Man O’War Armada

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Man O’War Armada

And the Man O’War Series adds another cigar to its stable. The newest addition crafted by AJ Fernandez is the Man O’War Armada. The Armada sports a limited ligero Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro wrapper, ligero filler from the Esteli and Ometepe regions of Nicaragua and to make sure everything burns a viso Jalapa binder. You don’t have to look much further than the latest catalog to see the beautiful humidor and eye opening price tag for the Armada.

Video runs around 12:30 minutes long and as my good friend Barry from would say; I was blown away by the Man O’War Armada. And I’m not just talking about the strength of the Armada. The robust and complex flavor profile stays perfectly in step with the strength of the Armada. Its not just all strength and power but a cigar thats balanced and is just plain ole fucking delicious! Enjoy.


18 thoughts on “Man O’War Armada

  1. This cigar sounds Awesome, but I’m not sure my palette will be ready for it. It’s a good excuse to buy several christmas samplers! Keep up the great reviews!

  2. Hi Jerry,

    You should be a salesman or something…everytime you enjoy a cigar it really shows and makes me want to try it. Good stuff.


  3. Tempted to order that holiday sampler from, especially since I haven’t had any of the sticks included. Might be my Xmas gift to myself, lol. Nice review!

  4. This sounds like a must try. Your review is good enough for me, I’m gonna get some.
    I agree with your opinion about the Cain. I just don’t get why it is so popular. I prefer a balance of power and flavor, and this sounds like it may fit the bill. the Cain, meh, take it or leave it.

  5. I just had yet another Man O’ War two days ago and enjoyed every minute that I was allowed to bask in its full bodied/full flavored glory. I will be getting the Armada for sure; I gotta tell ya with the Ave Maria and now the Armada AJ is one badass right now in the cigar world. Although I did still appreciate the Cains that I have tried so far, but I don’t think they compare to The quality of a good Man O’ War, I’ll know for sure when I light up the Armada.

  6. The ruination is my all time fave so I can’t wait to smoke one of these bad boys. I agree with tom on the Cain. It’s hands down the most overrated stick out there and I’m a big oliva fan. Thanks for this one jerry. I too will be jumping on that ccom sampler.

  7. Thanks for doing this review, I’ve been curious about this ever since I heard about it. Better than the Ruination? Wow. I love the Ruination, so I’d love to get ahold of one of these too!

  8. I just had one of these last week. I didnt get the power that you got, I actually thought it was really smooth. Lots of cream and a bit of pepper. I dont think its worth the price tag and it kind of reminded me of the man o war special edition. Dont get me wrong, good smoke, but not worth the 20 bucks.

  9. Love the review as always Jerry. I too bit on that sampler but I was fortunate enough to grab a few of them sans travel humi for $45…… Too good to pass up at that price for these 5 beauties. Thanks again for the great reviews. Maybe you can do a contest with your full stock of 5 ct travels….. btw Love the aggressive finger pointing at the end! 🙂

  10. hah, how did I miss this video? I must have been comatose. Anyway, AJ rules. Love to try one of these bad boys.

  11. This is an amazing smoke and if you call and jew with em a bit they’ll give em to ya for 12 bucks a piece.

    1. Wes,

      FYI, the phrase “jew with em a bit” is highly offensive and completely called for. Let’s try to not offend our fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf. Our vocabularies as cigar smokers is much more vast than your comment implies. Try using a different phrase next time.

      1. Wow…I happened to scroll down and view your PC, ultra-everyone-pleasing, pandering defense comment. Although it’s a little over 4 years old, I figured I’d chime in.

        Offense is a choice. Offense exists in the eyes of the offended only. Most Jews wouldn’t be offended by someone saying, “Jew with them a bit,” and I can guarantee you this – they sure as shit don’t need you standing up for them. And before you go talking about how “vocabularies…is much more vast”, you might want to check on yours.

        I sincerely hope you haven’t keeled over sometime within the last 4 years due to your obvious need to jump out in front of the possibly offensive nature of a bunch of words, undoubtedly increasing your blood pressure and placing strain on that less-than-stellar thought-orb of yours. If you’re still around, I hope you read my comment and realize that your pandering, shit-gulping comment is far more offensive than someone exercising their right to say “jew with em a bit.” We’re all adults here. Words are words. Get over them. If you can’t get over them, then feel free to cry to mommy every time someone says something you don’t like. Bitch.

        1. You obviously don’t care about how what you say affects other people. You’d rather just say what you want, and then blame everyone else for being too sensitive when they take issue with it. You seem rather angry about defending that. Seems rather childish to me. =) It has nothing to do with everyone else being too sensitive (or choosing to be offended, what a bunch of rubbish), and everything to do with you being ignorant. Using slurs and telling jokes at the EXPENSE of somebody elses race just isn’t funny, period. Using “Jew” like you did IS offensive because its based off the sterotype of Jews being money grubbing and greedy. I wouldn’t be surprised if you think African American slurs aren’t racist, either. And yeah, I’m Jewish. Your ignorance offends me. You don’t get to decide that. I do. Blast is right, you could do with learning to become a better example of the cigar community and humanity in general. Peace. <3

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