Swag – First Impressions

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Swag – First Impressions

Swag - main.jpg

Wrapper : Dominican Ligero
Binder : Dominican Ligero
Filler : Dominican Ligero
Source : gifted to me by Michael Williams

Today I have a first impressions of the Swag cigar made by Oliveros in the Infamous (6×54) size.

I was gifted this cigar from Mike Williams.


First thing I notice is the Swag is covered almost head to foot with bands and tissue paper. I dont mind if I am buying a box but buying singles, I like to see the cigar to make sure there is no damage.

Other than the above, the cigar looks and feels great and it gives off a faint barnyard scent on the wrapper and foot.

First Half

Starting out this Swag cigar and the power is a lot less than I would have thought with all ligero. I am very happy about that but surprised.

Tastes are nutty with a tinge of spice and maybe some wood thrown in.

At around an inch and a half leather has come in with a roar and removed the woody taste and most of the nutty also. Spice is still there on the retrohale but the cigar is still easily a medium. Ash also held on for a full inch and a half.

A bit of wood has come back at the end of the first half but the rest has stayed pretty much the same. Really a nice smoke so far.

Second Half

Started fighting this Swag for some smoke at the halfway point but it seems to be coming back around.

Leather taste is still dominant with the spice and a little nutty flavor in the background. Still a medium cigar.

Very good burn and the flavor profile was a nice relaxing combination of flavors that did not want to smack you in the head with constant changes. Cigar ended with the leather and wood along with spice, which was very enjoyable.

For me the cigar stayed in the medium range, which surprised me but made me enjoy it all the more.


Swag is an excellent relaxing smoke that burnt surprisingly well with the ligero in it.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I would love to try more sizes to find the sweet spot to keep the nice medium body and the relaxing flavors. Maybe a few more flavor nuances would be nice for certain occasions but still a really nice smoke.

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7 thoughts on “Swag – First Impressions

  1. Nice to see a review of a cigar that you actually enjoyed. I’ve been wondering about this one, and it sounds like a good solid smoke.

    Good review, Mike.

  2. Happy Birthday Mike. I had my first swag this weekend in the same size you reviewed and thought it was decent. My local had a box in stock but I only picked up one single. It was under $6 which makes it a nice price. I was also surprised that it didn’t pack a little more punch because of the ligero but I didn’t mind. Thanks for the review.

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