Shake up the Bands and Take a Picture

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Shake up the Bands and Take a Picture

Every so often I like to play a little game. This game has no winners, losers, or prizes, the objective is to have some fun and test your knowledge. To play this game, I take a plastic container, which I keep all of my cigar bands in, shake it up very well, then snap a picture looking down inside the container.

I take that photo and post it on Twitter and Facebook with a question along the lines of “Which cigar would you smoke, right now?” This generally leads to some very interesting answers as people scan the image with a microscope to see all of what choices are available to them.

Since this has been so much fun as a spur of the moment game, I thought that I’d bring it to Stogie Review and see if our readers here enjoyed it as well. With that said….

Random Bands - 1

Which cigar would you smoke
Right Now?

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27 thoughts on “Shake up the Bands and Take a Picture

  1. Toss up between the Nestor Art Deco and EP new wave, both of which I haven’t had the chance to try yet.

  2. the first band my eyes looked at was Arturo Fuente. I probably would smoke any cigar, yet I’ve not had the pleasure to smoke one ot these.

  3. I’m an early riser. I think I’ll smoke an EP Carillo right now. Thanks Walt. One less decision to make today.

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