Nick’s Sticks Maduro – Churchill

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Nick’s Sticks Maduro – Churchill

Nicks Sticks Maduro - main.jpg

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Maduro
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : local store with my wife’s money


Welcome to this week’s review of the Nick’s Sticks Maduro churchill. This cigar has some fun history and you should head over to Perdomo’s website to take a gander.

Looking over this cigar I see a mostly rustic appearance with a couple bumps all around and a few veins. For some reason it just looks like a nice cigar. Even though this cigar is a maduro, it is not a real dark color and I am actually glad they did not try to make it darker by using dye. Note for all manufacturers, dye is not fun.

Taking a whiff of the stick and the wrapper doesn’t give me much of anything but a natural tobacco scent, while the foot gives a faint dark chocolate smell.

Clipped the cigar and was presented with a very nice loose draw.

Out comes the flame.


Upon lighting my Nick’s Sticks Maduro I was presented with a tobacco taste and a slight chocolate taste in the background. Upon sending the smoke through my sinus’ I found the cigar had a spicy component to it but right now it is not very strong.

Going through the cigar I would pick up some nice sweetness here and there but it always seemed to get overpowered by the spice and bitterness from the chocolate taste.

I think this Nick’s Sticks Maduro stayed pretty consistent throughout while gaining in the spice, body and harshness towards the end.


Concluding this Nick’s Sticks Maduro review, I have to say this was not one of my favorites. I may keep some around for those days when I want a spicy stick while snowblowing or doing work around the house but they just do not fall into my normal smoking category.

I do think you should give them a try because for the price point, you will not lose a lot of money just giving them a chance. You may like them more than I did.

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12 thoughts on “Nick’s Sticks Maduro – Churchill

  1. Mike I enjoyed the short review. I’ve had three of the nick sticks and have to say they were ok for the price point but not a wow stick. Keep up the great work and love the Christmas music lol.

  2. Like many people, I think these are decent and meet their price point. I find myself smoking one from time to time. Their simple flavor profile is decent for when you just want to enjoy a cigar and not spend a lot of money.
    As always, good review!

  3. Thanks for the review Mike. BTW…I need to get me one of those comfy chairs. Think I’ll pass on the Nicks Stick.

  4. great review mike. kinda new to this site– like that you take a look at some of the “budget” cigars and lesser-known ones. your reviews crack me up, too– like how you improvise. keep em coming

  5. I had smoked one of these in the Sun grown wrapper, and it really hit the spot. Like you said, nothing extraordinary, but just enough. I’ll definitely be picking more of these up.

  6. Got a box o these in today. I’m about 3/4 of the way through my 1st one right now. The very begining where harsh. It quickly mellowed out. The draw and burn are very good. Not much complexity. A nice Maduro flavor with a liitle bit of a chocolate under-tone. Overall not bad for the price. I’ll smokethese around the house but won’t be taking them over to my friends to share.

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