My Father Le Bijou

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My Father Le Bijou

The following writeup and video comes from our good friends Tom and Ed
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Ed and I are back on The Stogie Review for our monthly guest spot. With his new shop capacity, he is able to carry more brands. This new expansion has created a flurry of activity as well. This kind of threw us off, and you’ll probably notice us getting distracted during the review and a couple mishaps here and there.

I’ve wanted Ed to carry Don Pepin cigars for awhile. He finally brought in the My Father series as well as other Pepin creations like the Series JJ. Jerry reviewed this cigar in a different size about a year ago, so I was curious what Ed’s take on it would be. While the flavor profile is pretty straight forward and simple, the delivery is excellent. Since there wasn’t a lot to cover with the flavor profile, I sent out a tweet to see if anyone had any questions for Ed. We got one reply, and Ed and I address it with some random banter about what we look for when buying cigars.

So sit back and see what Ed and I thought of the My Father Le Bijou 1922. The review is 23 minutes long.

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6 thoughts on “My Father Le Bijou

    1. TriMark C.
      Very Generous of you to gift the LeBijou 1922 by Don Pepin – is a spicy …yet nicey smoke! You should gift one right back to yourself. It is a favorite cigar of 2 my regular customers….They are established cigar smokers, and know a good smoke!

      Smiles SmokeRings!

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