Devil’s Weed

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Devil’s Weed

Devils Weed 001 (600x400).jpg

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut seed
Binder : Dominican (guessing)
Filler : Dominican
Source : CigarBid

Today I am going to do a written review on the Devil’s Weed cigar in the toro size.

Some of you may remember this review HERE from Rich Meade. If not, take a look and burn it into your brain because what you read here may shock you into spasms, while drool drips from your lips.

You want em – CI – go get em.


Taking a good look at this Devil’s Weed and it is not half bad looking. Some of them look a little rougher than others but this one I am smoking now is pretty decent

Take a whiff of the wrapper and it reminds me of chewing on the undercarriage of a lawn mower that may have run into a hay bail along the way also. Foot, well, grassy tobacco is a good term.

Clip the head and you are met with a super loose draw.

First Half

Let’s get this Devil’s Weed show on the road.

Starting out the grass taste just overwhelms you and you have to remember to chew your cud rather than just letting it settle.

Can you tell where this review is heading?

A little bit of spicy tobacco introduces itself a little bit into the first half but it is still mostly, moooooo, sorry about that, grass and hay.

Rounding out this half and the flavors are still about the same. Maybe there is a sweeter hay taste to it along with a little more spice taste but we are talking about a super mild cigar so the flavor nuances are not extreme at all.

Second Half

Mowing into the second half with the Devil’s Weed, which is smoking extremely fast. If Brian would have kept my camera batteries charged, I could have recorded the whole thing in around 45 minutes I am thinking.

Nice thing to say, the burn is going good. I have fulfilled my niceties.

Here we are rounding out the final bits of this cigar and the flavors stayed about the same with the hay taste taking over for the grass before the bitterness set in and the cigar was left to die a painful death in my ashtray.

Mild, mild, mild is the perfect term for this stick.


What else to say about the Devil’s Weed except, blech.

Would I buy it again? NO

I know these an not be the same Devil’s Weed from before Molina Cigars sold all the stock to CI. These cigars taste nothing like the original cigars did. You can tell that just buy the difference in reviews from Rich and myself. I wish I would still have some of the old ones left to compare these to but I do not.

I told someone earlier that I would rather smoke a Thompson label cigar than this one and I meant it.

Devil’s Weed of old is gone and we are left with this in it’s place. Tis a sad day.

I am just me.

9 thoughts on “Devil’s Weed

  1. What, we don’t get to actually see you suffer through this? lol

    A hilarious, but ultimately sad, review. It reminds me of rock bands that continue to tour with none of the original members and talent.

  2. Nice review, Devil’s Weed used to be something special in the US market right? Never had em in Europe so in this case I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something, based on thes write-up.

  3. From what I can gather, Luis Molina wasn’t doing to well so he sold the Devil’s Weed name and remaining stock of cigars to CI. After they sold the original cigars, they must have liked the moniker and decided to keep it, while changing the tobacco to a quality that more suits the $1 or so a stick pricing. It’s a shame because I thought it was a pretty decent cigar. I guess the market is just too saturated with mild-medium dominican cigars with an Ecuador Connecticut-seed wrapper. In today’s market, he probably should have started off with a fuller-bodied offering.

  4. Mike,

    Sorry that you had to jump on that grenade, but I like it when you guys review bad cigars. There are plenty of bad cigars out there. And I like it when you identify landmines to avoid as much as when you identify good cigars to seek out. Everybody can’t like everything.


  5. The original Devil’s Weed was a nice smoke. Too bad it was ruined. The current version is only tolerable with a heavy beverage to give it some flavor.

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