to smoke. The gordito it’s Ok, but it can be a jawbreaker. Regarding flavor I enjoy the maduro and the natural. I’ve not tried the Connecticut yet. Keep on smoking.

  3. A good option when you have a large ring gauge cigar, punch it. That way you don’t have to put the entire end in your mouth. I’m not a huge fan of big rings either but this will help with the comfort issues you are talking about

  4. I have’t smoked these sizes yet, but I really like their toro in the natural. I think it is an underrated cigar. Lots of flavor in the medium bodied/strength range. Thanks for another nice review!

  5. Yes! Thank you J’Cruz! I rarely want to go above a 46 ring gauge and am flummoxed by the ramping up in ring gauges. I barely check CI’s specials anymore. Great work as usual.

  6. I don’t know if I’m too rookie of a cigar smoker but every single time I give this cigar a try it’s plugged and the draw is ridiculous tight. I’ve given up! I’ve tried 6-8 of these and no go!

  7. I’m relatively new and I wasn’t sure about larger ring gauges, but I picked up and effortlessly smoked the the avO Heritage short Robusto without being aware of the the fact that it was a 56. The comfortable handling surprised me. Before I tried the 56 avO, cigars seemed relatively devoid of flavors and I wonder if the larger amount of filler had some effect on the result. I tried a smaller ring Avo and it lacked what I enjoyed with the 56 avO.

    With this new realisation, I revisited the Perdomo brand in search of a fat, affordable cigar that I could enjoy regularly. I ordered a Lot 23 5-pack in the size you’ve reviewed here. In reviews, no one has had anything truly bad to say about it. I’m looking forward to smoking these cigars. Thanks for the extra assurance, Stogie Review.

  8. Love the Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto. Very much a great everyday mild cigar with nice flavor. I’m not keen on larger ring gauges but I am still interested in this vitola.

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