La Gloria Cubana Serie N – Glorioso

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La Gloria Cubana Serie N – Glorioso

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Wrapper : Capa Oscura
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought locally with money from my pocket

Today I am reviewing the La Gloria Cubana Serie N in the Glorioso size.

This cigar comes in four sizes, Generoso (5.7 x 49), Glorioso (6.5 x 58), JSB (5.5 x 54) and the Rojo (6.5 x 46). With online box pricing you can get all of these in a box of 24 for under $95 which is under $4 a stick.

We will see if it is worthy of a good lower cost smoke down towards the bottom (no peeking)


One word can describe the wrapper on this La Gloria Cubana Serie N and that would be, dark. It is that dark that it worries me it may be dyed. I did not try the wet paper towel test on the cigar, I will let that up to you to try.

Taking a smell of the wrapper and I am met with a dark coffee scent and a bit of sweetness in the background. Now the foot really has a dark coffee and sugar scent coming from it. I really like the foot odor (I saw this after typing it up and figured I would let it in even though it really sounds goofy)

Cigar is very nicely packed and has a nice loose draw to it that has more of the coffee and sweet taste on the cold draw.

Lighting this cigar takes a bit of work, at least for me on this size but it does get fully lit and we are off and running.

First Third

Welcome to the beginning of the La Gloria Cubana Serie N in the Glorioso size.

Right off the bat I get that rich dark coffee with the bitterness on the back of the tongue I associate with black coffee. I can taste a small tinge of sweetness but the coffee is just right in your face here at the start and does not let much else come through.

If you like a nice coffee taste in a cigar with a sweetness on the background, you will really enjoy this first third. I got a little bit of the bittersweet chocolate also but the coffee was pronounced and way in the forefront.

Burn was just ok. I have had to touch up every one of these i have smoked and this one was no exception. I also get a looser flakier ash which I am curious if that will show up in the smaller size I have also or if it is just relegated to this big boy.

Second Third

Eagerly getting into this second third of the La Gloria Cubana Serie N in the Glorioso size and the downside so far are the touch ups and ash being flaky.

Flavors at the beginning of the second third are a nice dark coffee with some chocolate creeping in here and there and a very nice sweetness that seems to coat our tongue and let you know it is there battling the bitterness of the dark coffee.

My N fell off but I highly doubt it changed the flavors any πŸ˜‰

I had a bit of tar but snipped the end and all is right. I blame my storage conditions for that as I did not have it on the others.

We had a change in this third by the coffee decreasing in potency and the sweetness really coming across the palette and coating your tongue. I noticed a slight hint of pepper but just every once in a while. I also started to taste the chocolate a bit more as the coffee decreased.

Smoke seems very creamy to me and the cigar gives off a nice volume of smoke into the air that does not seem to be pungent at all.

Final Third

Coming down the home stretch with this La Gloria Cubana Serie N Glorioso size and so far it has been a very nice stick. I am hoping the body does not pick up too much more as I like the medium range a whole lot better than the full.

I am getting even more of the sweetness at the beginning of this final third than I had in the second third, it is just amazing how the sweet sugary taste just envelops your tongue.

Body has picked up considerably in this last third and made it easily to the full range. I always hope when I smoke them that it will stay in the medium but I do not always get lucky.

I picked up some pepper in this third along with the sweet taste enveloping your tongue. Coffee and chocolate were also present but the sweetness took center stage.

It got a little hot at around the 1.5 inch mark so I pretty much ended there.


There are a lot of good things to be said about this La Gloria Cubana Serie N Glorioso cigar and not much to the bad side.

Bad points first. Burn needs attention, cigar needs attention and the body gets a little to far in to the full range for me at the end.

Good points. Very good flavors throughout the stick even when the body hits full. Creamy smoke that envelops your tongue with a sensation of relaxation. Volumes of smoke that is not pungent. Amazing price point.

Would I buy again? Yes I am thinking about getting a box at some point.

I still wish the cigar would stay away from the full range at the end but I can deal with it from time to time.

If the cigar would always be a straight medium at best, I could see this stick being smoked daily.

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I am just me.

22 thoughts on “La Gloria Cubana Serie N – Glorioso

  1. One of my regular customers at the bar where I work was praising this stick a few weeks back. He’s a high roller with expensive tastes so I was interested when he told me how inexpensive it is. I went to my B&M and they had never heard of it, and then they (unsuccessfully) tried to sell me an La Gloria Artesanos De Tabaqueros.
    Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for the review Mike. I’ll definitely have to give this a try since I like medium and full bodied cigars the most. The price point is very accessible for most enthusiasts too. Great review and keep on smoking.

  3. Mike- Great review! I’m a fan of the Serie R, and I enjoy those from time to time… What is the body like of the N in comparison?

  4. good work mikey. i like this cigar. one of the better things coming out of general cigars these days

  5. Great review Brian, I smke a free La Gloria Cubana Serie N size JSB. It was a good cigar. I will try in smaller size to see how much changes in the favors.

  6. Great review Mike. I will give the cigar a shot. I thought it was going to be a power house so was staying away but you have steered me to try it πŸ™‚

  7. This sounds like a great stick. I will have to search around for it. My local place doesn’t carry La Gloria Cubana.

  8. I have to agree with the spot on review. I received a free stick in my usual order of Rocky’s Edges and was expecting a strong cigar just from the looks of it. I was pleasanntly surprised to find a very creamy, wood, coffee and smooth pepper tasting smoke. Equally tickled to death over the price my local shop sells them for. I look forward to getting a box of these soon. I still like my Edges, but this would be a nice change up from time to time.

  9. My good friend Kevin picked this stick up the first day of its release. I’ve been hearing good things although I’m not much of a La Gloria Cubana man, I will check it out and come back with a review. Ty.

  10. Nice review, Mike! Hilarious comment about the poor people who have to glue those N’s onto the cigars. Looks like they need a better jig, as almost all the pics I’ve seen of them, except for the company website (hooray for Photoshop), look crooked, and at various heights. Certainly sounds like it’s worth a shot, especially at that price point. I love a stick that balances the bitter and spice with sweetness.

  11. Definitely one of my favorite sticks right now. It’s so good I haven’t gone back and tried the R for a while as that was another one of my favorites.

  12. Mike,
    Nice review. I’ve got a few La Gloria Cubana Serie N that I’ve been avoiding due to mixed reviews. Being compared to the La Traviata, I’m now kind of eager to give them a try.

  13. I have to agree this review was spot on, but I have never had a burn or ash issue with these sticks and they’ve been my go-to for some time now. I pay $7+ when buying singles, but at $3.90 a stick in a box, I think these are a steal

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