Listen to Walt on BOTcast Episode 8

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Listen to Walt on BOTcast Episode 8

On Friday I had the chance to get together with the guys from the BOTcast and hang out for a bit on Skype. Much like the episode Jerry was on, things were laid back and very easy going. In the short time that I was on, we had some good conversation and plenty of laughs.

BOTCast Episode 8

Edit as of July 1, 2011
After having difficulty with their server, the guys from the BOTCast have changed hosting providers and altered their podcast setup. The link above reflects this change and should allow you to listen to the show without issue.

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5 thoughts on “Listen to Walt on BOTcast Episode 8

    1. Sorry about that. Looks like the direct link that I used changed sometime between posting yesterday and today. The new link goes to the BOTCast Website where you can play it in the browser rather than downloading.

      1. Hm, still can’t listen to the podcast – maybe a problem at podbean end of things? I’ll try later.

  1. Well all I can say if like the others commenting, nothing watch or listen too on Botcast, I have tried multiple times, however if this is the way it works I will just ignore future post with Botccast in.

  2. I sent a message to the guys on Twitter about the file missing. They looked into it and it turns out that they have exceeded their bandwidth limit for the month (I’d like to think a wave of Stogie Review Fans are responsible for that).

    Podbead resets the counter on Friday with the new month. If you are still interested, you should be able to download the podcast then.

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