El Triunfador SODO

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El Triunfador SODO

I’d like to thank Brian Gulley for contacting me telling me about the El Triunfador SODO. Brian recalled my review of the original release of the El Triunfador and wanted me to try the SODO Edition that were made for his local B&M J&J Cigars in Seattle WA. Brian was gracious enough to send me a handful of samples for this review.

I didn’t bother to do any homework on the El Triunfador SODO even though Brian sent me a link with all the information about it. In typical Jerry fashion, I didn’t read the information until after I recorded the review. I thought about re-recording to get the facts right but thats not the way we do things here at SR.

Video runs around 10 minutes. I say in the video how the cigar was close to the original El Triunfador but different. In fact I think I say something along the lines of “some will say that this is the exact same blend but something is different.” It turns out I was right. As the SODO is a totally different blend from the original so its really not fair of me to compare the SODO to the original El Triunfador like I did in the video.


9 thoughts on “El Triunfador SODO

  1. Hey Jerry,

    If you are interested in getting some more of these cigars, let me know. I will send it to you, with no charge and thank you for the review!

    John at J J Cigars

    1. I got one of these from you last month. Got home and thaught “why did I let him sell me this long, thin cigar? I don’t smoke these.” Boy am I happy you sold me one. I’ll be back soon for more.

  2. I remember seeing the original blend and had to pick one up just because of the rustic looking wrapper and band. A great smoke and value for sure!

  3. Great review, but I really like the little insight into the business end of SR. People should appreciate you all more for the time you put into doing these reviews (though I think you all should smoke more dog-rockets and less top-shelf stuff, stop teasing). Y’all are rock stars, don’t let the haters tell you otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice review jerry! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well being a seattle guy, I two have been to J&J’s Cigars. Im not a huge fan of them by any means at all, the owner John is kind of a douche. But it is true he has an “in” with pete johnson who made the sodo exclusively for him. But nearly all b+m’s can call to have exclusive product made for them if the price is right. For those coming to seattle id say try Rain City Cigar before going to J&J’s.

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