El Perrito – War of Flavors

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El Perrito – War of Flavors


First and foremost remember freedom isn’t free. During your cookouts, cigars and libations please take a moment to remember those who paid the ultimate price. Keep them and their families in your thoughts and/or prayers.

Earlier this month, General Cigar Co release the El Perrito War of Flavors. A cigar entirely crafted by hand. Not even a cigar mold is used. Featuring a Ecuadoran Habano wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos as filler. Combine the blend with its small (5.5 x 38) pre-cut format and even smaller price tag, the El Perrito has everything going in its favor, all you need is fuego. Ever since the birth of my Petite Corona (Gracie) I’ve been a fan of small format cigars. As a father to a young child I’m always looking for ways to save time without sacrificing quality.

The El Perrito War Flavors is impressive. A bit more complex and full bodied over the J.Fuego Origin Originales which is probably the nearest cigar to compare the El Perrito to. Lets face it, a cigar is amazing when the biggest complaint I can have has to do with the band. The constant seesaw battle between the rich natural tobacco flavors and creamy woodsy notes was a unique experience. Between the look, feel and flavors, the El Perrito shines and sets itself a part. Solid full bodied and while the flavors didn’t linger or create any layers, they were unique and intense enough to satisfy and challenge my palate. A few cabs of the El Perrito will surely make its way into my humidor and into my rotation.


10 thoughts on “El Perrito – War of Flavors

  1. Perhaps it’s because it cost me $3.49 a pop at my B & M, a buck over the MSRP, and it may not be a fair assessment after only two of the El Perritos and one of the Origen Originals, but I prefer the Origen for its smoother, slightly sweeter flavor with a touch of coffee. Tthe Origen, though, did have a much more uneven burn. The El Perrito started out strong and a little harsh to my palate, but opened up in creaminess, flavor and draw at about the halfway point. I didn’t think of it as a particularly quick smoke, but I’m trying to slow myself down anyway. I enjoyed it, but will search around to in an attempt to get it at a better price point. One thing I can’t complain about is any maker coming out with a size that runs against the tide of jawbreakers that seem to dominate the scene.
    Great review, as always!

  2. I picked up a fiver at mike’s cigars for $12.50. I agree with your review completely jerry, that is until you felt it was a little better than the origen original. I think the oo is much better. Thats not to say el perrito was bad, I just think the origen original is incredible. It just pops with spice and sweetness unlike any stick. Everyone has different palates and tastes which is why cigars are so great. I actually really like when the reviewer compares two cigars. It just adds perspective and makes the review even more interesting. Nice review as always jerry.

  3. Jerry,
    I’m surprised that these cigars even come with a band. When I got the press release I envisioned a cabinet of rough looking, naked sticks. The band is a nice touch but is confusing, as you said.

    I’m undecided on which I like more, the El Perrito or the J Fuego Origen Originals. Both cigars deliver lots of flavor and are wallet friendly. I’d be happy to smoke either one when I am short on time.

    Well done, as always.

  4. If I may comment on your comments on the band, the “El Credito” refers to the brand. This was made in the El Credito Factory in the DR. I think Team LGC missed the mark a little on this point. Years ago, when Ernesto ran LGC there was an El Credito brand, but it was a bundled, apprentice rolled mirror of the LGC line with a lower quality wrapper. I would have liked to have seen this with either the La Gloria or even the El Rico Habano marque, to me, the El Credito branding implies a lesser quality, even though it really isn’t. I’ve only smoked one so far and didn’t get the “War of Flavors”, but I’ll keep trying!

  5. Thanks for the review Jerry, I’m going to give this a try as soon as I get my hands on some. Keep on smoking.

  6. Nice review, Jerry. I got some of these from General, as well, and have only lit one up so far, but it was a different experience than you had…the draw was pretty bad so I had to clip it…then it tarred up on me, so I ended up cutting it again. It was good when I got a draw, but the jury’s still out for me. Of course, I’ve had the same happen with the Origen Originals, so it could just be the “no cigar press” method that causes the inconsistency. At this price, it’s easy to forgive a bad draw once in a while.

    I would add that these small format cigars are good for one other thing than you mentioned: during inclement weather. When it’s 30 degrees outside or it’s 95 degrees outside, it just isn’t a lot of fun to sit outside and smoke for an hour and a half or more. That’s when I really enjoy this time of cigar.

  7. I really like the J Fuego Origen Originals a lot and now I am very interested in trying the El Perrito. Thanks for the review Jerry.

  8. I’ve had these a couple times and currently have two sitting in my humidor. When i bought 2 of these the first time, i was told they were better when they sit for a couple of months (3 to be exact). Being impatient, I smoked one after two months to the day. I snipped approximately 1 mm off the pre-cut tip (as i was instructed). It was pretty good and the flavors were pretty evident. It lit well, had a nice draw, and held its ash for half its length. I smoked the second one a few days shy of the third month and it was even better. I went back at the end of June and bought 3 more. I just smoked one 15 minutes ago and found it quite harsh and the flavors were not “at war” or as pleasant as the first two. I’d say you just need to let these sit at least two months and then they are fantastic 35-40 min smoke.

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