Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary Robusto

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Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary Robusto

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Welcome to another one of my first impression reviews, this time on the Corona Cigar Company’s 10th Anniversary cigar in the robusto (5×50) size.

Starting off, the wrapper is a little lumpy at places and does not have much of a scent. I get some wood from the foot and on the cold draw.

Lighting it up and I am hit with a lot of sweetness. It is that sweet that I am thinking it has a sweetened cap on it but I am trying to find out for sure.

Mostly getting spice and wood tastes up front along with the super sweetness that really took me by surprise. Also a surprise was the strength started off at a medium level. Hoping it stays smooth since it is a little before 10AM right now.

I had to do a pretty major touch-up within the first inch and a half so let’s hope the burn line corrects itself for the rest of the smoke.

Strength has hit full at the halfway point for me. It may be due to smoking it so early in the day but hopefully it will settle down. I am still getting a sweetness along with the wood and spice. Very nice combination of flavors but i wish the power was down a notch for an early morning smoke.

Towards the end the power seems to have died down a bit and gone back to the medium range, which is great for me. Flavor has been pretty consistent with the wood taste taking the forefront and a spice component that you can really taste and feel through the sinus’. Sweetness has gone away and I still have not found out if it was a sweetened cap or not so if anyone knows, give a shout in the comments please.

It was a decent cigar for the price but definitely not a morning smoke for me. I would enjoy these in the afternoon and evening so I could see snagging a five pack or so.

*UPDATE* I was informed by Corona Cigar Company that this cigar does indeed have a sweetened cap

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5 thoughts on “Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary Robusto

  1. The cap is sweetened, as are all of the 10th Anniversary cigars from Corona Cigar. If you were looking for a morning smoke, I would have suggested the Connecticut wrapper instead of the natural. At $4.00 a cigar, its pretty damn good. Not the best, but definitely a big step up in comparison to bundle cigars.

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