Tatuaje Anarchy

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Tatuaje Anarchy

It doesn’t matter who was first to review the Tatuaje Anarchy, all that matters is who does it best (thats what she said). I’m sure by now you’ve seen plenty of reviews of the Tatuaje Anarchy from a bunch of other cigar sites and forums out there. The details are no longer a mystery so I won’t rehash the backstory here and will let the cigar speak for itself.

Video runs a bit over 10 minutes and I have to say that the Tatuaje Anarchy is a flawless cigar. So much that I took the time to make sure the video was also available in HD. Great construction with a consistent, rich and exotic flavor profile. Its always hard to review a flawless cigar; you run out of praises for it. The best I can do is award the Tatuaje Anarchy the Great Torpedo Golden Seal of Approval. Enough said.


11 thoughts on “Tatuaje Anarchy

  1. Sounds like a great stick…. Now where can I get these……..? Hahahahahaha….. I guess I will need to invest in a fiver at least….

  2. Jerry,
    Great review, i’m excited to try these if I can get my hands on one.
    Its nice to see a stick get the golden seal of approval!
    long ashes buddy 🙂

  3. Great review Jerry, We all wanted a box of the Tatuaje Anarchy. I want a sample pack of the Tutuaje Anarchy before I buy a $150 box too. Why did they gave out a half price cigar coupon on his website?

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