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Wrapper : Cameroon
Filler : Dominican
Source : with my own money

I am starting off another series review for your enjoyment. This time it is going to be the house blends. All of these will be in the robusto size (5 x 50).

First one is going to be the Cameroon Label.


Checking out the Cameroon Label and the cigar feels a little hard but not too awful bad. On the other ones the cigar felt a little soft so we will see if this effects anything. Scent coming from the wrapper is a slight sweetness and tobacco and the foot really is not giving anything off of it other than maybe a tobacco scent.

Clipped the cap and was met with a draw that was tighter than the other ones I have smoked so far but hopefully it will not be problematic.

Lit up with no problems at all and off we go.

First Half

Entering the first half of this Cameroon Label house blend and the main taste up front is a very earthy taste with a slight hint of sweetness (I imagine from the cameroon wrapper) and a slight spice.

Smoke volume is nice and even though the draw is tighter than I normally like, it seems to be smoking well.

Very dry and earthy.

That line above describes the entire first half almost completely. I also got a bit more of the sweetness and the spice picked up just a little, especially on the retrohale.

Really not much else to say. Oh, it is a mild smoke at this point.

Second Half

Heading down the home stretch of this Cameroon Label with the dry earthy taste very far in the lead and the sweetness and spice a half lap behind.

Earthy taste has continued through the end but the sweetness seemed to pick up a bit also. Some of the others have turned a little harsh at the end but this one did not. Might have been from the loose draw on the others.


Rounding out this Cameroon Label and it is basically a straight forward smoke. I did not find anything really enthusiastic about it nor was it terrible. Middle of the road would be a good term for this stick.

This cigar fits well at the $2.50 a stick price and even better if they run them on sale.

Would I buy any more? Well I will have to wait and see which is the best out of the bunch but with the non-enthusiasm I got from this stick, I am doubtful I would pick a box up unless I wanted to hold on to them and age them for a year or so but I may keep a 5-pack around for a quick non-attentive smoke.

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10 thoughts on “ – Cameroon Label

  1. I really enjoy the reviews you do because of the variety of cigars you choose to review. It’s a pretty good mix of cigars and I always find it enteresting. I think I would pass on this cigar becuase if the flavor doesn’t quite hit the mark at lest the draw could be good so that there could be some enjoyment factor in the stick.

  2. these are definitely just an ok smoke. not bad, though. I’ve had several of their house blends and I prefer the purple (although extremely mild, very smooth), blue, and corojo. The cuban is also just ok.
    The thing about these is def’nitely the price point. very good value but nothing to brag about.
    Good review Mike

  3. Hi Mike,
    I wouldn’t bother ageing cigars like that if I were you.
    You will just end up with a crap cigar just older.

  4. Seems like the smokes might turn out to b a decent value smoke. I will b staying tuned to see how the rest turn out. Hippie!

  5. Timely review. Just received a mailer and was eyeballing them. If a couple turn out to be solid smokes this may be a great cigar to grab a box of (the price is right).

    Keep up the awesome reviews! And again, awesome timing. =)

  6. Great review Mike, looking forward to seeing what the rest of the series brings. I kept thinking what a good drink pairing would do for the dryness of the first half?

    1. I was thinking maybe a soda or a sweeter drink, like tea, might help. I don’t think alcohol would do anything for it unless maybe it was a mixed drink.

  7. Personally I am a big fan of Cameroon tobacco, so this would be a good smoke for me. Nice review and please let us know which are your favorits at the end of these series!

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