Augusto Reyes Maduro

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Augusto Reyes Maduro

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Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf maduro
Binder : mystery
Filler : Dominican Criollo, corojo and cuban seed
Source : with my own money

Well thanx to Walt for pointing these out to me (and getting me in even more trouble with the wife) so I can do another series type review for your enjoyment. This time I am going to be doing a sampler of Augusto Reyes cigars including the Epicur, Criollo, Maduro, Grand Cru and Nativo all in the toro size.

All of these are available in four sizes, Belicoso (6.5″ x 54), Gordo (6.0″ x 58), Robusto (5.2″ x 50), Toro (6.2″ x 54).

Right now prices are $60 for a box of 20 for all but the robusto which is $50.


Today is the day we see if the Augusto Reyes Maduro shines or falters.

Nice looking cigar with some medium veins and the band is striking on the dark maduro wrapper.

There is not any scent on the wrapper but the foot gives off a spicy scent with some hay. I get this same taste on the cold draw.

Foot band came off with no problem at all and we are on our way to discovering if this is a gem or just a lump of coal.

First Half

Starting off this Augusto Reyes Maduro and upon first lighting get a taste of spice, hay and some wood along with a dryer feeling on the palette.

Progressing towards the first half and there has been a chocolate taste that has been creeping in. More like a sweet chocolate than a bittersweet right now.

Ending out the first half the chocolate taste has come on a bit more along with the wood but the dryness has gone away quite a bit in this one.

This cigar is still a mild to low medium for me.

Second Half

Continuing into the second half of this Augusto Reyes Maduro and the chocolate has been steadily increasing since the first half. I am hoping this taste continues through the nub but we shall see.

Power rose all of a sudden. I had this happen in two of the four I smoked while the others slowly crept up throughout. It still is a medium cigar at this point but a solid medium.

Rounding out this second half the dominate flavor became the sweet chocolate with the bitter taste creeping in every now and again, more so towards the nub. Wood and spice were also present but they were mostly in the background while the spice did creep up a bit towards the nub.

This cigar did creep into the full range toward the end but it was mostly a mild to medium smoke.


I am going to sound like a broken record about this Augusto Reyes Maduro but it was a solid smoking cigar. There are no flavors that will knock your socks off but it was a cigar that required no touch ups and just smoked very well.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I could see keeping a few around to smoke on occasion but not as a daily smoke for me.

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7 thoughts on “Augusto Reyes Maduro

  1. Hey Mike,

    Is there a cigar that’s comparable to this one that comes to mind? I guess I’m still kind of on the fence on these, so I may just have to try the toro sampler. Good job. I”m looking forward to the Nativo review.

    Cool lighter, too! 🙂


  2. Sounds like this could be a nice every day cigar for a maduro smoker. Nice review again! Any thoughts on your expectations for the Nativo?

    1. I finished up working on the plumbing in the house. Then watched this review, oh my. I was paranoid there was a leak somewhere. Sounds like a good stick.

  3. Thanks for the review Mike…But the Rick Ashley has to go cause all I can think about is late great comedian Bill Hicks and his quote.

    Rick Astley? Have you seen this banal incubus at work? Boy, if this guy isn’t heralding Satan’s imminent approach to Earth, huh. “Don’t ever wanna make you cry, never wanna make you sigh … never gonna break your heart” … oh, I wouldn’t worry about that without a dick, buddy. You got a corn nut! You got a clit! You’re not even a guy! You’re an AIDS germ that got off a slide! They’re puttin’ music to AIDS germs, they’re puttin’ a drum machine behind them in a metronome beat and Ted Turner’s colorizing ’em, God damn it!

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