Nat Sherman Suave – Rockefeller

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Nat Sherman Suave – Rockefeller

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Wrapper : Connecticut shade
Binder : Dominican
Filler : Dominican
Source : bought at local shop

Today I have for you the Nat Sherman Suave in the Rockefeller size. This cigar is available in five sizes, Rockefeller (7 1/2 x 50), Roosevelt (6 x 52 torpedo), Harriman (6 x 50), La Guardia (5 1/2 x 43), and the Dewitt Clinton (4 1/2 x 50). I picked the Rockefeller size just because that was the only size my local shop had.


Sniffing the wrapper on this Nat Sherman Suave and i get a mostly grassy-hay scent, which is the same as I get from the foot. On the pre-light draw I get a sweet woody taste in my mouth along with a natural tobacco.

I had a bit of trouble with the cap. for some reason it seemed to be very thick or almost padded at the very end. I had a nice chunk come out but am hoping it will not cause any problems. If it does, I will grab the last one I have and use it for the review.

First Third

Starting off this Nat Sherman Suave and I was surprised by the bit of pepper and spice at the beginning. It was not a lot but just enough to make you take notice that this might not be a standard Connecticut shade cigar.

Most of the taste at the beginning has been the sweet woodyness and the pepper and spice.

Coming to the end of the first third and I am noticing the sweet woody taste has changed to a citrus woody taste. Almost like an applewood you would use to smoke a piece of meat with. I am still getting the light pepper and spice along with a slight hint of the natural tobacco flavor.

I do want to note that right after lighting I heard some loud cracking and as ou can see in the video, the wrapper did crack quite a bit. I did not have this on other ones I have smoked and it seems the binder is still intact because I can draw smoke through the cigar without problem. I will keep an eye on this as I get further along and hope it does not get worse.

When I first smoked this cigar it really surprised me with the flavor it had right here in the beginning for a lower cost cigar. Let’s hope it continues through the rest of it this same way

Second Third

Steaming into the second third of this Nat Sherman Suave and so far the wrapper crack has stayed put and has not expanded *crosses fingers*.

I was impressed in this second third about how that cracked area did. I had zero problems with it, never had to touch up or anything, it just burnt right through it. Hats off to Nat Sherman for that one, it impressed me.

Flavor wise I am getting mostly the same flavors except maybe a slight increase in the spice and pepper. I also notice the woody taste seems to be leaning more towards a leathery taste right now but it is not consistently woody or leathery so I am hoping in the final third I can pinpoint that for you.

Final Third

Surging into the final third of the Nat Sherman Suave and so far, I am enjoying this cigar quite a bit. Let’s hope it continues this way to the nub.

Rounding out this final third and the woody taste became predominate again and that leathery bit went away. i also lost the citrusy taste I was getting and the spice ramped up a bit but the pepper seemed to stay the same the whole way through.


What more can I say about this Nat Sherman Suave other than it really impressed me for the price. I will buy more and if they have a box at my local shop I will probably pick it up next time I am there.

If you like a mild to medium cigar that has a nice spice and pepper component to it, I think you will enjoy this cigar.

I still want to try one with a cup of coffee as I think the coffee might really bring out some more flavor in the cigar than drinking with water or tea.

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8 thoughts on “Nat Sherman Suave – Rockefeller

  1. Great review Mike. I’ve been curious about these for a while and now that I’ve seen your review I’m going to get me a few. Keep the reviews coming and keep on smoking.

  2. Great job Mike, I’m a big fan of Nat Sherman. Not the most amazing cigars by any means, but for what your paying, you get a real nice cigar that you can smoke every day and not break the bank doing so.

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