Augusto Reyes Nativo

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Augusto Reyes Nativo

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Wrapper : Criollo ’98
Binder : mystery
Filler : Dominican Criollo, Piloto Cubano and Olor
Source : with my own money

Well thanx to Walt for pointing these out to me (and getting me in even more trouble with the wife) so I can do another series type review for your enjoyment. This time I am going to be doing a sampler of Augusto Reyes cigars including the Epicur, Criollo, Maduro, Grand Cru and Nativo all in the toro size.

All of these are available in four sizes, Belicoso (6.5″ x 54), Gordo (6.0″ x 58), Robusto (5.2″ x 50), Toro (6.2″ x 54).

Right now prices are $60 for a box of 20 for all but the robusto which is $50.


Welcome to the final cigar in this series I am doing, the Augusto Reyes Nativo.

Cigar has medium sized veins and just a slight rip in the wrapper towards the head but nothing to worry about I do not believe.

Scent from the wrapper is a very slight barnyard and almost nothing from the foot.

Cold draw gives a bit of a hay or grassy taste but it is not very strong.

Fire, puff, go.

First Half

Getting right down to business with this Augusto Reyes Nativo with a nice clean start to the cigar I get a mostly woody taste up front with a very interesting spice component to the aftertaste. Most notably is the smoke is creamy until the aftertaste hits and then adds a bite to the back of the tongue. Really is a neat sensation.

Rounding out the first half with a spice taste that came to blend into the woody notes while removing the
aftertaste like in the beginning There was still some spice on the aftertaste, just not like in the beginning.

Cigar developed into a low-medium body at this point.

I have had burn problems with this one so far but none of the others I have smoked had problems, so it
may be due to the heat or air conditioners being on.

Second Half

Rip roaring into the second half of this Augusto Reyes Nativo with a woody spice taste that is really
enjoyable. None of the flavors seem to over power each other and makes it a solid smoker so far.

Most of this second half has been the same with the woody spice component but it started getting a little on
the bitter side towards the nub. I have had one other get bitter towards the nub also but the other two
have not.

Power has still been in the medium range which is very pleasant for me


All in all this Augusto Reyes Nativo has been a good smoke. Burn problems with this one were unique as
the other three did not have them.

Would I buy them again? Yes. I can easily seeing keeping the whole series around to be able to smoke
them at different times and on different occasions.

I would say the whole series has been pleasantly surprising to me but they were not “wow” cigars.

A steady smoking cigar with a nice flavor pioflle for every day smoking is what could be said about this

Hopefully you pick some up to try and let me know how it goes for you.

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I am just me.

8 thoughts on “Augusto Reyes Nativo

  1. So, we can finally say farewell to Mr. Astley!

    Nice pic at the top. At first, I thought it might be a garnish for a salad. lol

    Honestly, initially this series had my interest , but now it sounds a bit too pedestrian compared to a lot of others in this price range. But a big thanks to you for taking the plunge for us.

    As has been said before, I think the Arganese Connecticut, Maduro and Nicaraguan would be a good series to do. Talk about inexpensive (i.e. dirt cheap) AND satisfying!

    Keep up the good work, my friend!


  2. One of my favorite inexpensive sticks, I have the same wonky, uneven, burn issues too got mine from (smoked it the day it came in).

    When you age the nativos for two-months to a year in a humidor with a shot glass of port royal rum and mist them with the port rum at least once a month they really smooth out and the burn issues disappear. Just picked up a box of 20 from cigarbid for $43.

  3. I enjoyed this series review, good job Mike! If you would concider doing another series review, perhaps the Man o’ War series is worth taking a look at?

  4. Why the would you take a perfectly good cigar and spray it with rum?
    Sounds like you need to be smoking Acid’s. That is really a newbie move. Trying to make something good into an infused cigar. Give me a break.

    About.the cigar. I really enjoy this stick. I have smoked through a couple of boxes of Churchills and they have been very consistent. They remind me of the Graycliff gran cru at a fraction of the price.

    Great review.

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