Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter

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Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter

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Welcome back for another accessory review. Today is going to be another inexpensive lighter, the Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter.

I again, received two of these lighters from jjo along with a nice selection of cigars. I really enjoy doing these accessory reviews but I kept the video a lot shorter this time so as to not go over the 4GB mark and cause problems again.

Right off the bat, here is a link to buy these Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter

There really is not much to say in a write up for this lighter so I will let the video speak for me and show you how wonderfully it works.

One thing I did not mention in the video is the naming of this lighter compared to the previous one I reviewed HERE. Could get a little confusing I think.

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14 thoughts on “Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter

  1. Hey, you don’t know WTF you’re talking about! Oh, sorry – I thought this was Jerry’s review. 😉

    There’s not much more to say about this, except you left out the flame lock, which I don’t use anyway, and it’s a lot more pocket friendly than the Jet 1300-C. Mine is still going strong, but the cheap keychain is pretty worthless. I took it off immediately. Definitely worth buying a handful of these cheapies.

    How was that Arganese?

    1. LOL

      Yes I did forget about the lock. I normally don’t use the locks so that was my bad.

      I like some Arganese stuff. Nothing over the top or super wow but a solid smoke. Really had a lot of chocolate with it, was nice! Thanx again.

  2. Mike,

    Based on the two reviews you’ve made about these lighters. Would you prefer the one you reviewed first or this one? This version might be easier to take with you since it’s smaller. Then again on the other one, the bigger butane compartment and the stand might be even better than portability?

    Thanks for the reviews, I enjoyed watching them both and good luck with your arm/shoulder!!!


    The Netherlands

    1. Ruud,

      These are so inexpensive, I would get a couple of each. The Jet 1300-C for home and this one (more pocket friendly) for the road. Best of both worlds, and would run you under $12 US total.


      1. Jeff,

        I’ve ordered 2 of both lighters, we’ll see how they perform when they arrive.
        I’ll let you know.


    2. I would say I like this one better for a pocket lighter an the other better for something around the house. If I lay this lighter down at a shop, they normally wont have wooden tables to get burnt so it wouldn’t be as bad.

      Thanx for watching!

      1. By the way, Mike, I lit mine for a full minute, and although it did get hot to the touch, there’s no way in my mind that it could hurt a wooden table. I just place mine on a metal box anyway. And if it takes that long to toast a cigar, there’s probably something wrong with the stick. If your wife’s doilies were made in China, I might be concerned. 🙂

  3. Hey Mike,

    I just had a “duh” moment. If you’re concerned about the hot nozzle marking a table, just set it down on the flat trigger side. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that before.

  4. I’ve had a few of these, can’t beat them for a couple bucks a pop. My original one from four years ago is still going strong. Can’t say the same about the Colibris I’ve owned.

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