Saints & Sinners Smoke Giveaway

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Saints & Sinners Smoke Giveaway


What an interesting day it has been…the comments from the Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial review weren’t what I was expecting. A lot of the comments made for a great laugh to get me and others through the day. Its all good but I hate to end the day with so much negative energy fucking with my ch’i. We first heard about Saints & Sinners club last year during our coverage of IPCPR. A few months back, the Saints & Sinners club opened its “doors” for those hardcore Tatuaje fans to plop down $150 a become card carrying hard Tatuaje fans. I’m card carrying Saints & Sinners member number 72. As a member of Saints & Sinners you have exclusive access to one-off products available only to members, Tatuaje branded merchandise at the Saints & Sinners club rate, first look at new cigar blends, swag, as well as insider info on Tatuaje and other Pete Johnson brands and a bunch of other things like access to a members only forum and video updates from Pete. Thats all nice and fuzzy but the highlight is definitely the 15 rare/prototype cigars contained in the Saints & Sinners Smoke.

Fine Print: To enter, simply leave a comment with your favorite Pete Johnson cigar (Tatuaje, El Triunfador, La Riqueza, Ambos Mundos, etc). Contest will remain open until 11:59pm on July 18th. One entry per person. For your entry to count twice please include your (1) Stogie Review Fan Forums screen name or (2) Twitter username. A winner will be chosen at random. The winner will receive the cigars featured in the above video along with the box. This contest is open to those who reside in the US or Canada.


192 thoughts on “Saints & Sinners Smoke Giveaway

  1. My favorite is the Tatuaje Black. Thanks for the contest.

    Stogie Review Fan Forums: chand
    Twitter: chandj2

  2. Havana VI Nobles- Robusto is my choice and it’s alright, I saw all of that mess and folks just need to calm down. You do what ya gotta do! @ranasiciliano

  3. Awesome contest Jerry! All the stuff about the 7th Capa is pretty funny. Anyway, my twitter handle is dannysguitar and my favorite cigar by Pete would be the Brown Label Taino. I could probably smoke those on the daily if time allowed. Thanks again for the contest brother!

  4. My fav cigars from Pete are the La Riqueza, followed closely by his Halloween series!!
    (aka @TriumphCIO)

  5. As long as it doens’t have the 7th Capa in it…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA…. My favorite daily is the 7th and 7th Reserva… The PCR too… Damn only one? 7th…..

  6. Jerry! Great contest my brother. Thank you. Favorite Tat is the T110. Love those little guys. Keep the reviews coming and dont change a thing. Weird day huh??? but thanks for the entertainment.

  7. Tatuaje Nobles… Though shorter than I would like i think it carries the best flavor to body ratio. My twitter is vinofreak. Awesome video great reviews again guys.

  8. Kudos to you for taking all the crap of this day in stride! I confess that the only Tat I have had is the Havana VI, although there is a Black sitting in one of my boxes. Keep up the great work!

  9. Thanks for the contest guys.
    Hands down its gotta be the Gran Cojunu 2003. What a great friggin’ stick!
    Oh yeah, This is Patrick from the SRFF.
    That is all.

  10. Jerry youz good peoples if you know what I meanz.

    I like the black and the p series but probably my favorites are the la Riqueza line.

    twitter is @jledou

  11. Hey Jerry,
    Recently tried the el triumphador. I probably spelled that wrong. I’ve only tried a handful of tatuajes, but am definitely a TATLOVER. Anyway the triumphador was a memorable smoke for me, so that’s my favorite at the moment. Come on the podcast again. We won’t talk over you this time.

  12. Deepsmoke SRFF
    My favorite out of the few PJ cigars i smoked is La Riqueza, def a cigar that delivers a nice complex set of flavors while still being easy on the wallet specially if you compare it to some of his special releases .

  13. Sadly, I must admit the only Pete Johnson stick I’ve had was a La Riqueza no.5. Thanks guys for another awesome contest!

  14. My favorite is the Tatuaje Black Tubos

    I wanna try that Anarchy! never got one of those

    Twitter: gabrielf3340

  15. My favorite is the Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial (just kidding!). Actually I really like the verocu no. 5. Keep reviewing!!

  16. Thanks for doing this Jerry, shows the kind of guy you are!! My favorite Pete Johnson stick is the La Riqueza.
    SRFF: jinxedwarrior

  17. Great contest. I usually dont enter these, but I sure as hell wouldnt mind winning this one.

    All time favorite: Noella Reserva or Black CG. SRFF: DannyP6228

    Thanks gents.

  18. Favorite so far is the Tat Havana VI Nobles but never had a bad P. Johnson cigar. @sixbyfifty

  19. I have to say that El Triunfador No. 4, so far, is my favorite with the Ambos Mundos Sumatra Robusto in second place. I need to get my hands on more of Pete Johnson’s cigars.

  20. This is a tough one. Cojunos or the El Triunfidor for me. Both are fantastic but depending on my mood will push one over the other.

    SRFF name is Dave Hanifan
    Twitter is Weelok

  21. Daaaaaaaaaamn, Jerry! Super-Generous! You truly are the man.

    Favorite: Seleccion De Cazador Tainos (brown churchill, ha!)

    SRFF Username: schedel

  22. Tat black CG… Nice to see you get comments that aren’t so controversial jerry!


  23. Tough…but CT broadleaf El Triunfador lancero takes it by a narrow margin over the original Cabaiguan and La Riqueza…

  24. My favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the Havana VI Artistas, but the Barclay Rex 100th is also high on my list! Nice offer, but can you tell me whether Europeans can join Saint & Sinners as well?

  25. So far the Tatuaje Black Tubo is my favorite. I’ve only sampled maybe 10 different sticks from Tatuaje, I have alot more to sample.

  26. The Tat black is probably my favorite, although I REALLY was smitten with the one El Cohete I had. I would LOVE to get my hands on some more of those.

    mango2kw on SR, Twitter and EVERYWHERE!

  27. My favorite? Reserva J21. Though I’m also really enjoying the few black labels I’ve gotten my hands on. Looking forward to getting some of the PL.

  28. Hard to pick out just one “favorite” Pete Johnson cigar, but I think I would have to say the Tat Anarchy…it is the only one I’ve ever actually bought a box of (well…partial box)…although I’m thinking about the Black Petite Lancero…

  29. Jerry:

    I really like the Cabaiguan in the Belicoso vitola–and not just because it resembles a certain cigar reviewer’s head!

    @oldpirate on twitter
    OldPirate on Stogie review

  30. My favorite has to be the 7th reserva closely followed by the La riqueza. What pete does with broadleaf is truly something special.

  31. Can’t believe you’re giving these away!

    My favorite is the j21. Screen name is dk34. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  32. I’d have to say that the Ambos Mundos Toro #1 Habano is my favorite Pete Johnson cigar (so far). The flavor, construction, and value are tough to beat.

  33. The El Triunfador is an awesome smoke. A friend introduced me to these great sticks and they quickly became a staple of in my humidor. The Tatuaje J21 is also a fav…
    Twitter name is bradherndon


  34. I have not tried all the Tatuaje cigars but I love every one I’ve tried.
    A little out of my price range but nice for a special treat.

  35. Original Blend El Triunfador Lancero has got to be my favorite. Can’t think of anything else I like or goto more often.

  36. I would have to say its theTatuaje Havana VI Red Almirantes is my over all favorite from pete. But i do like the ambos mundos.

    Thanks for the contest.

    twitter: @Martindelmundo

  37. Thanks for the video! I have been really curious to see what you get. Actually looks pretty good.

    My fave is the Noella as a nice short smoke….

  38. Don’t have a favorite, too difficult to choose just one. Depends on the mood, Cabaiguan, Triunfador, Cojonu, Petite reserva, j21, should I keep going….?

  39. the gold label is the htc he makes for Holt’s in Philly. The original El Triunfador (black label) and the Tatuaje Black Torpedo are a toss up in my book. @jtatlogansville

  40. My fav is La Riqueza very nice smoke. But love most tatuaje stuff.

    Twitter user ID: ssgthensley

  41. Hey there Jerry,

    Favorites El Triunfador Lancero, Black (waiting for the petit lancero to arrive) and La Riqueza Cabinet.

  42. Barclay Rex 100th…absolutely love this cigar and wish i could have picked up another box of these. Thanks for the contest guys!

    Twitter: @kaz646

  43. I have to go with the Boris for a limited release cigar. My go to would be the Noella cigar. I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad Tat cigar just that some were better than others.

  44. I would have to say since one have most time with the red label.

    On the forums i’m Cigar2
    and on twitter @Cigar2

  45. Great contest Jerry. My favorite is the Havana VI Nobles.Great spice and flavors. Twitter name is MrMajestic80

  46. Black Tat CG, jar release! I know, I know…..big surprise.

    Honorable mention, Barclay Rex 100th Annie. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  47. my fav is the reserva sw

    twitter: throwbacksf

    Thanks for the giveaway, how do you get the saints and sinners box?

  48. My favorite Tat right now is the 7th Capa Especial. I got a box when they first came out and have put down 5 already and think they will get better with age.

  49. I know it is new but the black petite lancero is really one great smoke. I saw a great nickname for it on another forum but won’t post it in case that guy enters the contest too. I also love the 7th natural for one that has been around a little longer.

    twitter: WMThorne

    Cheers and respect to Pete.

  50. Great stuff!

    I’m a huge fan of the Havana VI Angeles.

    Thanks for great reviews!

    @Oxorama on Twitter

  51. So many to choose from. aside from great sticks like the Black, Face, & Anarchy my favorite has to be the Cojonu 06!!

  52. I apologize for my statements in your 7th Capa review. This is awesome for you to do.

    My favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the T110.

  53. I love the SW Reserva and Black. The gold band is the Holt specialty blend cigar. Thanks for the hookup.

  54. Wow this is very nice of you Jerry!

    My favorite would have to be OR El Triunfador. Just a fantastic cigar.

  55. Amazing contest Jer,
    Favorite has to be still the Havana Cazadores. Been smoking quite a few El Truinfador lance’s and no7’s lately too though 🙂

  56. La Riqueza – ok, it is the only Pete Johnson cigar I’ve had. Great site and great contest guys.

    twitter: kekoa_kai

  57. I really have enjoyed most of Pete’s stuff that I have tried…..I guess I would have to say that the Monster Series is my personal favorite, the Drac in particular.

    Thanks Jerry!

  58. Hey Jerry, good review, ”ok”, I have not smoked the El Triufador, I think it might be a little ”to much” for me, just got into this ”cigar” thing, almost two years ago, but, I might just smoke one, if you pick me. Thanks.

  59. My favorite Tat for right now is the Black PL. I have been going through these since Tobacco Grove had the initial release. I am glad these are a full release now.
    Twitter @rangerb175

  60. Thanks for the contest! My favorite is the Tatuaje J21 Reserva with the Anarchy as a close second.
    Twitter username: @CJM1969

  61. I guess I am going to say the Anarchy ,but I can give you my true opinion after you give me the box and I smoke them all.

  62. My favorite Tatuaje would have to be the verocru #5, short and hits on a lot of notes, great for a quick after lunch smoke at work

    Thanks for the contest!

  63. West Coast Verocu No. 1 Lado Occidental by far would be my all time favorite, that said with only having had one which was gifted me by a buddy almost a year ago. Though sad to say chances of ever finding anymore are slim to none. Next in line would be the Anarchy as I have torched two boxes to date…though dang these La Verite 2009 churchills are pretty awesome… @JustJoeEd

  64. My favorite Tatuaje has always been the humble P series, specifically the P2 (Robusto). Back before these were discontinued (and then re-contionued) I used to smoke handfuls of these. So much so that another member of the Fan Forums accused me of buying out our local B&M and leaving none for everyone else! (Probably a true statement! LOL)

    Fan Forums: Emjaysmash
    Twitter: @Emjaysmash

  65. It is a difficult decision, but of the ones that I have tried, I would have to say the Cojonu 2003.

    Fan Forums:Capnpfff

  66. My favorite Pete Johnson cigar is either the la verite 2009 or the reserva SW. Both are very different, but both are delicious. I have to commend you on your generosity. I would not be able to look at pete johnson prototypes and give them away without trying them first. I think I speak for everyone here, when I say thank you for what you do.

  67. My favorite is the El Triunfador (original release lancero). My Twitter username is snowboardin58

  68. I’ve really enjoyed the hell out of the last couple Anarchys I’ve had, probably my favorite smoke of his so far.

  69. Just smoked a tiny Tatuaje that I don’t know the name of… it was a great cigar and I plan on finding out what it is and getting more!

  70. My favorite would be the Tatuaje Tainos. I’ve had that one and the Nobles. So far I have enjoyed both of those, I can’t wait to try some others!
    Twitter: tonyfrates

  71. the gold htc cigar in the video is a exclusive cigar pete made for holts in philly . Not a bad cigar but not a limited one holts wont run out any time soon

  72. Tatuaje is, in my opinion, the most interesting, non-Cuban brand out there. I haven’t sampled all of the lines (yet!), but currently, my favorite Tatuaje is the 7th Capa Especial. The lingering finish puts it over the top. My 2nd choice would be the Cojonu 2009. I couldn’t imagine a better prize than a membership to Saints and Sinners. Lastly, thanks for maintaining such great cigar opinions and content. It is a “go to” resource, for sure.

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