Temptation – Toro

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Temptation – Toro

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Wrapper : Nicaraguan Maduro
Binder : nicaraguan
Filler : nicaraguan
Source : Samples direct from JDCigars.com

I have a brand new cigar to review for you today. This is the Temptation by J&D Cigars. This cigar is a collaboration between Jorge Gil and David Insignares, hence the J&D.

The Temptation is available in a couple of sizes, Double Toro (6×60), Lancero (7.5×38), Robusto (5×50), Salomon (7.25×58), Churchill Maduro (7×48) Habano Claro (7.5×50), and a Toro (6.5×54)

The Salomon and the Lancero are only available in Habano Claro, while the Toro is only available in Maduro.

Pricing is for bundles of 25 at $175 a bundle except the Double Toro Maduro is $225 and the Toro Maduro is $200.


Taking a gander at the Temptation and the coloring of the wrapper has a bit of a brushed look to it. Maybe more of a rag look, like you would paint something and wipe it off while still wet. I never noticed any sort of dye on my lips or hands while smoking these, so until I hear differently, I will say they are not dyed.

Smelling the wrapper I get a barnyard scent while the foot produces barnyard and coffee. Cold draw gives a little bit of spice along with wood and a tiny bit of coffee.

First Third

Since I always give into Temptation, let’s start off with a little coffee taste, some wood and some spice.

A little ways into the cigar and I get a little sweetness. I have gotten this on each stick but can’t place the sweet taste.

Rounding out the first third it was mostly woody with a coffee taste and the sweetness. I am leaning more towards a liquor sweet taste than anything right now as I can not place it any better than that. It is a nice taste though.

Definite medium body and climbing.

Second Third

Onward into the second third of the Temptation by J&D Cigars and surprisingly I have had no burn problems as of yet, except after an eighth of an inch. All of the others I have smoked had to have touch ups and really needed to be paid attention to or they would try and go out.

Overall this second third was almost like the first except the body has gone to full and the sweetness would come and go rather than staying around.

I really got more coffee in this third also.

I had two touch ups and one complete relight in this third. I am just saying this for those who care as not many seem to care if the burn needs help here and there or not.

Final Third

Dashing into the final third of this J&D Cigars Temptation and all is well. Power is something I do not go for very much in a cigar, especially in the afternoon but I am soldiering through.

Definitely full bodied here at the end and it gets just a little bitter with about an inch to go.

Really nice flavors just like before.


Well there you have my take on the Temptation by J&D Cigars.

I liked the cigar but it would definitely be an after big meal smoke for me as the power just gets too full for a wuss like me to smoke any time of day. I did not have much problem smoking it around 1pm in the afternoon except a little light headedness.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. I could see keeping some on hand for a time i wanted something full bodied but it could not be a daily smoker for me due to the power.

Now for the contest. To win a five pack of these just let me a comment and just tell me if this sounds like a cigar you would like to try or not. I will pick a winner on June 26, 2011 out of all the entries received.

If we reach a magic number of comments (number in my head) I will also include the other Salomon for the winner to try.

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Congratulations to RalphP – the winner of the 5-pack of Temptations

I am just me.

53 thoughts on “Temptation – Toro

  1. LOL! It just wouldn’t be a proper review without the clock chiming in!

    Man, I’m a slave to temptation – and love the Temptations (nice tie-in) – so I would really like to get my hands on some of these. The flavors and strength seem to be right up my alley. However, I would hope that for those prices, they’ll come in nice boxes! About the burn problems – perhaps storing at a lower RH? I don’t mind occasional touch-ups, but relights are a little bothersome.

    Great review, Mike. It really gave me a good idea of what to expect from this stick, provided I can find one (hint, hint).

  2. This definatly sounds up my alley. I love full bodied smokes and haven’t found anything that ha been released this year that I am super fond of. Thanks for all the great work you guys do.

  3. This cigar sounds like Something I could try, maybe a little to full body but I’ll try any cigar once

  4. Mike as always good review, but I gotta tell you, the intro music…. MY Girl??? hahaha Love the clock chime, Sounds like a good smoke, I’m a fan of the full bodied smoke although at that price I’m not sure if a box is in my price range. Seems like a nice stick and sounds like it would go well with coffee, maybe a late night stick before bed. Hope all is well.


  5. Great review, Mike. Sounds like this cigar is right up my alley – one that I’d love to try.

    Also want to say that it’s nice to find a reviewer who appreciates milder cigars. I personally enjoy all strengths in my smokes. Unfortunately, most reviewers automatically damn milder smokes as “boring”.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Mike, great review as always. I would definitely love to try this cigar. I haven’t heard of them before, but I will definitely look into them now.



  7. Great review. I seem to enjoy my cigars even more when I hear the clock chiming in the other room. Looks like a good stick. Interesting comment about the coffee / coffee liqueur comments. Will have to try these.

  8. This sure sounds like one I would like, I am a sucker for a good nicaraguan anyway. Nice and relaxed, honest review, thanks!

  9. Nice review Mike! Definitely have these now on my radar. I gotta get me a clock with a musical chime though cause I surely don’t want to miss out on the full effect! 😉

  10. Nice review. Thanks for the hard work. I would try a cigar like that. I like the big power stix like the MOW Ruination so iq m sure it be somethng I’d enjoy

  11. I’ve heard the Temptation is a pretty decent smoke. Count me in for the contest; I’d like to give them a shot.

  12. This sounds like something I’d try, especially with the coffee nuances. And I like Med-Full so it sounds right up my alley.

  13. I can see myself digging this smoke. Give me a fiver. What the hell, why wouldn’t you want to do that.

  14. As always great review Mike. I’ve been hearing about J&D release on Twitter for a couple of months now. The cigar sounds like is something I might want to try, the flavor profile sounds like something I would like. Keep on smoking.

  15. Definately like something with some occasional sweetness and some strength. Looking forward to trying one of these.

  16. Nice review Mike. Always looking for something new to try out. This might be one to keep an eye out for. I checked their website tonight and it still says, “Coming Soon”.

  17. I’m always up for trying a new stick. Price point might be a bit high for me, though. Thanks for the review!

  18. A great review Mike’s. The Temptation by J&D Cigars have simpilar favors and strengthes like A.J. Fernandez The Man O’ War Cigar Series. I love them. I would love to have a sample The Temptation Cigars or tell me where I can buy a sample pack of the Temptation by J&D Cigars in the Toro size.

  19. Big fan of full bodied cigars, so I definitely give these a try. Always appreciate the reviews, Mike. And thanks for not always reviewing the high ticket cigars!! Times are tough. It’s nice seeing reviews for the yard gars as well.

  20. nice review i will be more than happy to try these , i like a strong cigar after dinner specially with this profile of flavors .

  21. Hi Mike, thanks for the contest,if this cigar is as strong as you say it is, I’ll find a good home for it,even if it has been smoked for a few puffs.

  22. I appreciate all your work on the videos. The chiming clock is always good for a chuckle.

    The Temptations sound like they are right up my alley, flavour-wise.

    Burn is important to me, nothing ruins the smoking experience more than constantly having to worry whether the cigar is still burning, has gone out, or is just wonky!

  23. Definitely a cool sounding flavor profile. I’ll be getting some of these to try for sure when the site is live.

  24. I’ll try anything once, but like you, I’m more of a mild – medium range smoker. But of course, there are several “full” cigars that I adore so you never know!

  25. It sounds like a great after dinner smoke. Maybe after a great steak.The one thing I missed was the tower of burn. I would have loved to see the ash as it developed. I feel cigar smoking is just as much a visual experience as taste and smell.

  26. Thanks for the review I can always count on you to steer me in the right direction. Being a full body smoker i would really enjoy trying this cigar.

  27. Thanks for the review. As a lover of full-bodied smokes, I would definitely like to try the Temptation.

      1. Magic number in my head was 50. I figured that would be easy to reach since other contests have gotten even more for lower end sticks. I was wrong lol

        I sent it anyway though 😉 shhhhh

  28. Great review Mike, seems like you really enjoyed it! I’ve heard from a lot of folks similar reviews, and one review site put us up at a 90 rating (robusto), so we are proud to offer these sticks to everyone! Find out more at http://www.temptationcigar.com! Remember, don’t resist…Temptation! 🙂

  29. I am big fan of the sweet flavored cigar. I would love to try these. I have smoked similar cigars and would love to compare. I love your reviews because of your straight forward honest style.

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